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_________FFR's 2nd Official Gamewhore Competition Winner_________ >>http://www.flashflashrevolution.com/vbz/showthread.php?t=96831<< This is definitely my favorite memory of all time from FFR. The thread is pretty great because you can see how upset everyone gets, and the excuses they made for just not figuring out the best strategy for the competition quickly enough. Before the competition started, I already knew I shouldn't waste any time looking for the lowest ranks to improve (I knew I'd get to them eventually just by going through each genre), and checking my ranks or posting in the thread was obviously counter-productive; I was going to play, period. Within the first hour, I realized not to go for AAAs; do the best you can in one play through, and move on. Better players had an advantage, but I had the best strategy. Avg Rank 969.54703832753, FC'd 72.65%, AAA'd 18.82%, Games: 666 lol "I saw the arrows moving upscreen, and then they started to tilt left... even after I discovered it was because I started leaning to the right somewhere near the middle of every song, I had very little focus to keep myself from doing it over and over again. This was combined with some sort of drunken disability I acquired, which made me think there was some sort of story happening in every song :l I don't know what exactly happened, but it wasn't any fun... still worth the prizes though."
________"MrMagic's Nothing But Averages Tournament" Winner________ >>http://www.flashflashrevolution.com/vbz/showthread.php?t=109436<< 32 arrows / 29 avgs / 90.625% / 145 pts ___________________________ 500 arrows / 353 avgs / 70.600% / 1765 pts ________________________ 808 arrows / 528 avgs / 65.347% / 2640 pts ________________________ 785 arrows / 540 avgs / 68.790% / 2700 pts ________________________ 632 arrows / 390 avgs / 61.709% / 1950 pts ________________________ 756 arrows / 623 avgs / 82.407% / 3115 pts ________________________ 1191 arrows / 721 avgs / 60.537% / 3605 pts _______________________ 1337 arrows / 803 avgs / 60.060% / 4015 pts _______________________ 1930 arrows / 1048 avgs / 54.301% / 5240 pts ______________________ 2888 arrows / 1276 avgs / 44.183% / 6380 pts ______________________ ____________________________________________________________ 10859 arrows / 6311 avgs / 58.118% / 31555 pts
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________FFR 9th Official Tournament: Round 1 (front page post)________ DIVISION 5 – Stories Can Wait (Virtual Riot Remix), Submatik Flaming_Dingleberry saw another slew of yellow torpedoes roaring towards his cockpit. “Everybody duck!” he screamed as one made impact, sending District Five tumbling across the floor. Three more torpedoes rammed into the submarine in quick succession: over at the control station, NeoMasterPie tried to hit the corresponding key for defense but didn’t quite get the timing right. “Still doing good, guys!” he yelled. “Good isn’t good enough! Our defense has to be perfect!” Things were getting dire fast. So much for underwater subterfuge. The stream of projectiles coming in from every direction didn’t look to be ending soon—and a slew of sneakier, unpredictable ones were soon on their way. Getting back to the surface alive would take no small miracle.
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100th person to reach 1000 AAAs.
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a youtuber! maybe i'll thumbs down your videos HUH no i won't do that but i'll watch them YEAH
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