Happy Thanksgiving and Happy 10th Anniversary!

Posted in Flash Flash Revolution on November 22nd, 2012

The first thing I wanna do is of course wish everyone who’s celebrating a Happy Thanksgiving. I know a lot of you already had your Thanksgiving, so a Happy Belated Thanksgiving to you Canadian folk. I hope everyone has a good holiday and gets to take a break from their busy lives today.

On another note, today we celebrate Synthlight’s 10th anniversary. Now technically FFR has been 10 years old for a few months now, but this site has not. So we decided we were going to wait until Synthlight’s profile turned 10 to celebrate. It’s really amazing to think back over the last 10 years and see how far FFR has come and how it’s still here 10 years later. A lot has happened over the last decade, there’s been FFR relationships (some of which even got married), FFR babies, and we’ve even lost a few good people over the years. The game has changed so much from it’s conception. I’m not sure how many of you remember the old school 2002 engine, but it definitely has come a long way since then. How many of you remember when there was no speed mods, no key setups and av misses? I know I sure do! I remember playing 1x having to screencut and playing with four fingers on the arrow keys. Now we have all that stuff and then some.

Over the years here I’ve made a lot of good friends and I’m sure many others have too. To some people this place may just be “another gaming site” but for a lot of us it’s so much more than that. It has become a home, someplace where we have people we can relate to, and have some fun smashing some keys at the same time. TC_Halogen and I wouldn’t have our daughter had we not joined FFR, same goes for krunkykai22 and ichliebekase. Then there’s nois-or-e who proposed to musical_vampire through a chart here on FFR, now they’re married and expecting a child. Not to mention countless other people who have also started their lives with someone or made a huge life change because of the people they met here on FFR. This place has become so much more than just a gaming site. We’re more like a family. Dysfunctional at times sure, but what family isn’t?

So today is a day that we’re supposed to be thankful for what we have. When it comes to the site I am thankful to all the people that keep it going, even though they don’t earn anything for the hard work they put in. I’m thankful for Synthlight ever starting FFR and keeping it around for an entire decade, all the friends that I have made here, and the users that come here everyday to play or contribute in some way or another. Today I ask that you forget about the flaws that FFR may have, the work that still needs to be done and take a moment to thank the people that have been working so hard to keep FFR going and to bring us new things.

Now what celebration would it be if we didn’t have some special goodies and/or events for you? Well we want you guys to be able to spend today with your families and just be able to chill out today, so we’re going to hold all our event stuff this weekend after everyone’s gotten their fill of turkey and family fun. I will put up one small thing for today for those of you that may not have something going on. I will give 5,000 credits to all those who leave a comment here telling us why FFR has had a positive impact on their lives and what they’re thankful for. I’d love to see what others have gotten out of this site over the years.

So again, Happy Thanksgiving and Happy 10 years FFR!


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  1. Don’t forget, people that keep it running include all the simfile authors, the judges, difficulty consultants, really pretty much everyone plays a role in keeping FFR going. So thank you to all of you :)

  2. Such a meaningful post… I’m definitely thankful for FFR, I wish all of you a Happy Thanksgiving ~ !

  3. I’m thankful for the fun FFR has provided me, obviously. It’s given me a skill to develop, and surprisingly effective incentives along the way.

    It’s also provided an (reasonably. compared to most of the rest of the internet, anyways) intimate community, where there are people I can recognize and appreciate through their posts.

    All in all, though, it’s just really difficult to imagine where I would be if I hadn’t found this site. If I didn’t have all these memories, if the words “rhythm game” inspired no reaction from me, etcetera. And however pathetic this may sound, I think FFR has contributed at least a bit to who I am and what circumstances I find myself in right now. And I like where I am.

  4. 4 or 5 years of browsing and posting on the FFR Forums along with talking to people from here all day in english is the reason why I keep acing my english exams in honour class, and why I don’t really need to study for them anymore at all (20 mins here compared to other classmates who study like >2 hours)

    I guess FFR provided me with a talent I can use for life if I may say so

  5. I am thankful for my family mainly. I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for them and they have provided me with so much support over my eighteen years.

    As for FFR, it has significantly improved my hand/eye coordination and has exposed me to music I would never have heard otherwise. And not only that, the community has brought to light a lot of interesting issues and ideas I wouldn’t have considered had I not read their posts in the forums.

    The post couldn’t have said it better. We are a family. We all contribute to each other in our own ways. Though at times it is tough, I still love everyone who comes on here.

    Thank you FFR staff, the userbase and especially Synthlight. None of us would be here without all of us.


  6. very cool FFP.

    man, FFR has kept me sane! especially now, working my butt off for exams, i’ll come home from a day of studying, and play for a bit. It feels nice belonging to a community that most of the world doesn’t relate to. I like our little FFR niche

  7. yay

  8. For me, FFR has been something that has given me more than just a fun game. Over the years, I have had times where I thought I was done with the game but I always ended up coming back. It is for this reason that I know there was something more than just a fun game to me here.

    I have always said that this community is one of the most helpful, caring, and perhaps one of the most passionate communities I have ever been apart of. Each time I came back, there was always 10 more people to give me a warm greeting, and 20 others who actually remembered who I was and what I believed in. This is special because when you look beyond the trivial rants and raves that come and go over time, there really is a core community here that supports each other and genuinely cares for one another.

    The game itself has certainly been an amazing experience as I really feel that gaining this skill is not a waste of time. I believe that the skill can be transformed into different forms which can be used for other aspects of life. That is why I am thankful for FFR. Qualities or values such as dedication, commitment, persistence, and pattern recognition are just a few examples of how tapping keys, playing the same song over and over for that AAA, and being involved in this community can make someone a better person.

    Thanks to everyone who has ever contributed to creating these experiences and memories that will forever be alive in the hearts of us all.


  9. FFR has given me a few things actually. I’m my 5+ years i’ve been here, i’ve made a bunch of friends, learned to play FFR, taught others how to play, given me tonnes of variety of music to listen to .. etc.

    I came to FFR when i first got depression, I typed “DDR for your fingers” into google .. no idea why, but it changed my life for the better.

    The site and community is probably the only reason i’m actually alive today..Thank you, to everyone i know. Happy Thanksgiving :) (we don’t celebrate it here in kangarooland..wish we did)

  10. FFR was the game that initiated me into playing rhythm games in a more competitive sense. A friend of mine told me about it several years ago (7, actually) but I didn’t actually get an account until three-and-a-half years later, when I was really really bored and decided I needed to start playing a new game. Needless to say, I got hooked.

    The community here is fantastic, as well. If they’re reading this, shoutouts to wargasm1, muirrir, condoct, and samurai7694 (one of the first players I ever met on this site) for pushing me along when I wanted to quit.

    This site got me interested in Protest the Hero, Sharpnel, and t+pazolite. The numerous Touhou files I’ve seen in circulation (through StepMania and FFR) got me into those games.

    All in all, this site helped me find new games and music to enjoy, friends with whom I hope never to lose contact, all the while introducing me to the arrowsmashing we all know and love. :)

  11. I’m thankful for the variety of music I get to enjoy through FFR! I’m sure without FFR I would have never found artists like SessileNomad, The Flashbulb, etc.

    I’m also thankful for the many friends I’ve made on FFR and getting to find people who have the same interests as me whether it’s FFR or something else because I don’t find very many people where I live that have the same interests as me.

  12. For me, coming back to FFR has been a joy. Because FFR came back I was able to find out that I liked making graphics, and I might even pursue it as a future career. It definitely helped open my eyes to making new friends and even helped me learn how to get along with a community (on more than one occasion). I hope that FFR will still be here in another 10 years from now.


  13. Wait. noes-or-e proposed to musical_vampire using a chart? That’s awesome!

  14. Five years ago, I was introduced by one of my teacher’s sons. I started from the bottom, playing Dr. Wily Theme V2 and Secret Zombie Room over and over until I could full combo them. Coming back to the game later, I searched the game up on youtube and saw EAGAMES’ Across Rooftops AAA. That was the point that I decided this was the game for me. I told myself one day I would AAA that song. (at the time I could barely FC any easy song)

    After the resurrection of FFR, and the creation of PrawnSkunk, I set to work participating in tourneys and becoming a bigger part of the community. Along the way I have met so many cool and interesting people, have started stepping, experimented with DAWs, and have become a religious keysmasher. This site is now a big part of my life. I hope this site can see the light of another 10 years. Thank you.

  15. I’ve been playing ffr for like 5 years years now, and stopped playing, and got back into so many times. I just loved making a new profile and starting from scratch. Stressing out getting as many skill tokens that i could. I am very thankful for FFR, i has gave me so much entertainment. I love when i come on here a year later, and the people i used to talk to and play multiplayer with, have like Otaku Speedvibe oni. I’m just like damn, i shoulda never stopped playing aha. I remember coming home from highschool everyday, play ffr for hours. Yah im very thankful for FFR:)

  16. Such a sweet and well-thought thanksgiving post!
    Well, time for me to open up a bit..

    For the past years, FFR has been a great site and a game to play as it doesn’t need much thought or time to just sit down and enjoy a few rounds of songs.

    Even though I haven’t been in touch with the community, I’ve still had lots of great moments with the game, seen it’s ups and down(time)s and seen the game itself develop and the library of songs expand along with all the other additions to the site/game. Too bad the simfile database is gone ;__;.

    The amount of time and dedication I have spent playing this game have not gone to waste. FFR as well as other rhythm-games have gotten me new friends and made me experience and do things I wouldn’t have ever imagined to do. Also they got me somewhat fit!

    Without FFR, I wouldn’t ever had installed a standalone flash player on my comp-.. I wouldn’t ever had chewed on my keybo-.. BASICALLY my life would have been so much more boring without FFR.

    Thanks to the FFR Staff and the whole community. I’ve had a great time and will continue to have in the future.


  17. Thank you all for sharing with us :) I’ve handed out credits up to this point.

  18. Well written post, Kayla.

    I’m really thankful for what FFR has given all of us, because without it, I wouldn’t have more music to listen to, more entertainment to expose myself to, and meet a lot of great people over the years.

    Cheers, FFR. You’ve been around for 10 years. Let’s hope you’re still alive for the years to come.

  19. I’m thankful for the friend base that FFR helped me establish. There were times when I was younger when I legitimately saw no end in sight to the endless torture that my life was. There were several members in the FFR community that helped me realize what I had at the time, and it is to them that I owe much of what I have today. I’ve had complete heart-to-hearts with members such as Drew, Kellen, Mael, Jerry, Justin, Jae, and soooooo many more. It’s because of this that I’ve never been able to completely leave. I’m incredibly thankful for the people I’ve met here.

  20. FFR greatly influenced my taste in music; I can safely say that at one point, most of the songs in my library were related to FFR somehow. Classical, doujin music, Newgrounds productions, you name it. Indirectly, I guess FFR also contributed to my interest in the Japanese culture, subculture, and language through music.

    As for what I’m thankful for, my family would definitely be the first thing that comes to mind. Without their support, I wouldn’t have been able to come to where I am now.

    Happy Thanksgiving all!

  21. I am thankful for the memories that I share with the many friends that I have made over the course of my almost four year stay. Much of FFR have shown me that patience is a virtue in itself to advance much farther in life, via constant flagging. Without FFR, who knows what I would acquire. I have met many great people as well and I’ve learned a lot from them as well! Thank you again!

  22. FFR improved my rhythmic sense, broadened my tastes (would have never heard of bands like Protest The Hero) and overall added a great deal of enjoyment to my spare time. How I miss the days of being a 9 year old uploading shitty sims to the DB.

    And I’m thankful for family, food, shelter, all the generic stuff.

  23. My best friends came from FFR. If I didn’t even come to FFR, I probably wouldn’t have picked up Stepmania in the first place which led to December 2nd, 2008. I actually wrote a narrative essay on how my path through FFR allowed me to become a better individual, haha.

    FFR also led me to finding other music too. Not just from the site, but also off the site discovering other music artists.

  24. I am thankful for FFR/DDR for bring my friend’s closer in High School. It was strange how it worked but we all started playing DDR 9 years ago. (Just before entering High School) I saw it everywhere and had to try it and got hooked. Then Footz told me about this website and started playing. I eventually made an account a couple months later.

    Once I started playing I had to tell all my friends and sure enough, they got addicted to it as well. At one point, we get a big group of us just to play Stepmania (When that came out) FFR and DDR. I have never really been amazing at this game or whatever but it’s still one of those games that I can come back to and still enjoy. Now, I still have a couple people that talk about it and we always hit up a DDR machine when we see one (Because around here there is only one….)

  25. I haven’t been around as some of the veterans, as I’ve only played FFR since 2005. My first account is long gone by now, must have been purged during a period of my inactivity, but those memories still remain. I’ve seen this site come such a long way since those early days that what I have to thank for most are the number of dedicated staff and volunteers that have not only run this site smoothly, but also made progressive improvements to it. Without you guys, this site would be nothing. Thanks to all of you. <3

  26. FFR is a great way to relieve stress and it’s very fun. Without FFR, i wouldn’t be interested in new artists and genres of music that I listen to right now. I can’t imagine what would happen without FFR on my computer, as I spend a considerable amount of time arrow smashing and on prochat. Also, I’m thankful for the great simfile authors, judges, difficulty consultants, admins, forum moderators, ffr veterans, and pretty much everyone because we are what keeps the site running! Thank you to all of the people out there that encouraged me to become better and gave me your wonderful tips.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  27. I’m simply thankful for just being around and meeting interesting people. Hell, if I would have never stumbled upon here back in 6th grade, I would’ve probably lived under a rock xD and never have lurked in the internet and met Luis~ Also, I would probably idolize some random, rubbish pop star instead of expanding my taste of music. I’m just simply thankful for it being a part of my life tbh~

  28. I’m thankful for the past memories back in the day and now from arrow smashing for shiny tokens. I’m also thankful for all the talents that God has given me to make my pets react to how amazing I am at this game. Most importantly, I’m very thankful for all the friends and former on here for helping me in not just getting better at ffr but to help me in real life. Although I never met a single over of you, you guys are the greatest friends ever. :)

  29. Omg peers not pets! My phone is retarded!

  30. Where to even begin…

    FFR was my escape from life for years. The constant stress and things I had to deal with at home were never too much to handle when I could use FFR as a way to get things off my mind and relax. When I got into the community I met people that I could talk to and rely on, and that was big to me because I really needed it. I’ve made a lot of good friends, had a lot of laughs, and have expanded my knowledge of coding, gaming, and music vastly from being on this site. I’ve learned a lot here and the site means a lot to me. As do a good number of people on it. Thanks, FFR. And thank you as well Kayla.

  31. Such a sweet front page post :] I’m definitely thankful for FFR for a lot of reasons. It opened me to a wide variety of music and how to express it in stepping. I’ve also made a lot of friends here throughout the 6 years I’ve been here. And I met Frankie here, who I’ve been with for 3.5 years now and we have our sweet daughter Jaselynn together. I’m gonna curl up on the couch with my wonderful family, watch a lot of football, and it’s all thanks to FFR :]

  32. Biggest thing that FFR has given me is a way to escape life when it gets hard, as bad as that sounds. I know that I can always pop on and talk to people, even if it’s been a year since I last played. Well, barring the dark years when the site was down ;)

  33. I haven’t been on here that long but I’m really thankful for the friends I’ve made, the community has also been really awesome and nice :) Whenever I’m having a rough time I can just come on here and smash arrows till I feel better xD

  34. FFR has done a lot for me for the 6 years that I’ve been here.

    First and foremost, it exposed me to many different types of electronic music. I probably never would have heard of things like breakcore, idm, or even j-core without the help of FFR, and now they are some of my favourite genres. I guess you could say they influenced my musical ideas in my songs too, because I’ve definitely borrowed concepts from other genres into my music.

    Also, the community has been great. When I first started, I was really naive and pretty much didn’t have an idea of how to act in an online community. Looking back at my older posts, I tend to cringe a lot when reading them. I think FFR indirectly taught me the social expectations of forums and online communities in general when I was young, and also how to not take anything too seriously. That’s why when people bash MLP or my files I don’t get butthurt over it, I just take it with a grain of salt and have a laugh over it. Seriously, it seems like a lot of people on here would do much better if they just lightened up and stopped taking things too seriously.

    Anyways, FFR also intoduced me to MLP. I think it was MrGiggles’ thread that first intrigued me and got me to watch a few episodes. At first I was kind of unsure if I liked it or not, but as I watched more episodes and talked with more people about the show, I started enjoying it a lot more. Also, Team Pony has been just stellar for the time that it’s been up – thanks for being awesome guys.

    Another thing that FFR has done is that it got me into stepping. I remember back in 2007 or so when I was making really bad files and put them on the FFR simfile database. I’ve definitely come a long way since my old files, and now I’ve even made it to be an FFR judge. I’m really thankful for all the people that have helped me become a better stepper – it’s at the point now where I have a solid idea of what my files are going to be like when I hear the song, so I’m pretty satisfied with my progress.

    I think that’s it. If I remember anything else I’ll make another post.



  35. A game with almost endless progression that can be stopped and continued any time without worries. A community that actually cares about each others. A great variety of music to listen to, step and be creative with.. what more would you want?

  36. Beautiful post Kayla, and I actually read a lot of the comments… a lot of common reasons for being here.

    When I joined FFR, my heart was totally broken… and I was looking for a distraction, so I found this site and started playing (a lot).

    At first, I only played the game staying out of the forums because I was not confident of my english. Until one day, I told to myself: “Screw that, I want to contribute something for this game that makes me feel so much better”. I started lurking the forums, only reading at first, until I finally started to write some posts (with very bad english btw). This is probably the most beneficial thing I got from FFR and this community, it improved my english so much.

    I’ve also met a lot of really cool people, and I want to thank all of you for this… for being so patient with me the times my english is not that great lol.

    So FFR for me has been:
    - an escape.
    - a learning place.
    - a great music box.
    - a home.

    <3 I love you guys

  37. FFR is ridiculously fun, and my favorite part is that I can quantify myself improving at this game.

    There is literally always someone to talk to even in the wee hours of the night. Skeelie is even helping me catch up on my french, and this would not have happened if it was not for FFR.

  38. What can I say about FFR that hasn’t already been said by so many of the wonderful users here? Sure the game itself is what probably first enticed all of us into coming here, but I have come to find that the bond this community shares with one another is immense. We really are like a family, from the helping and giving nature for everyone in need, all the way down to those little sibling arguments about who’s turn it is to pick what’s for dinner or watch TV. Time and time again, I find that FFR has been (and probably always will) be the greatest community I ever have been a part of. I cannot thank you all enough for the support and generosity you have given me over the years, and I can only promise to help repay it by treating others the same way.

    I am thankful for my family and friends, and no doubt thankful that I ever discovered this little arrow smashing game to begin with! Without it, I feel that my life would be quite different, and probably not for the better. Cheers Synthlight, for creating this site that fateful day, 10 years ago. I hope you have a happy Thanksgiving, as do I for everyone else!

  39. What has really kept me on FFR are the people I’ve talked to from all over the world, and the persistent urge to improve myself. I am thankful for all the people I’ve bumped elbows with, through tournaments, team Blaze, and other more random interactions. I have stuck with FFR because I like to push myself to get better, even if most of the active community progresses and improves much faster than my ability has. All and all, I’m thankful for the community and this game which we all strive to be better at.

  40. Nice to see such a post on the front page today. :) With that said, I’d like to express my appreciation for FFR. Almost seven years ago, I stumbled upon this site and instantly fell in love with it. At the time I was in middle school and heavily into DDR. What could top being able to play the same game but on a computer at home and sometimes school? NOTHING. I’ve discovered amazing music through this site, and for that alone, I am super thankful. FFR has helped me in many ways. It’s pushed me to try harder, go for more challenging objectives and whatnot, and it even made me competitive for some time. I’ve made some pretty great friends through the site and even strengthened a previous friendship outside of FFR. It goes without saying that this game has played a fairly significant role in my life for quite some time and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

  41. What I love about FFR is that it has allowed me to enjoy two of the things that I love, music and games. For the first few years on the site, I was never really a talkative kind of person. The past year or so I’ve made some awkward and weird friends, but that is what makes each of them unique and is also why they mean a lot to me. FFR has brought me happiness through music and friendships and I would never trade that for anything.

  42. I’m thankful for the people i’ve met on ffr. i pretty much have found my long lost twin, and have had bonds with people in places i could have never imagined. thanks goes to ffr for all of that <3

  43. Wow, I really was not expecting this nice post today! :) Great surprise. And now as though it may seem I’m only posting this comment out of greed to play get more credits and play more secret songs, I’ll have to say in my defence: hey, that’s not the ONLY reason. :P

    FFR, it’s been close to 5 years since I joined the site. 5 years ago some friend told me about Frets on Fire because I wanted to play a game called Guitar Hero I couldn’t afford. On the forums of FoF, I found out about this hot site called FlashFlashRevolution. And here I am, now a simfile author, a simfile judge, and a respectably active member of the community. Close to 1,500 posts here. Close to 3 billion points (vet, here I come!!). I never expected to stay that long, but in the long run, I’m so glad I did.

    This game thought me how perseverance works. How you have to strive for gold even if you don’t succeed the first few times. I don’t know how many tries it took me to AAA Excite Bike for the first time, but when I eventually did, something magical happened; I always got better and better at the game. Such a glorifying feeling, and I hope this knowledge will follow me first the rest of my life.

    I also got to participate first the first time in the “development” of a video game. I don’t think if the choice of word is good here, but you get the idea: I’m a huge, huuuuuge video game fan. I can’t believe the luck I have to be able to chart songs which people play afterwards. Better yet, by helping other users by reviewing their songs voluntarily, I got to become an official judge; a huge honor in my opinion, and also a very nice challenge.

    Through the forums, I learned how to build an argument better than through any course at school. I learned how to use many new words in English I had no idea existed. To this day, my English is still a tad flawed, but, considering my English consisted mostly of sentences like “I doesn’t know.” and “Hey look, haha.” before I came here, I think this is an incredible progress. Where I live, people have a really hard time talking English to people who don’t speak French. I am so happy to say that, by hanging out with you guys, by practicing everyday while doing something I love, I get to speak a new language.

    And finally, I met so many nice people around here I don’t even know where to start. Maybe with you Kayla, who after watching a couple of my crappy Youtube videos invited me to join dragons fury in order to get better at stepping. Without your help, god knows if I would’ve just forgotten about this whole community altogether out of feeling like I’m somebody no one cared about. In the process, I think I got to develop a unique style of stepping, to learn about the existence of DDReamStudio (YES! and even make an official thread about it to salvage the tutorials!), to chat with strangers live for the first time… And, you know, we’ve had our differences over the last years, I wasn’t always nice and all, I admit, but in the end I believe everything worked out fine and I’m just happy about everything that happened to me here.

    Except for the hate on Submission Rules, but that’s another story. ROFL

    The skype chats, the good laughs, the NES cartridges I got through the mail, holy crap, so many nice people around here, I can’t even comprehend. You guys are my family. When I feel useless in life, I come here and feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

    This post might not make much sense, I just wrote everything that came through my head in the last few minutes, but overall, I think FFR taught me what really matters most: how to be socially accepted. That’s one of the things I really needed and I found it here. I thank you all so much, and I raise my glass to another 10 years!


  44. I’m really glad so many of you decided to share with us today, it’s especially cool seeing some people that aren’t regular forum goers post here as well. I’ve really enjoyed reading what all of you have said. Also credits have been handed out to this point.

  45. I’m currently 21 years old, and according to my member siggy from my old account (and not my account profile, since it says exactly 8 years when that’s clearly incorrect), I’ve been around since September of 2004. That is a very long time — FFR has been around me for more than a third of my life. I literally grew up from adolescence and pushed into adulthood, playing this game the entire time. Through this time, so much has happened to me. I’ve had a lot of bad things happen to me, and a lot of great things too.

    One of the things that I have to say that I’m grateful for is people welcoming me into the community with open arms. Despite the fact that I intentionally threw myself under the radar from my old debit13 account to my newer TC_Halogen account, no one seemed to call me out or question me. That was in 2008. Looking back now, I’m quite surprised that no one even bothered to wonder how I came about or how I improved substantially over a very very short period. But enough about that.

    Throughout the time that I’ve been on the site, many people have treated me with a lot of respect, even if I caused issues with them some way or another. As mentioned in the post, FFR is a family that has a tendency to become dysfunctional (occasional). However, a large majority of us seem to get along just fine, even with minimal contact. I might be a person who complains a lot about the community itself deteriorating, but I know inside that it’s just my normal reaction to being offended to what someone says. I definitely take this game and community seriously, and the fact that people are willing to put up with someone who gets as serious as myself makes me happy.

    Just like Woker-X said, FFR has been a hideaway for many problems. I got expelled from high school in 2009 due to truancy (and bullying), but I won’t get into my life story. I will say, however, that the Multiplayer community fully welcomed me beforehand, and when I needed a lift emotionally, I definitely got that lift (huge thanks to Ally, as she helped me the most). It’s also a great way to immerse yourself in so many different styles of music. I’m thankful for FFR still being around as long as it has, because the social aspect (forums/profiles/chats) of the sites are something I commonly use. We all share common interests and hobbies, and it’s human to want to learn more about one another. I used to be incredibly introverted, but I really think FFR has helped with that, too.

    As Kayla mentioned on the post, we would have never met without FFR. I was going through some pretty extreme depression when we first started talking in FFR Video Chat, and she helped me out just as much as Ally did. She’s the main reason why I disappeared from MP in the first place, lol :p. Not only was she great emotional support, she actually conceived a plan to get me out to the East Coast and away from Chicago to live with her and Frankie (krunkykai22). Things might not have worked as planned while out there, but without going to the East Coast, Saphira wouldn’t be my 20 month old daughter. In addition to that, I wouldn’t have met some awesome people, like kmay, alloyus, awein, Tyson ultima, Rubix, MrGiggles, assroD (hi Roy :) ), Litodude, and there’s undoubtedly a few more that I can’t remember off the top of my head (I’m sorry. :( ).

    Right now, I’m living in Chicago with my father (as is Kayla and Saphira), and things are looking up. I’m happy to say that I’m doing my university studies online at an accelerated pace (and hell, it gets really damn hard sometimes), and I have a job at one of the busiest airports in the United States. It might not be the best of jobs, but at least I’m working and can slowly start improving life for myself, Kayla, and Saphira. I’m thankful for how well things have turned around — more importantly, I’m thankful for pushing myself through some extremely depressive situations and not acting irrationally. I might be a quick-tempered person, but I still am a bit happier knowing that I do in fact have a future as long as I keep myself in check.

  46. I want to be thankful for the people who are working so hard to keep us happy and entertained. I really appreciate how this site was brought back after the shut down for TWO STRAIGHT YEARS… So yeah, I really appreciate that. I also want to wish everyone today for making this site a kick azz place to be. :P Anyway, to all the FFR and Non-FFR people, I want to wish y’all Happy Thanksgiving and I really hope everyone can enjoy the best time of their life with their families.

  47. Every time I get an erection I play ‘World Tour 2004′. 8 min 38 secs later its gone.

    Fap free since Dec. 2008


  48. ive been playing ffr for a while now it its always a place to relax regardless of the flaws or downfalls i give 2 thumbs up to all the people in charge to keep going even under stress Happy Thanksgiving

  49. FFR is the most fun I ever have playing a game. I don’t know why I just get a huge joy out of it and I love trying to improve. I can’t wait to get into it again when I’m fully able to because I don’t ever see this site dying out of my interests, especially if I still like it so much when I’ve kind of been out of commission for a bit. I also think the friends I made on this site or almost more sincere then the friends I have in real life. I mean I do sports type of things with all my real life friends and they are always there for me, but I can’t relate to them on anything but sports and they are pretty critical about anything that doesn’t belong in their world. There is someone on ffr for all of my interests and I feel like they are more real to me then most of the friends I say time to time on facebook.
    I am thankful for my family and friends first off(including you guys) I am a also thankful for who I am. I noticed I am able to keep positivity and stay dedicated more then most people and I have seen tons of people I knew spiral downwards into hard drugs and what not. Hope that didn’t sound to conceited :p Happy Thanksgiving FFR!

  50. if it werent for ffr i wouldnt have met all these amazing people (especially the people who i have talked to on mp and who have messaged me and who i have on skype :P ) who i am writing this comment for i also love the gaming aspect with fun competition

  51. FFR gave me a social atmosphere that for the most part I’m comfortable in.

  52. I am grateful to FFR and it’s community in a general way. I have met a huge bunch of friends (from here AND from IRL, which I already knew but never talked though, but eventually found them on here, such as SpiNalKat for example) that would take me forever to type their names, and it definitely changed a lot of things in my life for the better. For example, my trip to Scandinavia, which was planned for even before my arrival to the website, was only spiced up by spending an entire week with godly stepman Sakish (Dude I still haven’t thanked you enough for that, it rocked so many balls!) and I’m sure that the community will barge in my life route at many points again in the future, and I’m sure that it will be just mega awesome!

    Can’t wait to keep developping game-wise. Can’t wait to see other people develop game-wise. Can’t wait to meet new people from here, both on the internet and in real life. Can’t have enough of this community, because this place is awesome and I hope it will stay around for a long time still!

  53. Rob ruined my life.

  54. After 10 years, FFR is still around, and I am grateful for that. Despite the site’s progress being fairly slow, I am still glad that it’s moving forward.

    As said by numerous others, I also am really grateful of the people I’ve met on this site. It’s been quite the privilege to talk to you guys.

    I think this site also widened my musical interests as well, and reduced some stereotypes of genres I might not have wanted to previously associate with.

    I’ve had a lot of fun on this site.

  55. FFR has been the one game I knew I could count on to relieve my stress from bad days. The different genres of songs could make me imagine different scenarios as I played them, until eventually I forgot what upset me that day. My parents always said that video games were my way of escaping the real world temporarily, and FFR was the best way of doing that. I’m thankful that I ever found this site, it’s been amazing for me.

  56. FFR is awesome and the community has always been there for me. Espiecially with helping me with my homework! <3 Benguin and Emerald! I so thankful for nearly 6 years with you guys!

  57. Going on my 7th year of playing, FFR helped me get through high school when the rest of the world was pissing me off. I’m entirely thankful for the folks on the forums, they are so much more down-to-earth here than the people in other places on the internet.

  58. I absolutely love FFR, the best anti stress therapy, 10 more years for FFR!!! <3

  59. I have played this game for a while now with a main account in the past. Unfortunately, I was unable to remember my info after taking a break due to focusing on school. But I have started up again because this game is just too amazing to stop playing.
    Thanks to FFR, I am able to release stress and just relax. It has taught me better hand-eye coordination as well as giving me a passion for music. There were types of music I have never even heard of until playing this.
    Thank you FFR staff for providing this to us. Have a happy Thanksgiving! (:

  60. I have played this game for a while now with a main account in the past. Unfortunately, I was unable to remember my info after taking a break due to focusing on school. But I have started up again because this game is just too amazing to stop playing.
    Thanks to FFR, I am able to release stress and just relax. It has taught me better hand-eye coordination as well as giving me a passion for music. There were types of music I have never even heard of until playing this.
    Thank you FFR staff. Have a happy Thanksgiving! (:

  61. About 2 or 3 years ago, I saw my brother playing this game, and I decided to play as well, and I was hooked… since then I’ve been playing, and I chose to join the community a few months ago, and everything’s been even better since! I’ve got to know several people well (‘specially Staiain), and all around whenever I needed to get rid of some stress, I could smash my keyboard on RATO and still get a good score. In general, FFR is probably one my favorite games (in fact, I would imagine second only to Pokemon games) to this date. ^^
    I thank FFR for a great time, and here’s to another good 10 years for FFR. :D

  62. Love everything about this game, Been here for nearly 7.5 years. This has been my one consistent guilty pleasure for the last eight years. Ten More Years!!!

  63. For me, FFR is mostly just a place to have some fun playing a rhythm game. That’s great just by itself, of course. I’ve also discovered a lot of great music and even some other things thanks to FFR.

    Thanks everyone!

  64. FFR has totally changed how I appreciate music…

  65. another thing id like to add to my thankfullness post is if it werent for ffr i wouldnt have come across some unique kinds of music such as J-Core.

  66. FFR is simply the best/fun flash game I have ever played.

  67. FFR… has given me someone I can call my best friend. Yeah, we don’t know each other in the real world, but we might as well. And for that, I can’t thank FFR enough. I’ve made lots of friends here, and some for life. Others, I grew apart from, but each and every one of them has changed me and my life in some way.

  68. ok… so which one of you administrators is banning my ip address every couple of days?? believe me, i am very thankful for FFR, but how am i supposed to appreciate something that i am being denied complete access to? sure i can still log in and post on the forums through a proxy site, but can i rate threads? can i get into profile chat? can i upvote or downvote a comment? the answer is no.

    I follow the rules here on FFR. I haven’t had any trouble with any users since i’ve been a member. i dont deserve to have my ip banned every couple of days. im thankful for FFR, i really am. i just wish i was allowed to have complete access to all of its utilities.


  69. Throughout all of the countless rage and blackflags I would have to say that FFR gave me something I didn’t have before… the ability to stand out and to know that anything is really possible. As cheezy as it sounds three years ago when I had joined the site, I would have done anything just to pass a mid 30-40. It looked insanely difficult. Looking back I laugh at my previous goals. All of the songs I had played then bring back happy memories. The hope was never lost… FFR also helped me back into piano. A nightmare that reappeared every week was transformed into a sanctuary of which I still play today. So what is Flash Flash Revolution? It’s one hell of a game. ~Thanks Momo

  70. I think you meant “Happy birthday!”
    And I thank you.

  71. It’s hard to believe that I have been a member here for 7.12 years now, and I still play this game in my free time. Though to be honest I have never spent a lot of time on the forums or made any friends on the website, this site has actually helped me out a lot in my life. I’m not here for the credits either. I loved playing DDR all the time growing up but my pads broke, and I was wanting to get back into it but couldn’t. 7 years ago I was starting to get into computers and learning how to type, this site has been a major influence in my life by helping me by not only being a better and faster typer, but it increased my hand eye coordination, and was and still is, one of my favorite ways to relax. FFR has always been my little getaway from the world, helps me relieve stress and unwind from work. So I would like to say thank you to the entire team, and everyone who plays and keeps this site up and going.

  72. FFR has changed a lot ever since I started playing. I would like to say thanks Synthlight for creating this awesome site (and keeping it alive). I’ve met many nice people along the way, played many songs I never heard before, raging on blackflags, making/seeing those awesome profiles. Even though, I’m not active much here, it’s good to kill time here and play with friends in MP. The tournaments were fun, meeting new people/rivals, so much fun!

    Keep up the good work FFR staff and FFR shall continue to live! :D

  73. I’m so thankful that FFR is still here, and so are many of the faces that I’ve come to know. FFR has really helped me expand my horizons, and I wouldn’t have as many lasting friends as I do now without it. I’m glad to have been here for 8+ years of the last decade, and it’s amazing that the site is still here with such a dedicated following. Here’s to another 10 great years of FFR!


  74. Love you guys ! Peace and Love <3 !

  75. I just read through all of the comments and I literally started to tear up. Every one of you are like my brothers and sisters, and I can’t adequately express how much I love you all.

    I hope to never leave this site and this community and my only regret is not having been a member longer.

    Much love, guys.


  76. Hope FFR will see it’s 2nd Decade in 10 years from now ;)

  77. I know it’s a bit late to comment on this, but hey, I’m thankful for FFR every day of the year. I started on this site so young, and it never outgrew me. If anything, FFR has been right there with me for every step of the way. I’ve made friends, lost friends, grew close relationships and a family that i’ll never forget and hold onto me dearly for every breath I have. To me, I’ll always be a part of FFR. I realize there will come a day where I won’t be on here anymore, but I truly hope that I can come back to this site every once in a while and get the same feeling of security that I received with open arms on the day I started playing. Words simply cannot express the emotion i’m feeling right now while writing this. FFR has kept me from some really dark moments in my life that could have ended badly. It’s funny, you never would have thought that something as simple as arrows could save a life. FFR, you are the reason why I am who I am today. The friends I have made on this site, as well as the love I have felt and currently have, have become a safety net, and I can only return the favor sevenfold.

    I know I could write a lot more about this, for days even, but I can only say so much without getting too personal.

    In other words,

    Thank you FFR.


  78. I’m also late, but I just want to say that I’m thankful for all of the comradery you see between the players. Some of my best memories come from photo scavenger hunts, and getting to see the silly side of all these people who I’ve talked to over the years.

  79. I too am sort of late, But I am thankful for all the fun FFR has provided for me. Playing a song or two as a break when doing homework has been a good stress reliever. Also, my rhythm skills have certainly improved a lot from playing FFR, and being a musician, that’s something to be thankful for!

  80. Zeldagurlfan1 reporting in *hugs ffr*
    youre all special to me <3 thanks for being here

  81. honetsly, im not gunna bother riting a whole paragraph because everyone has already said how i feel, it just bnice knowing i feel exactly the same as everyone else. ive made so many friends and have kept them throughout all these years, i hope things go well for everyone and i hope our community never fades away

  82. I am thankful for the fact that this is the only game where I can truly relax, train hand eye coordination AND listen to good music. Truly thankful.

  83. LONG LIVE FFR! Glad it didn’t die out anytime over the last decade =)

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