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Posted on: April 5, 2018, at 10:31:56pm   [2 comments]
That was the day someone would get 150 bil
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CDCan writes at 8:19:49pm on 5/16/18
Rapta writes at 3:57:57pm on 5/13/18
That's a lot of games played
-Blue7- writes at 9:40:07pm on 5/10/18
Godnick writes at 5:41:03pm on 5/10/18
Of course, can't argue with that.
Kairon writes at 12:29:50pm on 5/10/18
Hmm... interesting. I'd be intrigued to see that style in action on high-level songs.
Regardless, I'm remaining purist for now. No "mostly index" here. I'd rather be a D5 who never used more than two fingers than a D7 who had to go hybrid. Personal preference, of course -- no offense to those who switch styles.
Kairon writes at 12:18:19am on 5/10/18
Hello. I have not tried numpad for index. That seems like it would increase the difficulty significantly and would mess with a number of my techniques for maneuvering around non-index-friendly charts. But maybe I'll try it one day as a goof.
Also christ on a christmas cracker that grandtotal.
-Blue7- writes at 6:01:02pm on 5/9/18
SK8R43 writes at 11:32:08am on 5/9/18
Well last time i really played was kaylas tourny which wasnt that long ago, and it was fine then. Now its pretty unplayable.
SK8R43 writes at 11:18:43am on 5/9/18
Air is being dumb lately. it was fine at 55 rate with very minimal choppyness and usually only on 100+ songs but now its choppy for pretty much everything. Its annoying, i want to play so bad but its not worth it :(
Flash doesnt work for me, its wayyyyy worse.
SK8R43 writes at 10:48:46am on 5/9/18
is air unplayable for you too?