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Quite electrifying.
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A person. Yay.
Music, anime, books, vidja, mythology, cute things, Pop'n Music.
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Classical, indie rock/pop, chamber pop, folk, ska, avant-garde metal, post-hardcore, post-rock, IDM. I still like any genre, really.
Fav Movies:
A Tale of Two Sisters, Millennium Actress, Love Exposure, Vital, House of Flying Daggers, Fantasia, Serenity, Thank You For Smoking. // Anime: Eden of the East, Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Nodame Cantabile, Penguindrum, Revolutionary Girl Utena, Paranoia Agent, Haibane Renmei, Chihayafuru, Cowboy Bebop, and Princess Jellyfish.
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Posted on: November 19, 2013, at 02:23:07pm   [1 comment]
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SethColeman writes at 3:26:21am on 9/2/13
Pretty cool profile
DragonIIDX writes at 6:16:56pm on 7/22/13
DarknessXoXLight writes at 6:05:13pm on 7/22/13
how much for the socks?
anwar-inc writes at 7:59:58am on 8/25/12
T-Force writes at 3:41:38pm on 7/5/12
Added your 3DS code. Mine's in the thread; go to the first post and click my spoiler.
bmah writes at 12:47:44am on 5/2/12
Happy Birthday Pete!!!
bmah writes at 2:28:59am on 4/29/12
You actually made it? Nice!
bmah writes at 11:14:26am on 3/14/12
needs more lavender
flipsta_lombax writes at 1:34:25pm on 12/9/11
Been busy as well. Hardly on the Internet as much as I used to be. Things have looked up, got a better job, moved back with parents though. They needed my help. But anyway, hope things are well for you too. :)
flipsta_lombax writes at 2:16:52am on 12/9/11
Oh sup. =]