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why did i think .dot was a good name lol
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Souzouteki writes at 12:23:20pm on 10/27/19
This is a cute message for a cute dot, in case you ever pass by (like I just did), sometime after 2019! I'm sure you'll have a smile (:
Souzouteki writes at 12:19:24pm on 1/20/16
Ooooooohhhhh shiiieeeeetttt, still here! You still here in 2016?!
Sky Kitten writes at 9:27:37pm on 2/20/15
Happy birthday. <3
Sky Kitten writes at 4:13:21am on 1/29/15
Yep, there are a bunch of people still here. ^_^ Not surprising really, since FFR is one big family.
Sky Kitten writes at 4:06:53am on 1/29/15
Added! :) Weeeeee
Sky Kitten writes at 3:52:15am on 1/29/15
A hoe? Come again? xD I miss you too, and I'm doing okay! We should definitely talk on Skype or something if you have it! Let's catch up! :]
Sky Kitten writes at 3:04:08am on 1/29/15
Sky Kitten writes at 3:03:47am on 1/29/15
Last year! :)
Souzouteki writes at 9:21:57am on 9/3/13
Yoyoyoyoyo! Bitchass yoself booiiii!! Haha :D
i_baked_some_cookies4.1 writes at 11:02:32pm on 8/22/12
I miss your bitchass too, b.