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aka Assertive
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Location:Sunnyvale, California, USA
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megamon88's Music on FFR
Song NamesSong StyleDate
Mysterious DesertArabian Techno18-04-11
Town Theme 1 (WIP Edition)Soundtrack29-09-11
megamon88's Stepped Songs
Song NamesSong StyleDate
Chaoz JapanEdo Techno22-03-09
KatharsisClassical Rave09-08-09
Extreme Dishwasher RaceDystopia06-12-10
RANEdo Techno24-12-10
Voodoo PeopleTechno08-02-11
He's a Pirate - F-777 ReMiXBuchiage Trance11-04-11
Pokemon GSC Elite FourOrchestral Remix07-07-11
System FailureTech Breaks29-07-11
FF7 BattleEpic VG Rock20-12-11
Treasure PlanetHardcore20-12-11
Fish HellRockin' Jazz03-01-12
VS PSYCHOSHYGame Music23-02-12
All Y'all BitchesGabba09-03-12
Pokamen PartyBreakcore11-05-12
Pinkie's CastleChiptune16-06-12
404th of JulyTechno03-07-12
Hearth's Warming Holiday CheerHappy Festive28-07-12
FlamingoBroken Jungle28-07-12
Find a Pet (Candy Mix)Happy Hardcore04-08-12
Hello (Luke Da Duke Remix)Electro House22-09-12
My Little Pony Medley [Standard]Happy Techno27-10-12
Rarity Attempts 400 Dresses (LOOMING MIX)Breakcore04-11-12
My Little Pony Medley [Heavy]Happy Techno 17-11-12
New Fluttershy (MONSTER MIX)Breakcore02-12-12
SoulcrusherHardcore Jungle08-12-12
Call Upon the Seaponies (EuroSHOOBEDOO Mix)Eurobeat14-03-13
Mozart on CrackClassical Rave27-04-13
gPrOeWaEtRaFnUdL (Dave! Remix)Hard Gabba18-05-13
Still Shy VIP InstrumentalDubstep08-06-13
Lost [Addictia]Hardstyle29-06-13
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Rapta writes at 10:29:59pm on 4/23/18
who is that girk?
rzr writes at 9:57:12am on 11/11/15
lots of people are like that I noticed. I deleted all my social media so I only have this for now haha. Good to see you're still around though (:
rzr writes at 3:34:33pm on 11/9/15
long time no see! can't believe you're still here (:
rzr writes at 11:53:28am on 11/7/15
dAnceguy117 writes at 8:22:25pm on 5/31/14
oh oops I just saw the comment below mine lol
dAnceguy117 writes at 8:22:12pm on 5/31/14
do you use skype? I sent you a skype friendy thingy!
Lambdadelta writes at 8:56:45pm on 5/28/14
You never come on skype anymore ;-;
Lambdadelta writes at 8:18:37pm on 2/27/14
Yo alex I started stepping Skybound, Mind if I submit it to FFR when it's done?
klimtkiller writes at 10:29:06am on 12/22/13
what is team pony?
TwistedPhoenix writes at 1:59:13am on 11/7/13
Do you suppose you could post some kind of status update somewhere (Skype, your Assertive Fluttershy Facebook page, etc.) as to what your current situation is? You just up and vanished with very little word on why and left a lot of people confused. Just want to know why you seem to be almost socially dead online. I miss you :c