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hello, ffrians! The name's Max and i've just came back after a long absence, so I'm trying to get to know everybody again and i'm playing ffr still. Ill be in prochat if you wanna talk. ;D oh and the most important thing is im from france. xD who lives in montreal now. :p
i got plenty... playing guitar, listening to music, anykind of sports, and of course EFF EFF ARE
Fav Music:
Trance, all 70's rock and heavy metal! JUDAS PRIEST <3
Fav Movies:
Anime, i watch plenty of movies in my spare theres alot to name and i dont want to.
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Random Thoughts
Posted on: July 28, 2008, at 11:40:15pm   [1 comment]
I think i'm in love. XP
LOLhaha. had to put this song. its love to love baby by Donna summer. XP

B'Boy junior!
Posted on: July 28, 2008, at 11:15:29pm   [1 comment]
Yea,I breakdance but not as good as him, he's probably the best, and plus he's french. XP
long live france bishes

me playing WISH
Posted on: June 14, 2008, at 05:24:35pm   [2 comments]

MY videos
Posted on: June 8, 2008, at 03:27:11pm   [2 comments]
ok so i started making videos with my fwend Michael frum Amuricaaaa. plz subscribe. here da link to our utoob akount.

Posted on: May 14, 2008, at 08:32:48pm   [3 comments]

Comment wall
XxXMetalheadXxX writes...
at 10:22:12pm on 5/26/17
If you ever log back in, I just wanted to say i appreciated the time that we spent talking years ago.
Thanks for the memories. If you wish to ever get ahold of me - see my last random thought.
- Adam.
Slushpuppiex33 writes...
at 7:09:58pm on 5/2/16
Max :(
Panic4Me writes...
at 1:27:31pm on 10/14/15
Max! Wow it's been forever! How are you?!
XxXMetalheadXxX writes...
at 10:46:49pm on 7/12/14
I miss ya dude! leave me a comment if you ever see this.
Slushpuppiex33 writes...
at 1:57:46pm on 1/12/14
max <3
THATGiRLOVES writes...
at 12:16:42am on 12/22/12
YOURE ALIIIIIVE, je te manque :3 <3
Slushpuppiex33 writes...
at 12:07:50am on 12/16/12
psychovamp writes...
at 8:13:06pm on 12/14/12
was going to uvm im in utah now but will be back up in about 9 months.
MarioNintendo writes...
at 6:58:08pm on 11/19/12
Slushpuppiex33 writes...
at 5:43:24pm on 11/5/12
Ughh, get both!
Ya' poop.
Things've been interesting. I've missed you, it's been over a year :I
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