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I play games and shitpost. Find me on this site in either The Garbage Bin or The Werewolf Game. Follow me on Twitter to see live tweets of whatever Playstation game I have time to play that weekend. @MixMasterLar Email me at if you want to chat privately. I check gmail every other day.
Videogames and Tai Chi. I don't really have time for other hobbies but I do still enjoy reading on and off.
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I'm alot more open to different styles now, but I still can't get into Rap or Country.
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Don't watch near enough of them to have a strong opinion.
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For those wondering where my new avatar is from.
Posted on: November 5, 2016, at 09:02:01pm   [0 comments]

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verra writes...
at 7:18:56pm on 10/1/22
Guess who's back?
MarioNintendo writes...
at 4:30:10pm on 1/7/22
Let me know when you're ready for Go. :)
HBar writes...
at 5:32:15pm on 7/8/20
Nice AAA! In recognition of this feat I will now listen to one (1) Ayu song.
Twiznitch writes...
at 9:19:37pm on 4/21/20
Props for being the first person on any site I use this avatar on to recognize where it's from. Good on ya :)
Arntonach writes...
at 5:51:24am on 4/2/20
I'm not in Flagstaff, I'm actually out in Prescott, where there's no arcades. :<
loftyb writes...
at 8:12:34am on 3/16/20
dope you know where to send shit if you chart anything
loftyb writes...
at 6:20:15pm on 3/15/20
old guys encouraged
loftyb writes...
at 6:20:03pm on 3/15/20
chart something for the pack homie
Gravity Kitten writes...
at 8:41:46pm on 2/16/20
say the n word
u wont
melonpapes writes...
at 1:35:48am on 10/1/19
add me dicksword
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