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Posted on: July 2, 2024, at 11:58:21pm   [0 comments]
I'm in bracket 5.

Round 1:

Bracket 1: Behind Closed Doors (AAA)
Bracket 2: Ember (AAA)
Bracket 3: Jade Star (AAA)
Bracket 5: Playing God (AAA) Quick iso on ending was all I needed.
Bracket 6: LINK[INIT] (2-0-0-2) AAAble on paper, unlikely to happen
Bracket 7: Q33B (141-22-4-30) I need to spend more time learning/adapting to songs like this

Round 2:

Bracket 1: Beautiful Creatures (AAA)
Bracket 2: Funkle Phil (AAA)
Bracket 3: Odin (AAA)
Bracket 4: Shy Toy Soldier (AAA)
Bracket 5: Sajtban (1-0-0-0) Very hard to AAA.
Bracket 6: Escucha (9-1-0-3) low sdg possible on paper
Bracket 7: tarantula funk beats (79-9-12-14) More approachable than Q33B here, but not really. lol

Round 3:

Bracket 1: City Traveler (AAA)
Bracket 2: Crises (AAA)
Bracket 3: Tired (AAA)
Bracket 4: Zpace Invaderz (AAA)
Bracket 5: Dedaism (AAA) Carried by Mirror bias.
Bracket 6: Tiferet (5-0-0-2) If B6 Ghost survive this round, it's my best B6/D7 ghost.
Bracket 7: Cold Heart v2 (371-39-50-50) This is the point where I can't even play.
Posted on: January 28, 2019, at 02:43:42am   [0 comments]
2850 AAAs
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Other Stats:
May 22th 2015: Grandtotal: 100 bil
April 5th 2018: Grandtotal: 150 bil
June 18th 2022: Grandtotal: 200 bil

November 4th 2020: Public AAAs: 2000
January 3rd 2022: Public AAAs: 2400
October 22th 2023: Public AAAs: 2700

December 23rd 2023: Public FCs: 3000

Division 7: June 27th 2022. ( Using Top 15 as metric, back to D6 now due to Top 50 )
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Smokey Demons writes at 10:12:07am on 7/14/24
I'm part of the Discord. Never actually used it though, lol.
Smokey Demons writes at 8:39:01am on 7/14/24
Impressive 👍
Important_Bread writes at 8:19:20pm on 7/12/24
It's Nue Houjuu ^-^
Masquerade of Shadow writes at 4:27:06am on 7/5/24
i've got some words about d4's song & stepchart for this round and none of it is pretty :c
sweet2kill210 writes at 1:11:01am on 7/5/24
Congrats on your 2800th AAA! :O
Black_Shield writes at 9:24:50am on 7/2/24
that's a lot of GT, you mind sharing?
hazard28 writes at 8:21:10pm on 6/30/24
Hey good luck on the tourney! Cool to see we both ended up in Group 5 and not 6 haha.
Masquerade of Shadow writes at 7:01:42pm on 6/28/24
sorry for bugging you but is there a term for when you get just [one] average? blackflag being 1 good, booflag being 1 boo...
Masquerade of Shadow writes at 6:15:59pm on 6/28/24
can't edit the comment i just made but checked the forum thread and was graciously added SO HERE GOES LMAO GET YOUR BREAD
Masquerade of Shadow writes at 6:14:13pm on 6/28/24
i missed the bloody signup window :<