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If you have any questions about the site, feel free to leave a comment on my wall, or send me a private message. I'll gladly get back to you as soon as possible!
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Metamashcore, chiptune, pitch-matched gabber kicks
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A Lifetime (F-777 ReMiX)Trance18-05-13
Monkey IslandChiptune07-04-14
Flame RepellentChiptune08-10-14
i wanna fuck the moonChiptune26-02-17
Breaka RailwayChiptune22-07-17
Comment wall
FirstMaple8 writes at 3:41:33pm on 2/17/18
1 rank away from u boi
FirstMaple8 writes at 3:32:56pm on 2/17/18
im comming for u (rank wise)
LeKrispyKreme writes at 8:45:33pm on 2/14/18
Sorry PresidentsNinthPawn is my other user name for my other stuff.
LeKrispyKreme writes at 8:44:42pm on 2/14/18
Why Doesn't this game have a Practice mode? I get tripped on some parts with some of the songs and I don't want to have to start the song over again. Also, I understand that this game is supposed to be a DDR clone, however, I don't see any freeze notes, I don't see why, I mean, couldn't they work the same way as holding the letter down in Word or something, I'm utterly confused.
DancinPeeps716 writes at 5:28:08pm on 2/6/18
thank you for accepting my friend request!!!
BMS writes at 10:59:53pm on 2/4/18
ur qt waifu material :pp
Wayward Vagabond writes at 5:58:36pm on 2/4/18
Sent you a friend request on discord
Reincarnate writes at 2:36:58pm on 2/3/18
discord post ahoy
ifeelit writes at 2:19:55am on 2/1/18
Lol btw, i heard synth is like, working for NASA LOOL I assume its just crazy ffr rumours xD
ifeelit writes at 2:18:48am on 2/1/18
welp just did the math and thats 4 years so i assume not. :(