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Corgi-obsessed pikachu card collector (3rd largest unique Pikachu card collection in the world)
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Posted on: July 16, 2021, at 10:33:35pm   [0 comments]
I've gotten back into FFR with the return of the OT (14th) and I've decided to make an effort to have daily progress towards my stats, at a minimum. Will mostly be focused on getting AAA's, FC's, and dropping my AvRank but over time if my skills come back I'll aim for real personal bests. We'll see!


0800 AAA's (4/28/19)
0850 AAA's (7/12/20)
0900 AAA's (7/17/21)
0950 AAA's
1000 AAA's

Non-Legacy Songs AAA Completion Difficulty: <= 30
Legacy Songs AAA Completion Difficulty: <= 13

Tier 2 (0500 Tier Points) (idk lol)
Tier 3 (0750 Tier Points) (7/10/20)
Tier 4 (1000 Tier Points)
Tier 5 (1250 Tier Points)
Tier 6 (1450 Tier Points)

1400 FC's (9/1/19)
1500 FC's (7/15/21)
1600 FC's
1700 FC's

<400 Rank (idk lol)
<350 Rank
<300 Rank
<250 Rank
<200 Rank

<150 AvRank Rank (idk lol)
<125 AvRank Rank
<100 AvRank Rank
< 75 AvRank Rank
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Kawaii025 writes at 3:52:03pm on 7/17/20
Thanks for the advice! :D
TD_Midnight writes at 11:37:28pm on 6/8/20
Hey hey hey, 11 years did me some good! Nice to see you on here too!
BIGEZAY writes at 10:41:07pm on 11/14/19
Whats up sexy?
euphoriakisses writes at 8:38:38pm on 1/30/19
Hope all is well for you too. <3
Momoko_Katsura writes at 7:11:35am on 9/3/17
Sweet Angel writes at 10:40:29am on 5/5/16
Ty :)
Sky Kitten writes at 1:53:31pm on 2/3/15
Jtehanonymous writes at 7:25:15pm on 8/14/14