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Massive flaming dildos.
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EnR's Gameplay Stats Today
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About me:
I am Ryan. 5'7" of awesomeness. 170 pounds of amazingness. Been awesome for 18 years now. I play Rock Band, own all three games, play expert everything but suck at signing. I drive a lot, I never smoked, never tried any drug and don't plan on doing either of those things. I'm going through a tough break up right now and use the internet to make me happy :D. Not much else :/ I don't do much, I like to talk on forums, I have hardly any patience, I can get paranoid, I'm a lazy perfectionist. Fav color: Green>Orange>Yellow Fav food: Fruits(almost all of them other than banana's) > Nachos > Salad
Rhythm games, CoD, music, driving.
Fav Music:
I have a large collection of different stuff, from Owl City to Whitechapel. I hate anything that plays on the radio, R&B, Hip Hop, Rap, Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, Katy Pery, Lil Wayne = suck ass. Their music is terrible, every mainstream artist nowadays is crap and doesn't deserve to have all this money that they waste on cars and houses and "bitches"
Fav Movies:
Superbad, Hot Rod (old) Kick ass(new)
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- Unlocked Tier 1!
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Hardkore AtomicNu-Style Gabba23-07-08
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[HectoGtzMX] writes...
at 5:07:58pm on 2/28/19
Hey Ryan... Remember Moo?
-Moo- writes...
at 10:55:27pm on 2/28/12
Hey Ryan... Remember me?
DrugstoreCowboy writes...
at 6:30:42am on 7/11/11
It's been awhile. I haven't been around much lately. I started another rhythm game site -- You should come check it out :]
X Shredder X writes...
at 8:16:46pm on 5/20/11
Cold Kitten writes...
at 4:31:47pm on 5/17/11
o...m...g... YESSSS! :3 <3~
Cold Kitten writes...
at 12:34:27pm on 5/17/11
it's... so... cute... x3
Mythix writes...
at 4:46:38pm on 1/17/11
Hey! Since you started off my thread saying it better be amazing, is this working for you?
colt.45 writes...
at 4:26:43am on 1/5/11
Woah... ;=; Poor you lol
=3 how has you been? Doing better?
ic0slay3r writes...
at 12:19:59am on 1/3/11
You have your PMs blocked or something, so I couldn't send you the tourney reminder. So yeah the tourney started and you until January 4th to post a score.
colt.45 writes...
at 7:01:12am on 1/2/11
Oh dang ban from what??
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