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Hi, name's Dylan. I'll be 20 in March, 2013. You know, if that ever comes. LOL Nothing else really needs to go here.
Trying to AAA stuff, listening to music, mmorpgs, etc
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OSTER Project, Venetian Snares, AKHT, KgZ, MOSAIC.WAV, DJ Sharpnel, P!nk, Paramore, Escape The Fate, and a lot more I don't feel like listing.
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Ted is one of the funniest movies ever. also Tangled
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Posted on: June 2, 2008, at 06:53:55pm   [6 comments]
are hard to get - so I don't care about them anymore.

EDIT: Well, since my PA is getting better (and my timing on SLOW songs is finally getting insync), I'm getting a few AAAs. I think it's just luck, but whatever.

EDIT2: lol this is now 4 years old
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Godnick writes at 2:01:10pm on 7/31/12
haha yeah I didn't know it was an oni song either, and thank you very much I hope so. It's very hard for me to get even an sdg on most fmo's so it's gonna take me probably another 5 years.
Godsara1 writes at 1:33:14am on 7/26/12
Doin' pretty good. How are you doin'?
Godsara1 writes at 11:29:45pm on 7/24/12
Godsara1 writes at 9:05:43pm on 7/24/12
milky_way95 writes at 8:01:59pm on 7/17/12
hei der baeb
kmay writes at 2:40:09pm on 1/10/12
NJ? you should come to the meet ups
carlin writes at 5:59:39pm on 1/17/11
Lol, k ill try those songs then.
carlin writes at 12:19:50pm on 1/16/11
whoa. apparently i forgot that you were amazing at this game. I've been trying to get the 2011 token on brain of the moon, what song did you use?
Godsara1 writes at 4:03:56pm on 12/21/10
Ohaider, Dylan. We need to catch up! I'll get on Msn sometime and we can have a nice chat. <3
milky_way95 writes at 1:15:45pm on 10/16/10