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About me:
Raawrrrrrrrrrr !!!! I'm Pwn aka Ricky... I play ef ef are.... and sm... hmm idk my name is more or less a joke cuz i dont pwn alot of peeps.. Anything u wanna kno just drop a comment and ill get back at cha..
Hmm i like kira.. and kira.. and yea kira...
Fav Music:
I like a lot of stuff ... but dont listen to it, i mostly like hip hop, techno, r&b and some rock but im open to anything... except country sorry its like nails on a chalkboard to meh..
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oh so i got heavy
Posted on: May 19, 2012, at 06:13:11pm   [4 comments]
after idk over 8 years of on and off play i finally got heavy gg ffr... oh and like idk 4 or 5 VC AAA's before i got it.. lol
it was on video out A..

Posted on: May 5, 2012, at 08:50:41am   [5 comments]

so i got permission
Posted on: April 16, 2012, at 07:24:17am   [0 comments]
From tim ismag hes got some pretty sick songs.. only thing is if you step something it has to be under 2 mins so keep that in mind i posted in the permissions thread if you want to look into it!

Posted on: February 24, 2012, at 05:59:48am   [80 comments]

Nonstops a beast..
Posted on: February 16, 2012, at 07:23:26pm   [1 comment]

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gabrieljd writes...
at 8:12:35pm on 2/22/12
magicturbo writes...
at 3:28:51pm on 2/22/12
How'd you get so good T_T
justin_ator writes...
at 2:46:53pm on 2/21/12
;p The problem is I'm playing like, 4 minute songs only right now cause that's what's at the you'll pass me up for a bit probably.
justin_ator writes...
at 2:28:30pm on 2/21/12
Haha...I'll be going on more, I'm AAAing everything I can from the bottom of my levelranks to try to break 100.
iamcorey4life writes...
at 10:49:04am on 2/21/12
Yo, wanna play some MP?
HugzandKisses writes...
at 9:20:26pm on 2/20/12
I like your avatar :P
FFR Pro 21 writes...
at 9:01:46pm on 2/19/12
hey thanks for the vote and lols at ur avatar! :D
Zyphoror writes...
at 2:43:58pm on 2/19/12
Thanks for the vote :) LOL @ Avatar vid
gabrieljd writes...
at 12:19:42pm on 2/17/12
albaneenesk8r writes...
at 10:10:05pm on 2/16/12
haha right? I died a little when I saw it. he threw her the wood too hard
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