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I love Cherokee!!
Cherokee lol
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Check out my MySpace playlist Fav song: Bat Country - A7X (Avenged Sevenfold)
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You don't Mess With the Zohan!!
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Posted on: August 13, 2008, at 10:33:49pm   [2 comments]
Somebody call or text me!!

I am bored as hell and feel like texting or talking to someone.


Posted on: July 29, 2008, at 09:37:32am   [1 comment]

Dew Tour
Posted on: July 19, 2008, at 04:50:04am   [0 comments]
I was at the AMT Dew Tour yesterday and it was AWESOME!! My friend was a volenteer Security guard and had access to the V.I.P... I got a couple Autographs and a Pic with me with Bob Burnquist!! I will post it on my MySpace (My MySpace URL is my ffr user AKA: My Friend Kyle (YouTube StylesClash18224) has some vids up, and soon posting a vid of the Right Guard Open!! Well, I am in it and I got to slap hands with the FMX Riders, and Kyle was accidentally recording sooooooooooooo... There ya go!! I left @ 2:00 P.M and didn't get back untill 4:04 A.M!!

Well, all I have for now

Posted on: July 14, 2008, at 01:58:29pm   [0 comments]
1 YEAR!!

Guitar Hero 3 Miss Murder 99% Expert
Posted on: July 10, 2008, at 12:15:42am   [0 comments]

Yes, it's ME playing

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dork_4 writes...
at 11:17:39pm on 6/6/12
This is my bf from FOREVER ago lol. Funny to see all this on here.
Diapam writes...
at 1:35:20am on 12/20/08
haha :D i usually get over 500 or 600 combo on FFLBF =D its not that hard to get good combo at the beginning its still playable for me :D
Diapam writes...
at 12:44:46pm on 12/19/08
yea and i've passed em all =) and i got 800+ combo on FFLBF ;)
NejiHyuuga777 writes...
at 1:04:31pm on 12/18/08
Hey, about the Bullet for my Valentine request, I'm probably not going to be able to make stepfiles for a little while. Sorry about that, but I'll be sure to step that song when I can (if I can, of course).
Diapam writes...
at 9:26:58am on 12/18/08
Diapam writes...
at 9:21:06am on 12/18/08
haha :D i passed Death Piano today x) was kinda hard but BB Evolution is harder :D
EAGAMES writes...
at 3:58:58am on 8/26/08
Jane Doe writes...
at 8:45:07pm on 8/14/08
hehe thanks ^-^
XxXMetalheadXxX writes...
at 1:48:25pm on 8/11/08
Awesome pro!
NejiHyuuga777 writes...
at 10:21:57am on 8/1/08
Huh, so you play Guitar Hero too? I'm pretty good at it myself, with 66 Expert FCs :P. I'm NejiHyuuga777 on YouTube (original, right?) if you want to check my videos out. Also, I don't mind any comments about how awesome a song is, especially if it's true (referring to comment on Nottingham Lace) :P.
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