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me??? me... me :D mmm me ¬¬ mmm... me xD mmmm me.... -.- .... me ... ok well... i am Dazer Karia... game: skill very diff challenging very challenging 1 handed player (3 fingers)... mmm... that... and i really hate myself (i know... i have problems) and i usually think i am a very very bad player for all the games... but well... thats all... oh and iam very shy, so if i dont answer a comment... now u know why... and don´t ask why i don´t write this in spanish <.< 17 years old and i speak spanish, only a little of english ._. but.. well... try to understand me...
music... i like to enjoy the music...i play piano...mmm anime all the anime, especially comedy and echii, math, and the videogames, in special music games (stepmania, taiko no tatsujin!), beat em up (ragnarok battle offline), shooters (gunz, counter-strike, unreal, medal of honor, call of duty, quake, etc.) race games (kartrider, popkart, f-zero) puzzle (minesweeper), shumps! (dondonpachi, espgaluda, mushihime sama, ketsui, touhou project, etc etc etc, metal slug?) really i like any simple, fast and difficult games....uhmmm other interest?... uhmm yes, killing people
Fav Music:
well... j-core, j-pop, hardcore techno, hardstyle speedcore, happy hardcore, drum&bass, classic music, neoclassic, progresive, piano music, metal, powermetal, progresive metal... the anime music, and the remixes of anime music... mmm dBu, Kotoko, Aya Hirano, Chihara Minori, Megumi Hayashibara, ZUN, AKHT, OSTER Project, Jun Wakita, Akogi, MOSAIC.WAV, 403, Bond, Silvia, Phantasma, Apollo 440, Dave Rodgers, Hideyuki Ono, Hirofumi Sasaki, Banya, Cranky, Kil, xi, Powerglove, Rhapsody, Luca Turilli, Iron Maiden, Angra, Sonata Arctica, Stratovarius, Warmen, Freedom Call, Mago de Oz, Dragonforce, Tierra Santa, Yamajet, SUN3, S.S.H., UI-70, Pendulum, BOUNC3, JAKAZiD, Spy47, m1dy, Dj C-Type, Dj Chucky, MUZIK SERVANT, t+pazolite, Umbrella, M-Project, SharpnelSound
Fav Movies:
mmm Back to the future 1 2 and 3, pirates of the caribeean, Appleseed and Appleseed Exmachina... science fiction and action movies... and the anime movies of course
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Random music!!1!!!11one 3
Posted on: October 4, 2009, at 02:23:24am   [0 comments]

Random music!!1!!!11one 2
Posted on: October 4, 2009, at 02:22:13am   [0 comments]

Random music!!1!!!11one
Posted on: October 4, 2009, at 02:17:55am   [0 comments]

Current playing...
Posted on: September 20, 2009, at 02:37:26am   [0 comments]
- Taiko no Tatsujin (nds and ps2)
- Beatmania IIDX (ps2)
- Mushihime-sama (ps2)
- Dodonpachi dai ou jou (ps2)
- Espgaluda (ps2)
- Burnout Dominator (ps2)
- Burnout Revenge (ps2)
- Space Invaders Extreme 2 (nds)
- Meteos (nds)
- Metal Slug Anthology (ps2)
- Metal Slug 7 (nds)
- Piano <3

btw iam on the last part of my last year of school! so iam really really happy =]

that´s all for now...

Edit: Now Burnout 3: Takedown! too <3!

iam back...?
Posted on: March 18, 2009, at 09:23:38pm   [1 comment]
yes , i was taking a rest of ffr, and now i have a NDS!, during this time i played:

- Osu! (ds, i have problems with the pc version)
- Tetris (yeah, a lot) Tetris DS, TGM 3 (ds version) and Heboris
- Ketsui Death Label (FTFW! ON DS!!)
- Arcade shump´s (dodonpachi, raiden, battle garegga, etc)
- And a little of Touhou

oh and virtual dj and fl studio 8 =]

and now iam back on ffr =o!

Comment wall
furioso6660 writes...
at 9:43:18pm on 3/30/11
buenas noches.
Bloody_Crane writes...
at 12:48:20pm on 2/3/11
dime que eres chileno -.-
Kyraki writes...
at 7:43:12pm on 11/4/10
OneHandNow writes...
at 5:17:46pm on 10/23/10
:D yay! long time no see.
nice reimu :D :D
glad to see you again
Kyraki writes...
at 2:05:03pm on 10/23/10
You Play Mine craft too?
OneHandNow writes...
at 8:57:05am on 8/9/09
aw, okay.
just tell me when you come back! :D
OneHandNow writes...
at 9:01:24am on 7/27/09
hey baby!
are you back on FFR?
z3ll writes...
at 1:29:18am on 7/20/09
Ice_Dragon99 writes...
at 8:16:44pm on 7/16/09
very weird but nice avatar
Bynary Fission writes...
at 9:09:54pm on 3/18/09
Sup dude. Long time no see.
P.S I have a 46p FC on Shind Bad uploading - it'll be up by morning if you want to see.
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