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Hi, my name is John. I also go by Jteh. Pleasure.
Math, Violin, Elevators.
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90's hip hop/pop
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I'm back~
Posted on: March 27, 2022, at 11:00:46pm   [3 comments]
I'm in a transitional period in life right now and of all places, I find myself back here.

For the time being I'm going to start playing again. I'll start with really easy songs to try to get the hang of timing and then go from there.

I even dug out my original USB keyboard from the back of my closet for my anticlimactic return.

03.28.2022 - Just ended my first night of playing. I had a lot of fun and played for about 3 hours. I AAA'd everything difficulty 10 and below and that allowed me to get used to the timing window again. Next time I'll bump up my speed mod a little more and try to play some harder things along with AAA some of the easier things I have still. Bonus: I got the Excite bike token for passing with a negative score. Honestly, very fun.

04.05.2022 - I've been playing a little bit each night and have made some progress. I've AAA'd all the Easiest, Beginner, and Very Easy songs. I'm now just jumping around <50 difficulty and AAA'ing whatever I can and also playing some of the songs in the 60-75 range. Things feel much better than last week.

04.07.2022 - Played some more difficult stuff for practice (70+) but session was cut pretty short due to the server not recording my scores.

For the first time in forever....
Posted on: December 21, 2018, at 01:49:06pm   [1 comment]
no this is not a Frozen pun.

My Rank went down?

It has to have been like.... 4+ years or something.

I've had lots of time to play since this semester at school ended and I'm getting really comfortable with like the 70-85 range.

I think I'm even close to unlocking Scarhand on a few files too. No promises though. For now, I'll try to FC/SDG as much as I can and maybe go for 1,000 Tier points. Maybe FC everything under 85 and SDG everything under 80.

I'm back.
Posted on: June 7, 2018, at 02:16:42am   [3 comments]
Been playing some this week. I think I may keep it going through the summer to blow off some steam. I need an outlet to de-stress, so I guess this can be it.

I'll focus more on having fun and less on trying to become as "good as I was." I think that's always been my problem with returning in the first place.

See you in MP.

Posted on: March 16, 2017, at 10:43:07pm   [2 comments]
I'll play a little bit of FFR now and then since the FFR TCG is back. Nothing too much though, maybe a few days a week of very casual play.

Also not really sure if I'm going to Anime North this year. Things are really rough (In just about every way but financially?) so I don't know if I can commit to it this year. I still have a month to decide though I guess~

Posted on: June 5, 2016, at 08:12:11pm   [0 comments]
will I care enough about this piece of shit game to practice before the official tourney.

to be continued...

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kmay writes...
at 7:54:44am on 4/3/22
Clearly not enough to get you banned which is a shame hahahah
kmay writes...
at 6:36:48am on 4/1/22
Yea it’s the need to always be better. I’m sort of doing that to but trying to make sure I don’t go over board. So you’re now a doctor fixing maths boo boos?? :p
Kawaii025 writes...
at 12:49:23pm on 7/3/21
Sky Kitten writes...
at 12:14:37am on 6/4/19
1337h4xz0r writes...
at 10:09:41pm on 2/26/19
Rapta writes...
at 1:07:38pm on 11/23/18
A master of the FFR TCG right here
Rapta writes...
at 11:44:55am on 8/15/18
I minimized Google Chrome, and when I maximized it, I was here lol
-Blue7- writes...
at 4:28:55pm on 6/12/18
quehwot :D
-Blue7- writes...
at 12:23:34am on 6/12/18
u monster
awein999 writes...
at 9:57:17pm on 6/9/18
haha :P you do you!
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