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i am the nintendo ds
cause i be getting sold to young rich children in 2006
I've mastered the art of getting boos.
playing every ffr song from least to most notes 2
I'm thinking about it. Don't know when but I'm legitimately considering it down the road! I would want all locked charts unlocked for the challenge for the spirit of it this time. Maybe in a year or two or when we hit 4k public charts?
Hall of Fame Thoughts
That was kind of funny to me because I spent most of this year securing a 40h/week job and taking care more of myself instead of playing etc.

I'd obviously like to continue playing, but life is certainly getting more and more in the way as time pass. I'm at the point where I need to be careful about which games I play because it's making me neglect other games and such.

The only saving grace for keeping me around is that I usually eventually beat or quit other games to come back here because it's been the healthier choice to stay more active.

If I want to have a chance to get back into track and go for the new Division 7, I will really have to cut off other activities even further.

This logic seems to apply in other things in life as well.

Life (4 years later)
Okay fam, let's play a game. If we're Monday up to Thursday and we're past 6:30 am EST and you catch me online on discord; you're allowed to comment here and I will owe you 5000 credits every time (once per day haha). If you catch me around 2:00 pm EST or later, it doesn't count tho.

If we do this right enough times, I will either be broke on FFR or I will attain a decent sleep schedule. Either way, this is win/win.

Don't worry, I won't run out of credits. I'll play more if I have to.
im back again but in school
i might decide to play FFR when i come back home
who knows
Veteran... and milestones
Today marks the day I finally become a veteran (and my first random thought too). It was a lot of fun getting here and I'm proud of what I have accomplished so far. I have many more songs to AAA though so ill start by going for my first goal of 500 AAAs! I'll start keeping track of milestones now for AAAs, FCs, and skill points to check back on my progress properly. Thanks for all the support and I wish you happy keysmashing! :)

✓ 500 AAAs. (Acquired On 1/23/2023)
✓ 600 AAAs. (Acquired On 1/27/2023)
✘ 700 AAAs.
✘ 800 AAAs.
✘ 900 AAAs.
✘ 1000 AAAs.


✘ 1000 FCs.
✘ 1100 FCs.
✘ 1200 FCs.
✘ 1300 FCs.
✘ 1400 FCs.
✘ 1500 FCs.


✘ 250 Skill Points.
✘ 300 Skill Points.
✘ 350 Skill Points.
✘ 400 Skill Points.
✘ 450 Skill Points.
✘ 500 Skill Points.
VapR StorM
Finally back on FFR
Damn, it has really been some time since I played on here. I finally returned! I've been playing DDR for the whole year and been improving on that. I am 20 now since today is my birthday, time flies.. I am on YouTube if you guys want to check me out, thank you!
Elite Ninja
Am now an FFR Difficulty Consultant \o/
Butter Dog
butter dawg.
dawg wit da butter.
butter dawg.
dawg wit da butter on him.
the dawg wit da butter.
dawg wit da butter on him.
Hall of Fame + other things
Not gonna lie idk who to pick personally, cool to see it brought back though. Kinda wish we could have done retroactive voting on a year by year basis but whatever haha. Been busy with work (taking a break from uni because of how bad I have gotten mentally) and trying to find time to have fun in between. I may return to FFR if I get booted out top 50? idk
im back
no rhytme
apparently can only handle up to 48 (just judging from fc gameboy)
probs because of the input system
Happy New Year and goodbye!
So, 2022 is now over. I can't believe how fast time goes by. Anyways, it's been a great year for me in FFR! I hit D7 twice, somehow got 3rd in OT15, met many new awesome people during that time, and had a blast playing the game overall! Awesome stuff.

Unfortunately all that has to come to a pause for this year, since I'll be beginning my military service tomorrow (as of writing this note) and that's gonna keep me occupied for at least half a year. I'll definitely miss a lot of fun stuff, but I won't be going radio silent. So if ya wanna message me, I'll be able to respond! :D If I get lucky, I'll be home for OT16 and be rusty as heck trying to compete with the rest of D7!

I also wanna give special thanks to [b]Charissa, Lights, Hateandhatred, SK8R43[/b] and all the folks in the Discord server. You are all amazing people and make a great community!

So, with all that, I wanna wish everyone a good 2023! I hope you all achieve your fiffer goals, life goals, whatever goals! :D

i dont know i just came here bc iwas bored also tried style editor
also i have website (shameless)
how do successfully quit this game
1800 AAAs
Including all songs from 1-59, and 58 FMOs. I think 1900 is doable but I'm not sure about 2000 - I have 162 VCs left and then it's just FMOs and up.

Been working on speed a bit too, I got back to level 80 after the skill rating change, and 85 would be a cool goal but it seems very far away for now.
microwave 2 ft. krima ft sr.pelo
marry krimas
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