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Please Pray for my Dad!!!
Posted on: December 10, 2008, at 09:55:17pm   [2 comments]
Well I have had a hectic life so far when my Dad who is in the National Guard was ordered to go to Afganistan. He left right before school started and wont come back till July 29th. He will have a 2 week RNR (which is 2 weeks of coming back home and then going back to Afganistan) in February. What the problem is is that he has been in very close calls of death. 1st time he was in a helicopter and on his way back to Bagram some gunfire from the ground came at them and so they shot of some flares to be protected. Atleast he said they were to high for them to get hit. The 2nd close call was one time my Dad was in a building and then he moved to another building and while he was in that building, the building he was just in was hit by a bomb. I really believed God has protected him! The last close call was just yesterday. He was inside a building in a place that I think is called Sharono or something and there was gunfire outside the building. There were a lot more enemies then normal and they have never been attacked at that base for 3 years and they just happened to have it that day. I know God will keep him safe over there. Your prayers for him and my family would be very great. Thanks for all your help!

First Very Challenging AAA!!!
Posted on: November 25, 2008, at 12:21:05pm   [6 comments]
Starlight is my very first level 10 AAA! I have blackflagged {Midnight} and Take Core of Yourself hoping to get the AAA but I got it on Starlight which is a public song atleast. I have very few challenging AAAs so this is a huge accomplish ment for me! Tell me what your first VC AAA was! My first challenging AAA was CIA Rave.

VC Blackflag list:
Take Core of Yourself
Monstrous Turtles

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Javante writes...
at 4:56:39pm on 1/23/11
Mario is the best guy ever
MarioNintendo writes...
at 10:27:41pm on 1/7/11
Remember me?
AppleSauze writes...
at 3:47:23pm on 12/22/10
Saw the post about your dad. Definitely will pray for him.
disnikbmw writes...
at 11:38:23pm on 9/24/09
hey watsup
oh dang... definetly of course ill pray :) i always pray for the soldiers an national guard
chrysler writes...
at 7:11:37pm on 5/8/09
tofurox writes...
at 10:15:04pm on 3/1/09
Yea it is a shocker.
SK8R43 writes...
at 4:33:06pm on 3/1/09
Heyy whats up??
Plan_Bsk81127 writes...
at 1:10:26pm on 3/1/09
Wow, u actually came back? Shocker.
kmay writes...
at 3:35:12pm on 2/21/09
u said can i play blue noah and blue army
kmay writes...
at 3:32:03pm on 2/21/09
u want credits 4 blue noah and army
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