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that one person who sometimes makes things that look cool
Tiffany <3
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Posted on: April 19, 2015, at 11:51:55pm   [2 comments]
Newest SDG distinguished by *

Difficulty 81+ SDGs (10):
(81) 44 Edit [2-0-1-1]
(81) -+ [4-0-2-0]
(81) Ah Shwe Bah [5-0-1-1]
(81) Purple Drank [6-0-1-1]
(81) Halcyon [xi] [9-0-0-1]
(82) Casino fire Kotomi-chan [3-0-2-0]
(82) Cold Heart [4-0-0-3]
(83) Sleepmix Strikes Back [4-0-0-0]
(83) Goblin [4-1-0-0]
(84) Milky Blue [6-0-0-3]

Other Personal Bests:
(82) 11ELEVEN [8-0-2-4]
(83) Lawn Wake II [9-0-3-1]
(84) Dishevel [8-0-2-0]
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ShadowDueler97 writes at 12:01:13pm on 11/3/15
Thought I had voted your profile a long time ago but I guess I didn't lol you're welcome
popsicle_3000 writes at 6:22:19am on 10/12/15
also your red name is sexy
popsicle_3000 writes at 5:36:36am on 10/12/15
thanks!!!! i'm so stoked, she's amazing. getting married in jan!
cocoapuffs999 writes at 2:24:39am on 10/12/15
Thanks! :) haha only took a decade.. slow and steady
Mourningfall writes at 10:09:07pm on 10/9/15
ayy someone noticed :)
Tsniper writes at 8:07:34pm on 10/4/15
Thank you! :D
Frank Munoz writes at 2:09:40am on 9/30/15
ii can;t believe you
Frank Munoz writes at 2:02:04am on 9/30/15
is that a ffr term. is this a test
i mean i guess i did iono
Frank Munoz writes at 1:52:13am on 9/30/15
Cold Kitten writes at 11:25:00pm on 9/17/15