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Starlight562 writes at 1:28:45am on 6/26/16
Onii_Chan writes at 12:45:03pm on 9/24/14
Whoa :o
you still play o.o'
I thought I was the only one
cute_wen_u_scream writes at 1:09:00pm on 8/6/14
pleasegoskate writes at 7:35:00pm on 6/30/14
love from FLORIDA !!
Arekya writes at 12:51:21am on 1/16/14
Yep~ Dis mah FB add me and lookit the cute 15 month old nwo widdle(huge) Lucien~
phe0nixblade writes at 6:18:47pm on 1/14/14
kid below mes mom is a scrub
how you doin' kris c:
stealthkidd writes at 7:33:07pm on 1/13/14
lol look at that scrub down the wall.
phe0nixblade writes at 7:56:11am on 1/13/14
is that guy really hatin on you because you bought a ibuypower pc
and because you play cod
from the looks of his post hes either a very spoiled manchild or he has no girlfriend or anyone to spend his money on so he buys pc parts
shadowraikiri writes at 3:43:44pm on 1/11/14
you're a kitty.
Marcus Fenix writes at 1:35:11am on 1/6/14
Bro, you fucking suck. You can't even get an app working.