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icontrolyourworld writes...
at 7:01:40am on 6/9/19
life is a crazy thing man haha things are good as always with ffr/sm, still enjoying the game, and many others! irl stuff kinda sucks, got diagnosed with muscular dystrophy had to change jobs to something i can sit down and do, hate the new job because it's a call center, but friends and family balance it out. I've been working on my newest pack lately for stepmania called Icy X2, nuclear blast is finished ending in the 5th installment. Overall I'd say things are a net positive overall xD how have you been?
Blue June writes...
at 8:12:34pm on 1/18/19
I very much enjoyed my time in Canada. And thank you, I try my best. HA
icontrolyourworld writes...
at 2:12:48am on 12/16/17
yeah buddy! good to see you man :D
Blue June writes...
at 4:29:48pm on 8/2/16
Hey you probably get to hear this a lot, but I vacationed in Niagara Falls just two months ago and it was beautiful. I brought back loads of wine from Niagara on the Lake too!
SC_coolguy44 writes...
at 12:39:12pm on 3/30/16
Go_Oilers_Go writes...
at 1:20:30am on 5/29/15
I've been pretty much the same. More or less took a break from this site for a year, but I figured I'd check in and see how everyone's doing. Just busy with life and stuff. I imagine if I tried playing now I'd be just terrible.
Go_Oilers_Go writes...
at 1:17:33am on 5/25/15
Long time no see, buddy.
Go_Oilers_Go writes...
at 6:36:52pm on 11/4/12
You've gotta fix that, bro.
Go_Oilers_Go writes...
at 8:43:49pm on 6/21/12
It would appear that the Haunter in my avatar does not like you very much.
Go_Oilers_Go writes...
at 4:15:11pm on 6/16/12
I've got nothing. >_< I'm so weak at this game now.
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