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English is NOT my motherlanguage, so please, do not blame me if I am doing anything wrong. I am already giving my best x.x
FFR, Tales of Symphonia, other RPG's or any other role play game like Final Fantasy, any other rythm game existing in Europe, Karate, television,
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Game Soundtracks, Hardcore stuff, Drum'n Bass, some Rock if I like it, Techno and everything else I like.
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Der WiXXer(The Fucker)
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Posted on: November 14, 2009, at 06:56:08pm   [1 comment]

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Charu writes...
at 7:51:26pm on 3/31/13
You're a hacker, get off FFR. (love you)
[TeRa] writes...
at 10:46:35am on 10/31/09
RMSProwler writes...
at 4:45:29pm on 10/20/09
V-Ormix writes...
at 7:14:49am on 9/2/09
Sleeping pokemon... awesome lol.
BerZerkR writes...
at 7:48:31pm on 8/23/09
oh man
Heaton1402 writes...
at 2:12:11am on 8/16/09
ey zappy sag mal wie ist das eig im turnier es wird zb in d1 keine top acht geben am ende weil da alle das lied aaa haben werden und das ist immer gleich geordnet nicht wer den score am schnelsten abgibt oder so. hast du nen plan ?
DDRcrazy5 writes...
at 12:38:48am on 8/9/09
Heaton1402 writes...
at 3:46:27pm on 8/8/09
zap is back inda house und rockt alle weg ~~~
R3v0lut10nm4st3r11 writes...
at 3:40:14pm on 8/8/09
Dude, look at prime08's avi and take a guess who's sexy hand that is XD
Dvaerak7Korgo writes...
at 1:53:45pm on 7/30/09
haha you're back. :) I miss you kicking mine on ffr
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