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Posted on: March 17, 2008, at 05:39:15pm   [0 comments]
very diff
*heel and toe
*twlight techno
*emerald hill
*acient's death
*driveway heavy
*ipatch's op
*resurrection in progress
*roar(rage mix)
*{Red alert}
*prison break
*x-dreamer final cut
*Four vents
*kire kire mayoi
*The wanderer
*say it right
*the entertanier
*thinking different

*brookes was here
*Decisive Battle
*Salkyou ox kelkaku
*Euro Freak
*video out A
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DN_Catastrophic writes at 3:05:00am on 10/10/14
jessssss!! =] how's it going?!
HK_KrAz3 writes at 7:37:00pm on 10/7/14
yo homie its been a minute i didnt know you were out here in kissimmee hmu some time whenever your free or look me up on IG __thelonewolf i hope all is well =)
zeroalchemist666 writes at 11:25:13am on 10/16/13
Holy shit I didnt know ghosts could upload pictures. :p
Sidek writes at 9:14:56pm on 1/16/13
wow you re good haha :)
Xi_eat_razorbladesX writes at 10:24:24am on 5/16/12
ello yewr purdy beast at this hit meh up some time
TheChosenOne567 writes at 12:59:29am on 1/11/12
I saw your pics on how you got triple A on one of the songs. Any tips or advice you can give me lol. My name is Quinn by the way.
bestplayer2 writes at 5:15:41pm on 10/2/11
hey how r you
Tracy baker writes at 10:33:44am on 8/20/11
ur hot
Corroded writes at 5:14:28am on 3/30/11
Holy shit that's alot of AAA's o_o
Flash_G0D writes at 11:55:28am on 12/18/09
trust i sucked to when i came back, but i'm better than before, just takes time, nice to see you playing though :)