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Been around since '05, an ordinary guy with ordinary habits, reside in Surf City, wouldn't want to be anywhere else.
Skateboarding, and filming, I plan on attending CSUF and majoring in Filming or Screenwriting maybe
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Beach goth
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Not a movies kinda guy
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Posted on: September 8, 2012, at 11:10:23pm   [0 comments]
What's up everyone, I'm trying to get back into this place, I've been busy with school and such, just got a car so I've been having fun, but I'm definitely gonna be around more often
Posted on: October 19, 2010, at 01:05:52am   [2 comments]
i missed all of you

except for rawmeat
Posted on: August 1, 2009, at 01:01:40pm   [2 comments]

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XxXMetalheadXxX writes at 2:41:29am on 5/4/13
Cheetos are good.
reptile3141 writes at 2:00:26am on 12/3/12
Ditto, man! What's been going on, bro??
Roy565 writes at 12:50:45pm on 11/20/11
I know you. :l
Slushpuppiex33 writes at 5:16:20pm on 11/13/11
I miss you too!
awh, you still have the gif i made you
CharmingAET writes at 8:00:21pm on 9/21/11
waz gud sun
kmay writes at 10:44:11pm on 8/31/11
Too late to start
kmay writes at 3:39:58pm on 8/30/11
I wish I skated so wearing it public wasnt so awkward lol
reptile3141 writes at 11:06:04am on 7/2/11
Good deal, bro. I just finished a course I had to take during the summer, so I'm back at home now. The women's world cup is happening right nao (huge soccer fan, bro) so I'm following that shit like crazy. :D
Slushpuppiex33 writes at 1:24:46am on 7/1/11
Slushpuppiex33 writes at 9:17:03pm on 6/28/11