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In honor of Franky Gee’s passing, CAPTAIN JACK (GRANDALE REMIX) is playable on FFR for the time being. You can find it in the Funk genre along with the rest of the FFR tournament files.

- TC_Halogen

10th Official FFR Tournament – Round 4 Previews

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If you think your file is unfair, is too hard, sucks, or anything negative: I’m not sorry. :twisted:

- TC_Halogen

Hate what you see? Comment in the news post!

The prochat color shop is now automatic!

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Over the past months I’ve been asked multiple times by many users to automate the profile chat color shop. Today, I am pleased to inform you that it has been done. I have found time over the weekend to make this happen. Thank you to all the beta testers who helped me get out all the kinks and bugs. Go to the Prochat Color Store to choose your color today!

- Sprite

Maintenance Complete

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All (most) of that pesky maintenance is complete, I’ll elaborate on what the maintenance was for in my next post.
Our multi-user server is offline at the moment, and when it comes back up it will be running in low user mode, limit of 30, until I sort it all out. (Profile chat and Multiplayer)
– Zageron

10th Official FFR Tournament – Round 2 Previews

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I’ve never put previews on the front page before, but this is the 10th Official FFR Tournament. Let’s spice things up a bit.

- TC_Halogen

P.S. the video is also in the DB if you want to hate me in two different places! Get at me!

Recruiting Development Staff

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Application ImageI am pleased to announce that the Flash Flash Revolution Development Team is opening its doors to the community. If you have ever wanted the opportunity to help shape this community, and the features it offers its users, now is your time. We are looking for a User Experience Designer, User Interface Artist, and a Feature Designer to join our team. Please keep in mind that these are volunteer positions and require dedication, before applying. The application period is now over.

Zageron, Team Coordinator

Countdown to the 10th Official FFR Tournament – Get HYPE!

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Only you…

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Prolific stepartist and resident forum enigma ilikexd‘s My Love Is A Bulldozer has been added to the game, winning stepfile created for FFR’s 2nd Official StepCon. Clocking in at an even two minutes, it packs quite the punch. Consider playing it to test whether you’re in top shape for the 10th Official Tournament, which is lurking right around the corner. And congratulations to ilikexd for his first place finish in StepCon!

My Love Is A Bulldozer
Musician: Venetian Snares
Step Artist: ilikexd
Song Genre: Misc
Difficulty: 75
Song Length: 2:00

So, tourney hype?


October 2014 Site Updates

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Sign-ups for the 10th Official FFR Tournament have concluded, and Round 1 is scheduled to start on October 1st at 10:59 PM (server time). Over the next four days, keep an eye on the tournament dashboard, which will slowly begin being populated with division placements! All users will be placed in Division 1 to indicate that they have been accounted for — this is not a final placement, this is just to prevent duplication internally.

This month’s post is a little October-come-early in order to bring you an exciting tournament-themed surprise before the real fun begins! Good luck, get hype, and happy keysmashing!

What’s New?
You can now view the FFR Skill Bracket Distribution of all players with more than 250 games played. These results were generated using a suggested division tool, which is currently assisting in the manual placement of participants this tournament.

The FFR Community Forums are now integrated with Tapatalk for browsing on mobile devices. The Tapatalk app is available for free for the iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone and Windows 8.

Veterans can no longer view invisible users browsing the FFR Community Forums. Invisible mode allows you to browse the forums without appearing in the ‘Currently Active Users’ lists.

- PrawnSkunk, emerald000, Zageron
FFR Design & Development