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Name's Frank, 15, and Viet. My AIM is L4M CL4N (nights only around 7pm-12pm) and my other one is ObliviousDragoon (rarely go on). If you want to know more about me or just want to talk then IM me. Plus I give out thumbs up to every new profile I come across. I don't really care if your profile is really good, or horribly bad, I will still give you that thumbs up. Just to let you know, I've never given anyone a thumbs down. I am THAT much of a nice guy. :3
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Posted on: October 23, 2008, at 08:11:07pm   [1 comment]
I R IN TEH TOP 1000's!!!!1!!!1111!!!1!1!1eleventy-one!!11!!!!1

10,000 credits?
Posted on: May 4, 2008, at 11:36:45am   [0 comments]
I dont know who gave me 10,000 credits, but thanks a lot!......who ever it is. XD

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Spenner writes...
at 1:05:17am on 8/1/16
Thought your profile name was "Obvious Dragon" and I laughed, too bad... :b
Lidkid25 writes...
at 8:34:42pm on 10/17/12
awesome profile
andygunners14 writes...
at 4:12:12pm on 1/5/11
fuck wrong wit you
andygunners14 writes...
at 11:53:39am on 12/31/10
^-^ ^-^ ^-^
Jinz Haskma writes...
at 3:12:31pm on 7/30/09
Heyz, Thanks For The Vote =D
darksector writes...
at 1:03:56am on 7/8/09
yu have my vote
darksector writes...
at 1:03:19am on 7/8/09
snap yu profile are awesome tks for the vote
Subwuffy writes...
at 9:54:40pm on 6/30/09
thx for the up
andygunners14 writes...
at 7:44:14pm on 6/22/09
dude i just played for the first time since like idk 1 year ago and im beastly!!..haha sikeeeee i suck now =[
1994soro writes...
at 8:00:36pm on 4/4/09
what up !
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