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League of Legends: World Class, I also like Pretty Pictures Pretty Pictures Pretty Pictures Pretty Pictures Pretty Pictures .
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Posted on: May 28, 2014, at 04:54:32am   [0 comments]
Posted on: June 25, 2012, at 04:53:08am   [4 comments]
Here are most of the profiles I've made packed into an album for viewing/nostalgia pleasure. Not all of them I seem to have lost a couple hmm.. anyways!
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TK_hero writes at 11:09:36pm on 1/9/21
Hakulyte writes at 12:58:33am on 5/6/20
Well, nothing wrong with that. Do you still play league ? Is there other games that catched your interest ?
Hakulyte writes at 9:37:31pm on 5/5/20
I mean, if you're really bored. I wouldn't mind profiles for my alt accounts, but that feels kinda silly to ask lmao.
Hakulyte writes at 8:49:01pm on 5/5/20
I still like this profile. Have you done some drawing/photoshop recently ?
Hakulyte writes at 8:41:45pm on 5/5/20
As good as usual \o
prongsie writes at 8:57:47pm on 2/28/20
Josemba writes at 7:41:04am on 10/9/19
I'd like to do something like this, mine is very simple but I love my background lol.
Where do you look for background what are yours sites?
Josemba writes at 7:34:22am on 10/8/19
What the fuck, dude this profile is AMAZING
1337h4xz0r writes at 5:04:29pm on 2/12/19
revolutionomega writes at 10:13:07pm on 1/9/19
Yeah biggest thing I need to work on aside from 1000 AAA's is getting my tier points up. But I'm garbage at high level songs now lol