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I'm Alex and I splooge everyday, Sometimes I do it around 6:00am till 8:30pm And also, I suck at this game.
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Rapta writes at 2:28:09pm on 2/1/19
X gon deliver to ya~
Rapta writes at 1:18:31pm on 1/11/19
Your profile picture is from an anime called The World God Only Knows, her name is Elsie.
Rapta writes at 10:48:47am on 1/11/19
The World God Only Knows
icyworld1hand writes at 1:13:08pm on 1/10/19
Antori writes at 5:10:00am on 1/8/19
no problem <3 i saw how awesome your profile is and i just had to upvote it :)
Dinglesberry writes at 2:49:05pm on 6/30/17
you havent been on for a year but if ANYONE KNOWS WHO THE CUTES IN THE BG ARE PLS RESPOND
xxXitsunexx writes at 6:13:19am on 4/20/17
Heyy, nice profile background! :D
FreezinIce writes at 5:13:01am on 1/29/17
FreezinIce writes at 6:27:18pm on 9/29/16
Does splooging mean what I think it means?
Shadowcliff writes at 11:30:44pm on 1/20/16
You love to splooge.