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I'm either sleeping, gaming or working.
Gaming & Health.
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Division 7: June 27th 2022. ( Using Top 15 as metric, back to D6 now due to Top 50 )
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FreezinIce writes at 9:40:46pm on 2/15/24
Bendy straw
FFR Pro 21 writes at 12:40:41pm on 2/10/24
Yo, thanks Haku! Yeah, the Tetris gods were pretty mean to me, but at least the run finished which was a relief.
Black_Shield writes at 9:21:07pm on 1/30/24
haku dab
MysticChromium writes at 8:24:50pm on 1/28/24
AurieDatheL writes at 4:36:11am on 1/21/24
Aquellex writes at 6:29:08am on 8/8/23
Remember: you mess with the bull, you get the horns!
hazard28 writes at 10:31:38am on 7/2/23
Thanks a ton for the kind words regarding the OT and my progress. A lot of tough competition this OT for sure. I dont get much time to play with working all the time but I try to get some practice in here and there haha. I think high school me would be impressed, I used to think a SDG on Frictional Nevada was an impossible feat haha.
Masquerade of Shadow writes at 3:49:33am on 7/2/23
do you happen to know how to get tokens / skill tokens you've accomplished to register as having done them? I think some are bugged out still and not sure who to really ask about it
Masquerade of Shadow writes at 3:04:22am on 6/12/23
i know i know its me again but heya!! hope to have a blast with the OT!
Masquerade of Shadow writes at 12:44:30am on 5/10/23
hey hope you're doing well!!