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Just an exceptional guy.
Ever setting the bar higher for myself and continually leaping over that bitch like Javier Sotomayor.
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Lo-Fi. If not Lo-Fi then EDM. Nothing will ever beat Lo-Fi though.
Fav Movies:
Mind game movies, horror flicks, and those heavy on the action, with a side of more action.
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drizzleRomanceGirl writes at 5:18:05pm on 6/14/21
thank you very much for the friend request :)
Rapta writes at 10:54:41pm on 5/1/21
Thank you for the advice of whiskey drinking. I shall drink some soon.
revolutionomega writes at 5:04:58pm on 4/26/21
Yeah regaining stamina and speed has been a disaster. I'm far less consistent now even though I technically have achieved higher highs. Reading and raw speed files absolutely destroy me now but I'm very happy with what I've achieved even with potentially being at my ceiling (largely in part due to the use of my hands for sports, lifting, music, etc.)
revolutionomega writes at 7:59:03am on 4/26/21
LMAO what's good man??? Yeah things have been pretty awesome life-wise. Though I'm pretty sure I've capped my FFR skill and am now declining haha. How about you?
barfood writes at 12:15:38pm on 4/8/21
Phynx, if you enjoy puzzles, you should start playing Go...
Send me an invite whenever! :)