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Posted on: April 3, 2009, at 10:06:42pm   [52 comments]

This score now sucks in 2020.

Posted on: February 18, 2008, at 10:39:32am   [332 comments]
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Phynx writes at 4:54:04pm on 1/1/21
Not too much man. Just coasting into what has the potential to be another shit year like the rest of us. Got way too drunk new years eve, hungover like an asshole... doin' good man. Doin' good. How about you?
Sidek writes at 2:15:45am on 12/28/20
wow 2020 was a big surprise overall
glad to see you again here !
Phynx writes at 8:26:25pm on 12/9/20
What's up asshoe?
Sidek writes at 10:30:54pm on 12/6/20
wtf you started to play again?
Jaquan writes at 8:52:42pm on 11/15/20
Doing pretty good lol, Somehow I'm 20x better than when I played in 2012 ahahahaha
Jaquan writes at 3:29:26pm on 11/15/20
Omg you still play?
Sky Kitten writes at 12:40:40am on 11/14/20
Zageron writes at 8:43:23pm on 11/10/20
holy shit bro go to discord
951258tike22 writes at 11:17:42pm on 9/13/19
Hey EA idk if you still check this at all, It'd be the first time i have in years, but i just wanted to say you helped me a lot with confidence issues in my life, prolly sounds weird but your encouragement when we'd play multiplayer back in the day and you'd stomp me, really meant a lot. it pushed me forward and i took that with me. anyway thanks
FirstMaple8 writes at 2:36:37pm on 9/11/16
Don't think he still plays :/