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Hi, my name is Cody. I'm a chill guy, but I can be pretty quiet and sometimes shy I really like Pokemon and MLP (as you can probably tell from looking at my profile lol). Also, feel free to add and talk to me on Skype or Discord. I'm always thinking more positive now and not giving up on anything. Negative attitudes won't get anyone anywhere. I'm always here if anyone needs anyone to talk to.
Hanging out with my friends, FFR (of course), movies, music
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J-Core genres
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Comedy or action (action mostly for comic book related stuff)
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Posted on: June 22, 2013, at 02:06:54pm   [60 comments]
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Posted on: January 22, 2013, at 05:44:56pm   [4 comments]
It looks like I'm in D2 this tournament (which I thought I would be) and I couldn't be any happier about it. I'm pretty confident going into this tournament because I've really been practicing up and I might (if I really try hard enough) be able to take this thing right to the end (if I don't rage too much and get too cocky).

Round 1: Hoot [AREIA Remix]
This is a pretty catchy song and an interesting file. It took me a few tries to AAA for some reason, but since I AAAd it, see y'all next round!

Round 2: Time (Soular Order Remix)
Well, fuck. I haven't AAAd this yet, but don't fret (hopefully I'm not getting cocky) there's still a whole week for me to improve my 2-0-0-1 (which btw is now a AAA). Don't ask. I don't know where that boo came from. You would think at my skill level I would be really good at 30s. Well, this one is full of jumpstream, slow jumpstream, but it's still jumpstream and I hate jumpstream. See ya guys in Round 3~!

Round 3: Exodus (On vocal ver.)
This song is fun. I'm going to try to AAA this. Right now I'm sitting at 2 clean. I think this is doable! So guess who AAAd the song and is moving onto round 4?? This guy! XD

Round 4: Clocktown
I like this song. Majora's Mask is awesome! The file is alright, I'm mindblocking like crazy right now on it. I'm currently sitting at 6 clean. Hopefully I'll be able to AAA this in the week I have to play the song.

Because of other things going on with me (emotionally), I have decided to take a long hiatus from normal FFR and because of this I am deciding to resign from the tournament. I could've AAAd the song but, other stuff comes first.

Round 5:

Round 6: