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I'm a clarinet major who likes to play Starcraft and Runescape. I was done with competitive FFR during 2009.
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Random Thoughts
Posted on: April 23, 2011, at 11:11:36pm   [2 comments]
[22:10] Samuel: just watch
[22:10] Samuel: 1 year later
[22:10] Samuel: ur doorbellrings
[22:10] Samuel: i'm there
[22:10] Samuel: with a gun
[22:10] Samuel: and flowers too
[22:11] Dan: i'll die happy!
Posted on: December 11, 2010, at 01:22:43pm   [3 comments]
How to get a friend request from me in 2 easy steps
1-become my friend
2-ask for a request
Posted on: December 23, 2008, at 12:14:19am   [15 comments]
more to come later
so here are some comments.

omgitznpv: A great friend that kicks mine, and many other asses at SM and FFR, and a very smart person to boot =]

Well you're good at games, you'r epically smart, your graphics are sick, as well as your skills in life, and I could just go on :x.

xharumoni: a great friend, very trusting, and most of all, dependable

Murtaug: the guy who got me started into FFR, and my rival for a long period of time

Kotarouchan: very helpful and thoughtful

Condoct: One kewlass character that always thinks of his friends, a ver socialable person, lives by his own code of "condoct," (lololol) and lives in OSAKAAAAAAAA (That's in Japan kids!)

Arrowhead Stadium: one of the people who helped me get where I am today. Thanks.

Gundam-Dude: The second person I met out of all of you guys, this guy is one mad otaku, and one crazy fridge eater (L0l)

Ryukickass: One levelheaded chill guy who's a great friend of mine, and very trusting as well

Godel: A good old friend, like an older brother, always looking out for me =]

I love gabba: One damn cool french guy who will r8pe you at SM and life

Hakulyte: he's innovative and makes me laugh lots (no seriously he's hilarious lol)

Yuna: heyhey stop being so passive lmao

WTFBrandon: You are a terrorist you brownie.

Lilypichu: Idk ur one odd person. And i've met a lot of odd people. I like it lol.

Crashfan3: He'll crash you non-asian american style lolol.
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Arrowhead Stadium writes at 6:27:32pm on 4/6/21
What's up buddy remember me? Figured out my password haha if you ever see this send me a message on Discord. Schenkmeister#7018
Dimethyltryptamine writes at 3:09:06am on 5/26/19
Did you ever get to try DMT yet?
Hakulyte writes at 11:34:05pm on 12/2/15
More seriously, good to see you around lol
Hakulyte writes at 11:32:12pm on 12/2/15
Archon grandmaster please~ #how to bs GM badge
JEZthemaster writes at 1:56:47am on 5/24/15
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