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Posted on: January 28, 2020, at 02:43:44am   [4 comments]
No seriously, it does keep me busy.
Posted on: January 28, 2019, at 02:43:42am   [1 comment]
It keeps me busy lately.
Posted on: April 5, 2018, at 10:31:56pm   [2 comments]
That was the day someone would get 150 bil
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V-Ormix writes at 5:08:23pm on 2/23/20
161 billion
AutotelicBrown writes at 9:38:02am on 2/23/20
Nue Nue Nue
AutotelicBrown writes at 8:02:26am on 2/23/20
Summer Nue
kingdom_heart-FF writes at 12:36:10pm on 2/22/20
salut haku ! je tes follow sur twitch aujourdhui je vais probablement venir te voir streamer meme si sa fais 8 ans on cest pas parler XD
ThaKilla writes at 8:26:32am on 2/20/20
FreezinIce writes at 7:50:07pm on 2/19/20
SpaceGorilla writes at 8:57:55am on 1/26/20
prolific ffr user
Dinglesberry writes at 6:33:11pm on 1/8/20
rekt xd
Sanjixcon writes at 1:40:04pm on 12/9/19
I just thought it was funny how we have the exact same level% right now :] i almost don't want to improve so we can be twins on the leaderboards xD yeah d7 would be so nice but atm i'd need a pretty big skillboost to get there.. especially in stamina/jumpstream.
Sanjixcon writes at 4:30:45pm on 12/8/19