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"No Tyler, our head."
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1. Wintersun 2. Ensiferum 3. Children of Bodom 4. Opeth 5. Venetian Snares 6. Aphex Twin 7. Norther 8. Amon Amarth 9. In Flames 10. Eluveitie
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I am a MOD!
Posted on: February 27, 2009, at 12:45:20pm   [0 comments]
Not on FFR, obviously. But I am on Kongregate along with Rubix now :D. Yayyyyyyyyy

Posted on: January 25, 2009, at 07:09:17pm   [4 comments]
Join Tass, Rubix, myself, and many other FFR people on Kong!
We all chill in the "Impossible Is Nothing" chat room. Use that link and create an account and you'll automatically have me added as your friend and you can find us! GOGOGOGOGOGOGOGOGOGOGOGOGOGOGO

P.S- If you use that leet link and level up some, I may just send you some FFR credits.

Irionman's Team Bracket Tourney with Sumzup.
Posted on: November 20, 2008, at 09:14:48pm   [3 comments]
First Round - Asian song - AAA/AAA
Second round - Balloon Fever = 2/11
Final Round - Do A Barrel Roll - 2/2.
Final Place - 1st!
Two wins in a row!

Spammy's Tourney.
Posted on: October 19, 2008, at 05:14:40pm   [0 comments]
1st Round - Fahrenheit - AAA.
2nd Round - Electro Rushx8 - AAA.
3rd Round - Tetris Remix - AAA
4th Round - Euphoria(Smiley) - 1
5th Round - Forsaken Neon - AAA
6th Round - Turbulance - AAA
Final Round - Cosmic Orchestra - 1
Final Place - 1st place. Yay! Tournament win GET!

Here we go!
Posted on: September 21, 2008, at 01:02:50pm   [4 comments]
65th person to get it ^_^

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Elite Ninja writes...
at 11:58:02am on 2/7/12
I mean Anti-idle or whatever that game was.
Elite Ninja writes...
at 11:57:34am on 2/7/12
oh wow I found your account. I chatted with you a lot on kong when I was addicted to IDLE.
2EdgedVictory writes...
at 3:51:50am on 5/24/11
Oh, hey, what's up? As you can tell by the fact that it took me 2 months to respond, I don't get on FFR much anymore haha.
HalfStep writes...
at 8:12:15pm on 5/8/11
HalfStep writes...
at 8:00:19pm on 8/25/09
travman301 writes...
at 10:31:41pm on 1/8/09
hey fag get on aim
2EdgedVictory writes...
at 4:34:07pm on 1/7/09
Alright, thanks.
2EdgedVictory writes...
at 4:16:42pm on 1/7/09
Yeah, I have an account, but I rarely use it.
2EdgedVictory writes...
at 6:01:50pm on 1/4/09
No wait, scratch that, I am now AHEAD of you in skill tokens =P I unlocked {Midnight} a few minutes ago. You could be ahead of me again, though. Crow song takes some practice but isn't too hard, and Judgement Days is kinda tricky, since you have to know of a clever way to unlock it ( I forgot exactly how I did it, but I think I set autofail to 1 boo and got 1 of everything else in the first 3 arrows or so).
2EdgedVictory writes...
at 4:45:21pm on 1/3/09
It looks like we're tied in skill tokens again...
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