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Posted on: February 18, 2008, at 10:39:32am

**Under Renovation**

  1. I r left out. Add me nao. I dont care what you say just ADD ME

  2. omg i'm just not as spammy till march! XD. wewt. noice list.

  3. o.o nice xD!

  4. haha

  5. ummm... you lay like a rug.

  6. woo hoo ^^

  7. Woosh!

  8. good job not adding me loser

  9. post

  10. (Great at soccer)

  11. haha xD

  12. :)

  13. lol itz tru


  15. lmfao yeah OKKK rofl
    but this is a pretty funny list <333

  16. arenya. doumo.

  17. ADD ME NAO

  18. penguin :D

  19. hah tight on im there! xD

  20. I eat 22 humans a day.

  21. ahem i belive u forgot me !!!

  22. eww say im best wooke

  23. wait nooo put I AAA'd lolharp5000

  24. :( im so not loved

  25. lol sweet

  26. Ryan is cooler.

  27. btw, I have more bf's then adamaja, I have actually the most on ffr.

  28. me pl0x :]

  29. ahaha my comment sounds like I got on your account and got you skill tokens or something XP

  30. I changed it dagy

  31. xD

  32. 8)

  33. =)
    I really dont know what to say man XD

  34. I luv how I didn't post :D

  35. I guess I am on the ninjas' priority list of assassinations. =3
    Jk, jk, I LUFF U NINJAZ (>^.^)>

  36. lol x After Dawn x, lol!!!

  37. what is this

  38. Lol nice. Minus the H in Arch. xP Actually though, lol, sounds good, haha

  39. Oops, typo.

  40. w00t weirdest name.

  41. Yo Hey Duude can i post here.

  42. lol whut

  43. sup

  44. post

  45. im not on the list but i still love u :) haha *in a non gay way* lol

  46. Lol. EA. :]


  48. LOL!


  50. Hahahaha, rose. XD

  51. hmm im not in here :0

  52. rofl thats how you know me as, owning you and adamaja on nova pulser xD but i think i was 8th, not 6th :l

  53. haha you should change that to "badass"

  54. :]

  55. EA is my Idol <3

  56. WAT ABOUT ME?? ur one handed buddy :]

  57. rofl i want in, i put you in mine

  58. lmao YES! ty! <3

  59. So far I've added everyone here and more, woohoo!

  60. Me?

  61. YOU LEFT ME OUT HOW DARE YOU! Lol, watch out, I've got the Persian empire on my side. :D

  62. WAT!? i not teh crackhead D= *looks both ways and hits crackpipe*

  63. I'm not on there. =(

  64. lmao yea .. add me Im cool enough !!

  65. Aah, you mind adding me? ^_^

  66. lmfao thanks ea !!!

  67. D=

  68. i flippin love mine! *ready to pop a cap in sum 1*

  69. cool add me:)

  70. I wanna be on!
    funmonkey54 - pro on his way!!!

  71. OMG!
    u HAVE to add me to tht list! :)

  72. Wow.

  73. :D nice !add me!

  74. zomg?! >.<

  75. wat about me

    He just told you that you'd be added to accumulate comments LOLE.
    i fell for it too :I

  77. umm u can call me the worst FFRer u know :)

  78. Hey! Dood! can you add me please? =D


  80. pppoooooosssstttt!!!!11

  81. add me piece of shiit

  82. i deserve to be on this wall

  83. u said if i post i post u no add its been liek 2 mins

  84. what ur not on ffr 24/7 liek sum pplz?

  85. I was adding a whole bunch of people that I havn't added yet...

  86. WOOT

  87. WOOT x2 I WAS #100 FUCK YEAH FUCK!

  88. yay ive been called awesome at this game haha well for my terrible fc/AAA thing i got going i do have a really low average rank!

  89. Put me in. I should be in the top 100. I am awesome at FFR and am a master at Rubix cubes. I can solve a 2x2 a 3x3 a 4x4 and a 5x5.

  90. Oh and I am the biggest Mario Fan!!!! I can also solve a 2x2 a 3x3 a 4x4 and a 5x5 rubix cube and rock at FFR.

  91. ABC order

  92. lol I'm still not quite in the top 1,000 but it's cool:) thanks for the add

  93. fuk yea im hella l337 at mp :) ily EA and yur list.

  94. Eye liek tew misspeell werds foar noah wreasin!!

  95. make mine say something about me playing index cuz im not that good

  96. pfft.. you best add me..

  97. Ea, I should have been there by default.

  98. where am I? i belong here... im kwel

  99. I don't deserve to be added x[

  100. Hai

  101. Whats up!!!

  102. Add me to the list. :)

  103. whare teh fuk am i

  104. put me as an exiting hyper highspeed star

  105. add me haha

  106. since we are gonna be bff someday,
    you should probably just add me now :]

  107. can I be on the cool people list?

  108. ummm.....=P

  109. Meep? :3

  110. add me too the list...
    I thought you were going to before

  111. i shall be added lolz :O

  112. What about me? =O

  113. I wanna be added to the list of coolz ppl!!!!

  114. haha 114 comments...insane

  115. I'm a one hander noob... add me anyway XD

  116. /sniff sniff
    we aren't even frands anymoar.

  117. great list ^^

  118. OOH MEE MEE MEE MEE EAGAMES ADD ME TO UR LIST NAO OR U WILL DIE WITH TEH 666 AND ALL THE D00M (those were 0's by the way, not O's.)

  119. put me on the list im a kewl ppl XD

  120. i am teh not cool person xD

  121. Sweet deal, I'm the shiiiit!!!

  122. so im not kewl =(

  123. Hey wats up its me. I would like to be added to the list but its okay if you dont.

  124. im koolz. lol. i think?

  125. I am cool because I decided I am.

  126. Thaz rite.
    I betta be on thar.

  127. where am i

  128. Lol

  129. I want to be kewlz. :)

  130. It's so easy a human can do it.

  131. I'm not on there. :(
    Isn't much of a surprise since I go so unnoticed and have no good qualities about myself what-so-ever.

  132. me

  133. me 2 i feel hurt

  134. Ha, I'm kewlz!

  135. dude it's just xX{iPod}Xx not xX{iPOD}Xx
    lol just so you know
    lol :P

  136. Hi...

  137. NO THAT'S NOT WHAT I SAID!!!! >:[

  138. :( </3

  139. Damn i'm not kewl

  140. i wana be cool!!!!!!!! :D

  141. lol

  142. I wants to be coolz TOO~@~

  143. YAY I finally made it, I'm kewlz. Thanks for adding me to the list :)

  144. Loves you =]

  145. lol

  146. Nice caption for me :)

  147. ah~ I want to be cool

  148. hey I thought I was kewl :(

  149. After all this time and I'm still not on. Thats unfair, you're being lame. Lamer then me, and I'm pretty lame anyways, so thats like quadrouple the lame.

  150. ooo add me

  151. Hey, hey, add me plz...

  152. people still comment =.=

  153. Yay, I'm *kLewlz*!

  154. So If I comment, I'll be "kewl"? XD

  155. I see how it is. I vote for ur profile, and u vote for mine. But I get left out the list.
    Nah jk u just busy

  156. Lol I got "fellow ninja" I was thinkin "Best Ninja Alive"

  157. I'm so kewlz...
    I gots the mad skittlez...

  158. I r c0ol XD!

  159. Lol~ I'm addicted to FFR. <3

  160. quadcore - he rapes ffr for friends and votes

  161. Rofl, I R too nub to be kewl. XD

  162. thanks for the votes up!

  163. lol, damn that's a lot of comments

  164. ooo oooo ooo add me =P

  165. Am I cool enough for this list? :D

  166. I can feel the love. x3

  167. yo u already kno !! im friigin kewl put me on your dam list... nao please!!

  168. lol people in the world arent cool, are uncool, pretty soon we will all be a classless society if a great depression happens in the USA


  170. D: i'm not on there

  171. WTF WHERE AM I?

  172. Well this doesn't make sense. I should be on this list =D

  173. i guess i'm not kewl enough to make it on your list :(

  174. i wanna be kewl....z.

  175. Frosted butts.

  176. D:
    i'm not on there? WTF! i'm Kewlz! >_<

  177. Im cool, and if you don't add me, then that list isn't cool D:

  178. ummm yeah lol wheres me HA i have something like this on my profile XD and wheres andy??? i want to be on here damnit im cool arent i say slipknot_6969 and deadpony = cutest ffr couple :) there that should save you some room just put us together on the same line :P

  179. add me please. =D

  180. hahaha nice cap for me~
    yayers, now i are a kewlz person^^

  181. i just dont understand why im not on here... :(

  182. Lol, found my name on the list. Thanks for adding me and a a nice description too :3

  183. i should be added twice bcuz i knew you when you sucked xD

  184. Add me plzzzz.

  185. I knew I am not kewl. /wristsss

  186. You should totally put Xristallixed in ur kewlz list. I herd she's kool.:D

  187. Ur the onez thatz not kewlz ifz youz dontz putz mez onz therez lolz XD i'm coolz i havez u onz myz freindz listz god manz givez mez a breakz. :P

  188. lol, that's more like it :]

  189. happy and funny. nice.
    you're awesome and...*thinks* awesomer! =D

  190. Woo, I'm not on it! Knew I'm not cool! =D

  191. omfg i was added twice :O effing hawesome EA YOUR SO GODLY AWESOMEPANTS :O

  192. D:
    How could you forget me EA?!

  193. gotta add me :P

  194. change mine plz. I am "OMG PWNZOR FFRer"

  195. lol wtf is this and whoever says im not cool lol

  196. oh still not kewlz. :'(

  197. Not spazzing out, but really. It been at least a month and a half. Other people have been added in that time, can you just add me? :/ :)

  198. can i be added plz =)

  199. wow to many coments... but i get to be on this... you shouldn't do this ever agian

  200. wow to many coments... but i get to be on this... you shouldn't do this ever agian

  201. i dont know how a posted twice miraculaosk isnt it?

  202. can has kewlz?

  203. Can I get added please? xD

  204. Put me on there and i'll give you cookie :O.
    EAGAMES, deal or no deal?

  205. add me

  206. dont worry guys :) he forgot me too. lol jokes EA <3

  207. Hai EA~

  208. lol ALOT of comments its like a new record

  209. Check your comment wall.

  210. Aw. Haha. ^________^~
    So simple!

  211. YES! IM KELWZ! thanks man! XD

  212. yay ty =)

  213. im cool

  214. Awesome.. I'm missing =( I am far from cool though.. Go EAGAMES!

  215. i dont like cats that much

  216. 1095 overall, I r kewlz pls.

  217. My bad, 1091.

  218. I am absolutely not kewlz :(

  219. You should add me...Just because I'm awesome like that.

  220. add me just to add me.

  221. hey please add me im a kewl person to ^^

  222. am i cool enough on this list?

  223. want soem secks?

  224. StoleaSanta - Is stealing a santa.

  225. Hey! Add me! I'm kewlz enough for you..... right?

  226. can i join?
    AverageJoemer-Just an average joe...mer...

  227. Wow, a link to every person's profile. Very impressive.

  228. nev670, the guy with Least Games Played !!! xD

  229. is teh awesome makes no sense anymore.
    change it to something random, suprise me.
    && links.yummy. XD

  230. Hmm..

  231. okay time that you put me

  232. I got it now :)

  233. omg awesome XDDD

  234. I can't believe you took your time to make them links, ;] you whore.

  235. damnit :D santas list :p

  236. add this
    darkbuckethead - Jaws of FFR

  237. I want to be kewlz!

  238. hey pyro here check my random thoughts when u get a chance n add me too

  239. me dude :D

  240. nice AAA on Blue Army thats my favorite song

  241. Just out of curiosity..

  242. i died

  243. so can i be on there now?

  244. ello

  245. will you just put me in that list
    p.s:say that im a crazy ride maniac

  246. i like what u did with ur profile. its awsome!


  248. I is ignored, YEAH WHT NOW?!

  249. jesus christ why do so many people wanna be on this list as if it serves some kind of purpose.

  250. -_-" It shows how much of a poser they really are...

  251. Unless they really deserve it

  252. Neat... I'm still on this thing. For a bad reason. =)

  253. .........

  254. add me oh and i put a thumbs up on your profile like you did to me.. thanx

  255. Listen. I exceed the requirements. I'm Myke, nigger.

  256. Lol. You are creative, making oneeeeee big list of kewlz people. XD Good idea. =)
    Want into the kewlz people list tooooooooo. XD

  257. Hey man im a kewl person Lolz =)

  258. lol new list

  259. oh noez im not cool anymore

  260. Can I be a cool person :'D

  261. Add me plz. =D

  262. why would you do such a thing ;~;
    after all we've been through D:

  263. is ok!^_^

  264. Oo I want to be back on~
    [Skarie_Fairie, new account]

  265. dun dun dun. @_@ aowiejfaovahwdfvo;aiwjmoah

  266. hurry up and finish the list mr sexy

  267. OOH OOH ADD ME!! Say: Sasukekun997 is bored 24/7

  268. wut

  269. Wat about me EA??? your ex-one handed rival LOL.

  270. ME

  271. no wai

  272. Me. Oh wait. I'm pretty sure I annoy you. xD

  273. I'm 1 kelvin short of a kewl breakthrough of massive proportions! fuck you laws of physics C:
    ps am i kewl or wut :o

  274. put me on, you know you wanna :D

  275. sigh. i told you you shulda quit while you were ahead.

  276. a.) Have you recently spoken to me, or have you disappeared and havn't seen each other in ages?
    Kind of.
    b.) Are you really my friend, or are you some random member trying to be my friend?
    c.) Do you annoy me?

  277. lol, YES! to all of them!
    Although I am not certain if I have affected you in some major way or not. That is for you to decide.
    haha, I guess this is my post. Let fate/EAG decide whether I am worthy of the list or not. lol.

  278. I want your autograph ]:

  279. I'm cool eneough arent i I SAID ARENT I!!??? U CAN BE HONEST I CAN TAKE THE TRUTH!!!!!!

  280. Im pretty sure i meet the requirements D:

  281. I'm kewl.

  282. /bows down

  283. I don't believe I meet the requirements for this list, although I hope to at some point.
    However, I think it's mentionable to say that I love you, EAG.

  284. I'm totally gonna post on here because...
    we have children together, goddamn. <3

  285. Hi EAG, I've supped you some 5 times on FFR do I qualify? <333
    Hehe seriously though that Almost There is crazy no way I can get that. >.>

  286. Yes.

  287. [B]5.)[/B] Have you accomplished, to some degree, something in a way that benefited me? (Will not apply to everyone.)

  288. Yes
    Yes made you try harder to beat me <3

  289. I am your ex-one handed buddeh. :D *speaks to you and tries to do something major that benefits you in order to get on a virtual list that will never affect my personal life in anyway whatsoever*

  290. I make music.

  291. not kewl enough : (

  292. I used to be on this list. XD

  293. Oh goodness.. EAG, you know I would be more than honored to make this, especially since you were my biggest inspiration for getting to the point I am at right now on FFR.

  294. uh oh, is disappearing a bad thing?

  295. No, I have not recently spoken to you. And yes I did dissapear for a long while. I also found you again.
    And am I really your friend? Of course, you and me were one of the first people to meet each other, play, and have a real good time doing it.
    And have I ever acomplished in a way that benefitted you? One word my old friend, NeoMax. =) Brings back some memories dosen't it?

  296. i remember talking to you alot. you helped me with getting alot better at ffr. :D
    i thank you?
    but you don't know me so oh well ):

  297. i talk to you a lot when i see you :D
    of course your my friend i know you.
    yea im pretty cool also :DDD

  298. aghhh.
    I remember the days when my once friend-filled life had its name recognized as a great upon the the mighty kewl list. If only those dreams could be fulfilled once again. But alas, this dream is nigh seeing as how thou hast limited the list to but 2, and so I sit. Pondering upon the memories of which once were.

  299. wow people spammed the crap out of this RT O_o
    +1 spam

  300. A. Yes. We were playing MP for like 2 hours, but we left. It was in September.
    B. Yes. I am really your friend, I won't just join because your kewl (but you are) I want to be your friend as well.
    C. No. I have not done something that benefited you. Besides beating you once in an MP match. That benefits me.

  301. I'll make 301...
    Bro, We go way back too the days when you sucked and were one handed.. but still amazing at one handing.
    I've helped you out any chance I could.
    Am I really your friend? Psh, fool I'd do anything for you.
    (I'd even go Spread if you asked) but you won't =P

  302. Man, my head hearts. Thanks a lot.

  303. I can do the truffle shuffle...... Kinda.... >.>
    A. Yes
    B. Ummm not really to be honest, I don't know you in real life so I can't honestly say yes to that. Ps. Not a yes or no question. =_='
    C. Please note the truffle shuffle statement.
    2. Bitch, I'm Tater Tot! The self proclaimed craziest numbnut on FFR!!! YEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!

  304. Im your friend =( one of your 1st friends man -_- i remember when we were both noob 1 handers lmao....

  305. all these friends are nonsense
    you worship me

  306. a.) no
    b.) I haven't talked to you in awhile
    c.) no
    2.) no
    i'll buy some kewl points with credits though.

  307. ill do this agian :D
    a) i speak to you all time :D
    b) of course im your friend. remeber you were my first profile vote i got :D
    c) ill try to beneifit you by becoming spread so it will benefit you to get better :P
    d) yea id say im pretty cool, a LOT of ppl already know who i am :D

  308. A) Yeeep!
    B) Hell yeah!
    C) Haha, I made you that ninja background so you could have a profile that Ninja'd people!
    D) Yew bet!

  309. I answered all those rhetorical questions with an emphatic yes, so if you'd care to add me, that would be greatly appreciated, but if not, that's still kewl

  310. yes to everything.
    do i win?

  311. Dean_Machine and SkySeal are the only people I don't know on this list (which may change tonight). Aside from that, every kewl person on this site knows I'm kewl, and I didn't have to point my thumb up to do so.

  312. longest scroll down on a rt ever?
    lol what up g ;)

  313. i can answer YES to all of those without a doubt :D

  314. im kewl

  315. i can be kewl

  316. im kewl rite eag? <3

  317. Yes, I've recently spoke to you, and yes I'm your friend. Yes maybe kinda sorta am I cool enough!
    I would like admission in the Kewl kids thingy. :D

  318. This comment list is longer than my... ummm... my cherry tree. I don't deserve to be on the list, but I do have the freedom to post in this immense comments. This is longer than most ffr threads... Make a record for the longest random thoughts comment list!

  319. ^ I have a longer one.

  320. ohhh and to add to my comment before, you were my first profile vote EVER :D

  321. im gay

  322. now...i would like to think that we are friends. i would also like to state that i was w/o a computer or internet for like fricken ever...:( so sorry i couldnt talk to you...:(

  323. Tigaaaa styyyllleee

  324. 1a yes / 1b am I not? D: / 2 lol i r kewl

  325. I'm kewl. ;) Srsly

  326. whats a cool

  327. Well... I can't say that I've talked to you recently seeing as how FFR has been down and I lost touch.. but whateves! I was friends with you back in your One Handed days before you got godly! =P

  328. my friend i meet ALL teh requirements plz enter me cuz im kewlz xD

  329. O_O

  330. don't know eachother too well since ffr went down last year (no contact) but i assume we will be great friends one day XD i've supported you since my first days of being a member here XD im not kewl yet but in do time it will happen :P ttyl EA

  331. but...I am cool? D:

  332. am i on this?