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shadow 1800
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shadow 1800's Gameplay Stats Today
1747 / 3258
1834 / 3258
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1419 / 1500
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- Unlocked Tier 5!
- FFR 8th Official Tournament: Division 6 - 3rd Place
- FFR 9th Official Tournament: Division 7 - Top 8
- FFR 3rd Official Tournament: Division 2 - Participant
- FFR 4th Official Tournament: Division 5 - Participant
- FFR 5th Official Tournament: Division 5 - Participant
- FFR 6th Official Tournament: Division 6 - Participant
- FFR 10th Official Tournament: Division 7 - 3rd Place
- FFR 11th Official Tournament: Division 7 - 2nd Place
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DjNutsKing writes...
at 11:27:38am on 2/7/22
i actually love you
CDCan writes...
at 9:00:56pm on 12/27/20
ifeelit writes...
at 8:16:47am on 8/18/18
you still play ?
CDCan writes...
at 7:08:36pm on 6/9/18
its fkn shado dough
ifeelit writes...
at 10:28:16pm on 5/5/18 dafuck
-Blue7- writes...
at 10:26:43pm on 3/24/18
ifeelit writes...
at 2:03:36am on 2/1/18
all jokes aside, even tho this is still sorta meme, ur my goku to rhythym games. I wanna listen to ur advice n shit but u always ignore me on mp rofl xD
ifeelit writes...
at 2:02:50am on 2/1/18
why does senpai ignore me
Vulpuz writes...
at 2:15:25pm on 1/19/18
sonicdeadpool23 writes...
at 11:41:47am on 6/5/17
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