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What is the point of playing Dance Dance Revolution with a keyboard? Unless you're so fat you can't move your body.
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Posted on: October 1, 2014, at 02:08:17am   [3 comments]

As night fell over the capital, the moonlight cast shadows that seemed to dance across the tournament dashboard. He had long forgotten what a clean, beautiful sweet thing a AAA could look like. His eyes lingered. Perhaps it was the scotch making his mind buzz, but he wondered what a real AAA would feel like. Soft indeed, soft indeed. His fingers resting on the keyboard nearly gave a twitch, imagining how tender hi19hi19's stepfile would feel dominated beneath his rough, worked, and callous touch.

Round 1: (61) Truth (xKore Remix) - AAA

Round 2: (65) A Yodeler in Texas - AAA

Round 3: (71) Blue - [1-0-0-0]

Round 3: (74) Exclusive Utopia - AAA
Posted on: May 31, 2014, at 01:44:58am   [4 comments]
Every arrow is a chance to improve, but between every arrow is an infinite void of boos.

1. (66) Defection
2. (66) Black Key Etude
3. (68) Destination Of The Heart
4. (66) Jeanie and Caroline
5. (66) summerghost
6. (67) Toki
7. (67) Fast Asleep
8. (67) ETERNAL DRAIN [Heavy]
9. (68) VS Boss Battle
10. (73) Valhalla
11. (69) Miss Candy on TV
13. (66) Within Life
14. (67) Epilogue
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Elite Ninja writes at 1:00:58am on 10/23/14
New highest AAA buddies o/
ffr212 writes at 9:37:54am on 10/22/14
TC_Halogen writes at 8:35:21pm on 10/16/14
Recorded your blackflag on Blue to the dashboard. Submit your score to the unrecorded scores form if you haven't already so that it can be automatically added to your level ranks. Thanks, and good luck!
evil smoke writes at 2:10:55pm on 10/15/14
Dude that's pretty cool. I don't have a Skype because I'm a little socially awkward, so I'm not going to join. Sorry.
evil smoke writes at 11:09:45am on 10/15/14
Thank you Mr. Skunk. Good luck to you too! :)
MarioNintendo writes at 11:45:55pm on 10/9/14
thanks prawn! :') Your file was super cool, but those goddamn rolls were the end of me xP (even though they're 1234, my key setup makes them play as 1324, which is a lot harder to pull off...)
You helped me get better at this game! Thanks :D
dashoe93 writes at 9:37:59pm on 10/9/14
Thanks, broski
ChaosUnown writes at 12:19:57pm on 10/9/14
Thanks! I'm pretty happy with it.
dell2150 writes at 11:55:27pm on 10/5/14
I think your skunk looks
_Fluttershy_ writes at 5:40:53pm on 10/4/14
Thank you! Nice AAA to you too heh! Seeya in Round 2! :)