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Hey there! I run the show around here. If you have any questions about the site, feel free to send me a private message. I'll gladly get back to you as soon as possible!
Tiffany <3
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Xenorosth writes at 10:25:24pm on 6/27/16
How did everything go? I gave you a contact request on your skype.
Xenorosth writes at 7:13:17am on 6/24/16
Yo. You gots a message. Hope you like those new images.
21992 writes at 4:03:51am on 6/24/16
Wow you became an administrator?! Congrats man! When did this happen?! I haven't been here in quite some time haha.
funiax writes at 5:35:32pm on 6/18/16
I almost missed sign ups. Good thing I decided to check what was new! Although if I get placed in D3, my results aren't going to be too hot
sonicdeadpool23 writes at 11:01:50am on 6/17/16
Not much. I'm showin' people my marvel theme I picked.
sonicdeadpool23 writes at 10:49:52am on 6/16/16
Hi Prawnskunk.
Kawaii025 writes at 9:09:52am on 6/16/16
I wonder how it would sound/play at a higher rate...hmmm, may have to try that. And then maybe I'll be able to AAA and unlock St. Scarhand.
Kawaii025 writes at 3:57:13pm on 6/15/16
I smell a bit of bias towards that video for some strange reason... :p
igotrhythm writes at 3:15:51am on 6/9/16
I've got FP 12, and I swear to god I was getting frame drops on Stepmania as well. Couldn't even read Emerald Sword.
Kawaii025 writes at 3:49:55am on 6/7/16
Dang nabit...fail. Thought I left the video as Unlisted, obviously I did not. Now go watch! :)