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I'm Javier and I'm 22 years old. If you want to know more, just ask!
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Sky Kitten writes at 9:53:06pm on 2/27/21
It is so good to see you... I miss you too! Let's catch up sometime!
Sky Kitten writes at 12:53:59pm on 11/15/20
Hope you are doing well. <3
Razor writes at 4:40:02pm on 11/14/20
Ahh shit, I totally forgot to reply back to you 4 months ago, LMAO.
Time flies nowadays, work, managing the household, paying bills and whatnot. Everything's good, how about you?
L_eMo_N writes at 2:43:38am on 7/22/20
Javier, mannnnnn. I miss you, dude. I hope you've been well. We need to catch up. I'll check here and there from here on!
Razor writes at 12:36:59am on 7/6/20
You still exist? :O
1337h4xz0r writes at 11:44:50pm on 3/19/19
nate mdance writes at 12:57:44am on 1/20/17
sonicdeadpool23 writes at 2:23:45pm on 2/1/16
Did you know that kratos is in my favorite video game.
DN_PoeTa writes at 3:08:28pm on 1/16/16
Whats good homie. Hope all is well.
MrMagic5239 writes at 10:06:44pm on 10/18/15
I am live sir