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Hi, my name is Max. If you have any questions about the site, feel free to leave a comment on my wall. I'll gladly get back to you as soon as possible!
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Metamashcore, chiptune, pitch-matched gabber kicks
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A Lifetime (F-777 ReMiX)Trance18-05-13
Monkey IslandChiptune07-04-14
Flame RepellentChiptune08-10-14
i wanna fuck the moonChiptune26-02-17
Breaka RailwayChiptune22-07-17
The Candy Corn WitchChiptune31-10-18
Comment wall
Drayk writes at 3:01:35pm on 4/11/19
Haha thanks my dude - I'm obsessed! :D So, thanks for all you do to make this game awesome hehe :3 And TY about Cruel Whole, jacks are my thang :P
Drayk writes at 2:47:03pm on 4/11/19
TY for the upvote Mr. Admin :) Also nice Tsukasa picture. Best music in any anime IMO, .hack//SIGN. Peace!
MI4 REAL writes at 8:28:12am on 4/7/19
Petition to rename style of "DT Rabbit Blood Festival" to "KillRabbits"...which is what it was before someone on this site became a party-pooper.
aryaofdruids writes at 9:27:38pm on 4/2/19
So I log in for the first time in years...literally and see that I actually have a comment on my wall. Pretty sure it's from 10 years ago. I don't know you but thanks!
Thehidden0ne writes at 6:21:42pm on 3/28/19
I fc'd glove stage but it did not count.how do i fix it?
Dugatee writes at 1:49:34am on 3/24/19
Fun Worm Fact: Wurm Dintsky was the first worm on the moon
dppes writes at 6:52:35am on 3/23/19
I was not able to log in with my original password and neither with my second self-assigned password. It suddenly worked with the third. The first two were of length 60, the third only had 30 characters, so that might be at the heart of the issue. However, the second worked in the password reset form in the field “Your current password” so it seems to be a problem exclusive to the login forms (both on the website and in the game itself).
I would be glad if this could be fixed. (=
$ecret$tarlight writes at 12:06:58am on 3/16/19
Can I just say that I love that FFR still exists. I came to this world 12 years ago, when I as 14, and I love that something that brings me such joy is still around. Cheers to being a newbie again.
Diamondblaze writes at 7:22:44am on 3/15/19
I just realized your pfp is from .hack//sign. That's amazing.
FirstMaple8 writes at 7:05:51pm on 3/4/19
i fixed it :)