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About me:
I like rhythm games. But other games too. Beat Saber is nice.
Star Wars. That should be obvious. And video games.
Fav Music:
It would be easier to list what I don't like. I don't like: Gangsta rap Freeform Jazz Heavy metal where the singer sounds like a drowning bulldog. Anything else is fair game.
Fav Movies:
Star Wars. Again, should be obvious. Even The Last Jedi (fite me irl!)
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_Pinkie Pie_ writes at 12:08:44pm on 8/1/13
Hello DarthSatoris!
Xiz writes at 3:16:26pm on 6/22/13
fucking legit profile
SethColeman writes at 1:06:41pm on 6/2/13
It's really cute and creative. Nice.
SethColeman writes at 10:19:05am on 6/2/13
Cool profile man. Make it yourself?
Findarian writes at 3:16:35pm on 5/29/13
hit me up in skype sometime if you want to chat (xindarian)
Findarian writes at 3:16:12pm on 5/29/13
I'd say about half a dozen, and as far as song specifics, ask megamon88, he should know a bit more than me since he steps a lot of them iirc
ConjureFlame writes at 8:42:46am on 5/26/09
Hello my danish friend.
EAGAMES writes at 5:15:33pm on 4/10/09
Your profile is pretty kewl. =]
ConjureFlame writes at 4:46:50am on 9/27/08
Oh and you have played 8000 games while I have played only 950!
ConjureFlame writes at 4:31:01am on 9/27/08
Maybe the reason for the fact that your rank is better, is coz I don't play FFR too much. I play In The Groove and StepMania. And can you play Pump It Up :P?