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Devin's my name playing videogames my game. My dream is to become a video game designer. I am very talented at alot of things like drawing,danicing and singing. drawing is one of my greatest talent as my dancing is my second and singing is my third I still enojoy all three but I just have ore passion for drawing as it is an amazing gift to have as a person in life. I have been drawing since I was like i dunno lemme see like 5 and ever since I never stop drawing to me its LIKE CRACK!!! lol ok maybe not but it can be pretty fun sometimes
I love playing video games of course and I love skateboarding and drawing. I look as drawing like music every stroke I do is like I write a note when im playing my instument.I play trombone and im ok at it. I do jazz and concert band. playing trombone is fun as you have to slide to play your notes. its a fun little way to play an instrument and a brilliant idea as you can easly slur notes trombone is a moderate instrument meaning its a middle important intument like as the trumpet which is the most important instrument in the band trombone cango low as a tuba and go high as a trumpet
Fav Music:
My favorite music is Hip Hop and R&B. I love the hard core bass beats that artist have like common,swizz beats,santana,busta rhymes,Kanye,and more. Jay-Z be makin his carrer with his song hits like roc boys and lil wayne doin his thang in da game from his music if you wann here some good music check out kanye,common,JAY-z,lil wyane,chris brown and more.
Fav Movies:
My favorite movies is Smokin Aces its a well thought of movie and its alot of guns and explosions I love guns and EXPLOSIONS!!!!! my second favaorite movie or should I say movies is the Matrix Trilogy even though I dont no what the code of the matrix is like anybody does I still enjoy it!!!other favorite movies is white chicks that is one of the most funniest movies I have seen the wayne brothers are very talented at acting and if it wasnt for them i wouldnt be the person i am now
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