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Im 17 and the name is Alex, I am from Kent Washington...ONLY THE COOLEST DAMN TOWN EVER! I bmx,skate, and play Video games, Its what i do every single day of my life..No matter what. I have a girlfriend, Her name is Neena, Been with her for about a A year and a half. I am madly in love with her, She is my everything and well always be.. i plan on getting married to this girl!!! YEEEAH! sooo yeah..Thats pretty much it so kthxbye.
Fav Music:
pink Floyd, SlipKnot, Trapt, SwitchFoot, Foo Fighters, Breaking Benjamin, 3 doors down, sevenDust, KillSwitch, linkin park, System of a Down, Korn, Chevelle, AFI, Alice in Chains, Ozzy Osbourne, SoundGarden, ACDC, Guns and Roses, Hypocrisy, PaPa Roach, opeth, Disturbed, Gorillaz, Hilltop hoods, Saliva, Simple Plan, Guano Apes, Limp Bizkit, My chemical Romance, MSI, Cannibal Corpse, Nonpoint, Flaw, Seether, Static X, Parkway Drive, Mudvayne, Tool, Nine inch nails, Despised Icon, Skindred, Endo, Taproot, il nino, Stone Temple Pilots, Project Pat, Wu-Tang Clan, Earshot, Stone Sour, 12 Stones, job for a cowboy, Otep, Android Lust, The faceless, born of osiris, White chapel, Gojira, bleed the sky, Chimaira, Carnifex...There is more just can't think of them! =D
Fav Movies:
Tomb Stone, Matrix, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, 300, cannonball run, Tokoy Drift, Finding Nemo, Notting Hill, Fun with Dick and jane, tommy boy, Black Sheep, The Warriors, Young Gunz, Saving private Ryan, Black Hawk Down, SpiderMan, SpiderMan 2, The Thing, Ice Age, Shrek, The Mummy, Willy Wonka (oringnal), I am legend, Sleepless in seattle, Van Hellsing, Across the Universe, Shrek 2, Open Range....There is more just can't think rite now...TEEHE!
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Carnifex - Enthroned In Isolation
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Zerth writes...
at 2:48:18pm on 9/16/19
the game again
Zerth writes...
at 1:35:02pm on 9/16/17
the game
icexoxprincess writes...
at 11:34:20pm on 8/22/16
multiplayer bitchessss
icexoxprincess writes...
at 11:30:53pm on 8/22/16
ZainyLee writes...
at 7:02:39pm on 11/15/11
Been awhile since i been on FFR, only reason i am on. is cause of neena. Thats why. ^_^
All the good times i had on here.
I miss'em. I miss her.
she is so beautiful and amazing! xD
icexoxprincess writes...
at 6:57:54pm on 11/15/11
Heyyyyy :))
ZainyLee writes...
at 1:35:30am on 1/16/11
look at all those pretty comments! ^_^
icexoxprincess writes...
at 2:01:42pm on 1/11/11
icexoxprincess writes...
at 10:17:00am on 1/8/11
hello :)
icexoxprincess writes...
at 8:14:30pm on 1/6/11
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