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at 1:19:53pm on 7/16/09
awesome name you have xDDDD
trogdor_man writes...
at 7:49:34pm on 3/28/09
lol nice name
EAGAMES writes...
at 3:52:01am on 8/26/08
usernamevf writes...
at 1:55:52am on 8/6/08
Yo wasn't I supposed to help you with something? If you still need / want it get on msn
LoneW0lf writes...
at 1:58:49pm on 7/5/08
New profile.
Murtaug writes...
at 6:24:37pm on 6/18/08
how come i cant comment on lonewolf's profile?? D:
catwomen13 writes...
at 4:40:39pm on 5/24/08
i love wolf rain <3
Tophius writes...
at 12:41:48am on 5/10/08
Sweet, thanks for the tip. :)
Xx{Midday}xX writes...
at 12:21:33am on 5/10/08
No one did... and the pot size rose too high. 100k lol... Zythus came the closest, but he messed up the section and genre. Yes, anime is great, but not on test. My pro-anime feel probably made me get all the questions for that passage wrong. lol
Xx{Midday}xX writes...
at 12:15:29am on 5/10/08
lol. Akira, Section 4, Critical Reading.
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