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I joined this site when I was 15. Throughout all this time this has been a hell of a nice community and game to fall back on. Currently I'm enjoying keeping up with new releases and I have no idea if/when I will get into the game again to build up skill but it's still very fun!
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playing every ffr song from least to most notes 2
Posted on: February 3, 2023, at 12:34:33am   [0 comments]
I'm thinking about it. Don't know when but I'm legitimately considering it down the road! I would want all locked charts unlocked for the challenge for the spirit of it this time. Maybe in a year or two or when we hit 4k public charts?

Played Every FFR Song From Least to Most Notes
Posted on: June 6, 2019, at 03:17:55am   [5 comments]
streamed entire thing here:

this was done over 42 separate sessions over the span of a little under 60 days in real time. 4 songs are missing from my collection so they were skipped. everything i have was played and passed including vrofl. it was a fun grindy journey

session 1:
started: 'Excite Bike' [32 notes]
ended: 'In The Clouds' [209 notes]

session 2:
started: 'Temple [Karco]' [211 notes]
ended: 'No Money Down, Low Monthly Payments' [345 notes]

session 3:
started: 'Canon In WHEE' [346 notes]
ended: 'ReRicked' [400 notes]

session 4:
started: 'Distorted reality' [401 notes]
ended: 'Curtain' [448 notes]

session 5:
started: 'Burnout' [450 notes]
ended: 'Slow Motion (Wipeout Pure Xtra)' [486 notes]

session 6:
started: 'Sound of my Dream RMX' [487 notes]
ended: 'Prism' [562 notes]

session 7:
started: 'Crow Song' [563 notes]
ended: 'Sakura Blue Sky' [601 notes]

session 8:
started: 'Desperation ~Pandemic Day Mix~' [601 notes]
ended: 'Infinite Blue' [631 notes]

session 9:
started: 'January's Song' [631 notes]
ended: 'Chinaman' [698 notes]

session 10:
started: 'Samurai Road' [700 notes]
ended: 'C7 Funk' [749 notes]

session 11:
started: 'Toph's OP' [750 notes]
ended: 'Buzzards' [785 notes]

session 12:
started: 'Electro Rush x8' [787 notes]
ended: 'Follow You (feat. Danyka Nadeau) (Rhythmics Remix)' [849 notes]

session 13:
started: 'Tough Guy (Tim Ismag Remix)' [850 notes]
ended: 'Kyrie' [899 notes]

session 14:
started: 'Sail AwaY' [900 notes]
ended: 'Endless Tewi-ma Park' [966 notes]

session 15:
started: 'dot death (Stealth Remix)' [966 notes]
ended: '{Firestorm}' [1010 notes]

session 16:
started: 'Bohemian Chic'[1011 notes]
ended: 'Camel' [1070 notes]

session 17:
started: 'K8107' [1071 notes]
ended: 'Concussive' [1099 notes]

session 18:
started: 'LUV CAN SAVE U' [1100 notes]
ended: 'Posers Listen to Fakebit Music' [1168 notes]

session 19:
started: 'Garyuutensei' [1168 notes]
ended: 'Disconnected Hardkore' [1198 notes]

session 20:
started: 'comfort betrays' [1200 notes]
ended: 'Pure Ruby' [1220 notes]

session 21:
started: 'Starry Sky (TANUKI BOOTLEG)' [1222 notes]
ended: 'Velaciela' [1250 notes]

session 22:
started: 'Piano Etude (Gymnastics)' [1253 notes]
ended: 'Dendrite v2' [1299 notes]

session 23:
started: 'Caprice' [1300 notes]
ended: 'Hello (Luke Da Duke Remix)' [1340 notes]

session 24:
started: 'The Formula' [1340 notes]
ended: 'Beautiful Arrhythmia' [1415 notes]

session 25:
started: 'Danse de Romani' [1416 notes]
ended: 'Autumn Insomnia Session' [1458 notes]

session 26:
started: 'HAELEQUIN' [1459 notes]
ended: 'PWRPFF RAVES' [1505 notes]

session 27:
started: 'Black' [1507 notes]
ended: 'Rondo Alla Turca' [1550 notes]

session 28:
started: 'Ascension to Heaven' [1550 notes]
ended: 'Calamity Fortune' [1586 notes]

session 29:
started: 'Cosmic Orchestra' [1590 notes]
ended: 'For UltraPlayers' [1653 notes]

session 30:
started: 'S.E.B. in B.E.D.' [1655 notes]
ended: 'Flounder' [1744 notes]

session 31:
started: 'cold (Kurorak's Bootleg)' [1751 notes]
ended: 'Reminders' [1800 notes]

session 32:
started: 'Sleepmix Strikes Back' [1800 notes]
ended: 'CRASH the BEAT!' [1927 notes]

session 33:
started: 'He's A Radical Rat' [1927 notes]
ended: 'Love Hurts (Lonely Dance Mix)' [1983 notes]

session 34:
started: 'Jamais Vu' [1993 notes]
ended: 'Venus Fire' [2055 notes]

session 35:
started: 'Accelerator' [2056 notes]
ended: 'do i smile?' [2112 notes]

session 36:
started: 'Southern Cross' [2123 notes]
ended: 'Japan Style Breakcore!!!' [2236 notes]

session 37:
started: 'Run Through The Stream Of Time' [2241 notes]
ended: 'Crow's Ghost' [2329 notes]

session 38:
started: 'Mirage Garden (Long Version)' [2330 notes]
ended: 'Scrambled Eggman' [2531 notes]

session 39:
started: 'Phi-dentity Crisis' [2539 notes]
ended: 'Zombie Sunset' [2780 notes]

session 40:
started: 'Super Mario Main Theme' [2782 notes]
ended: 'Tenimuhou' [3048 notes]

session 41:
started: '==Planet KARMA==' [3075 notes]
ended: 'All your base are belong to ME' [3563 notes]

session 42:
started: 'Blue Rose' [3622 notes]
ended: 'Starbound' [9419 notes]

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We are planning another east coast meet up in NJ if you’re interested
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