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no magic pill
can bring it back again
my hands hurt!! :(
so i've really been wanting to get back into 4k rhythm games for a while now (and get back into keyboard vsrgs as a whole), but it seems that every time i do try to get back into them recently it puts a tremendous amount of strain on my hands (my right hand in particular).

basically what i think this means is, going forward, i think it might be better for me if i took a small step back from playing really fast/hard stuff constantly for improvement's sake in order to prevent anything really bad from happening long-term. but i don't want that to be the end because these games are really important to me!! so i think i'm just gonna try to focus more on becoming a better accuracy player from here on out.

i definitely still wanna try to get better at harder stuff! but i really need to adjust in order to prevent me from killing my hands LOL

anyway this is definitely a Bloated Random Thought but i never use these things enough. might as well get that off my mind since i've been thinking about it a lot lately and trying to figure out what to do. :)
Officially Division 2 (By technicality)
Yes, yes. I made Division 2 for technically the first time ever. You can cheer me on later. XD

But seriously. I'm kind of disappointed in the fact it took me this long to get D2 on this account. Now we're going to move onwards and upwards to Division 3.
I'm like an old Newcomer , i guess ?!

I first played FFR in 2008/2009 already but it went down.
That time i was 13/14 years old :D

In 2018 I made a new Acc and now I am back at this awesome game :)

Back then i had like 20 AAA's and like 400 FC's and I cannot wait to smash the hell out of my KB.I would have used my old but since there isn't any option to change your Username I just had to make a new one.

See ya :)

First 100 AAA's done UwU

At first i was like wth, how am I supposed to AAA anything in this game but i am really improving.
The ones which gets my gears grinding are almost all songs above like 3min+ length..

100 AAA's [X] - 01/14/21
200 AAA's [--]
300 AAA's [--]
400 AAA's [--]
Nega Master
Super long absence
Too many things happened. This led to that, that led to this, and that record kept spinniing constantly. Sometimes i forget when i was last here. My attempts Trying to make sense of it all were in vain. All this and that my laptop is broken doesn’t help matters either. I might try to remain alive somewhat here but how constant it will be is unknown. I have no clue on how often it will be while juggling the 50 thousand things happening

Do i even exist. Sometimes i do not know.
Follow my Twitter and TTV channel.
Hello everyone. Come show some support and follow my Twitter and TTV accounts. My twitter is and click on the TTV icon next to my profile pic for my TTV channel. Thank you everyone.
all i wanna do is touch your powerpoint fc when?
i dont know. currently im at 8 misses and top 1k for the song. but if i like do better i can get a very good score
Still Alive
Still alive and now very rusty at playing this, alas I have returned.
R.I.P. Macromedia Klik & Play
You will be missed 😔
Brain no work
Sometimes brain no work. Sorry if I be stupid sometimes.

I realized this recently since I misused the term "APS". I've been misusing it for quite a while and I'm definitely one of the main misusers of this term (at least on the FFR discord). I should've realized that the confusion I was causing was due to this misuse however, I did not. I apologize for causing confusion and using this term when it was not correct and I won't use it in the future. (I was using it as a way of saying refining technique, like not bottom out keys and not returning all the way back to the top. Which is wrong and causes confusion if you were wondering how I was using it)

I have been in a weird mental state recently which has made me cause confusion more frequently or I'm just noticing it more (or both). This mental state doesn't seem to affect my play as I'm doing quite well but it prevents me from doing things I'd like to do and I don't make sense sometimes or take a long time to process information or process it incorrectly.

Also I've become aware that I'm quite annoying when it comes to score posting. [Quite personal section so feel free to skip] The root reason for this is me seeking some sort of validation(probably wrong term, sorry!) that I have something that I'm good at and can be proud of. Growing up in a family where I'm constantly compared to my older sibling that have gotten better grades and have been good at things such as sports, I don't receive nearly any validation(again probably wrong term) that I'm something they can be proud of. When I received my OT13 t-shirt (which is pretty awesome) they assumed it was for something related to programming and were excited, when I told them it was for a game tournament their excitement quickly dissipated. I show what I am capable of and proud of to this community because they tend to respond in a way that fills that void. Although sometimes I end up putting down other people, for example seeing a score (from a player that has a higher rank than me) then trying to do better than the person that posted it then posting my own score. It is an unhealthy behavior that stems from me wanting to be seen as better then my siblings at something but it manifests itself here. Anyways, might delete later since I don't like being open. Thanks for taking the time to read this mess.

My siesta is almost coming to a close, but when I come back. Top 1k in a month guaranteed
Credit for my avatar
I took my avatar from [url=]Ivan Dixon[/url] (aka pug-of-war), they make wonderful pixel art and I suggest you check them out!
I shall now be known as "barfood"
The MarioNintendo persona is evolving. It evolved into []barfood[/url]! Pronounced "bar-food".

Let's see if the name change sticks. That's the name I started using on other platforms.

Have a nice day, and thanks for passing by :)

my brain hurtedsing
just like the title says
D/M/Y Vs. M/D/Y
Here in New York it's very common to see the M/D/Y date format of time. This is true on this website as well. But the Engine uses D/M/Y and there isn't much indication that this is the case so a date like December 3rd 2020 could very easily interpreted as March 12th 2020. I only noticed this cause I was looking at my older scores and I definitely didn't get my Disregard SDG in March 2020. This makes my brain stop working and I go stupid.
Leaving the Discord.
As the title says, yes, by this point I've left the FFR discord. I've just had too much pent up frustration with various events and people that I really don't want to lash out on others. It just feels like it would be better for me to leave, considering I've pretty much given up FFR as of right now, due to the RNG timing issues I face that Katana had mentioned in his post on the forums. I've enjoyed my time while I've been here, but at this point it's just feeling like a lot of the conflicts there are mentally just draining me even though I'm spectating them. If the conflict drops, I may join back, but for now, I'm out. I'll still be around on discord though (FlynnMac#6286 or if you wanna join my server) and streaming on twitch. Having these conflicts isn't ideal right now since I have other irl things to focus on like my drumline season and college. That's all I gotta say for now, left it kinda vague because I don't want to go into too much detail. <3
moved to austin
well here i am again, but this time across the country! :O

i moved to austin from grand rapids, mi. i live in a studio with my partner currently. it's raining today but i have to go out and do some labs at the doctors office lmao.

i ate some leftover pizza only to realize that it was half baked and the dough was so doughy it came apart like melted cheese... tummy ache incoming 5..4..3..2.1.....

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