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nutstomp writes at 1:46:22am on 6/18/13
Wanna make me a dope ass banner??
All_That_Chaz writes at 7:00:20pm on 6/10/13
Zageron writes at 1:51:20pm on 9/15/11
i c
Zageron writes at 10:10:13pm on 9/13/11
flipsta_lombax writes at 11:49:43am on 8/31/09
You can use the program Audacity to find when the music starts exactly.
obsequious313 writes at 7:31:05pm on 8/15/09
how have you been???
obsequious313 writes at 10:55:44pm on 8/14/09
hey there, remember me?
flipsta_lombax writes at 12:15:49pm on 5/28/09
Hahaha! Oh man, we haven't talked in ages. I will soon, but my poor Photoshop is stuck in my PC, boxed away in a car... Sad is me.
oniky writes at 10:44:26pm on 5/21/09
i know i thought you meant i dyed them in.
i like my hair colour kinda
oniky writes at 5:11:41pm on 5/19/09
they are not highlights!!!!
my hair is naturally that way