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Posted on: October 23, 2007, at 06:17:30pm   [1 comment]

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Mythix writes...
at 5:39:35am on 9/18/09
Best avatar of all time
Brilliant Dynamite Neon writes...
at 8:32:34am on 3/5/09
man...i just played through redpill yesterday and didn't like it at all. everything needs to be fixed. the problem is I have no uideas how.
Clipso writes...
at 9:29:15pm on 1/22/09
I got the score the day the song was released, before the 6 million bug was fixed (scores above 6m weren't recording). Tass updated the score but didn't fix the perfs/goods/avgs/misses/boos.
A lot of people think scores like mine are hacked, I see it on the forums from time to time.
Unrecorded scores thread:
NFD writes...
at 4:02:25am on 12/8/08
Leg disability?
robertsona writes...
at 3:27:01pm on 11/30/08
psst contact some of your FFya bros to play i need more lol :(
clarinet89 writes...
at 10:50:40pm on 9/16/08
Woah freaky.
flipsta_lombax writes...
at 1:17:53pm on 7/20/08
Hey Happy Birthday. =)
makdaddy writes...
at 9:57:20pm on 7/19/08
happy birthday man!
Hope it was a good one
[HectoGtzMX] writes...
at 1:46:20pm on 7/9/08
You got 10k credits c:
LoneW0lf writes...
at 12:17:19am on 7/9/08
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