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My name is Wilson. Birthday: May 26 1991. Currently pursuing career in data science and research. Account reserved for FFR gameplay only.
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Skill Tokens:

- car select (Pass The Five with a score of 5 goods, 5 averages, 5 misses, and 5 boos.)
- grind2 v2 (Pass grind2 with 2 or fewer misses and 2 or fewer boos.)
- OWA Raged at Home Run Derby (Get a AAA on a song rated 95 or higher in difficulty.)
- /a/ (Full combo All your base are belong to ME with with 19 goods or less and 19 boos or less.)

Event Tokens:

- Strangeprogram V0 (Place Top 8th within your division in an official FFR tournament)
- Unconnected. (Obtained by participating in Division 7 in an official FFR tournament)

Awarded as prizes during officially sanctioned events:

- The Wises Were Wrong
- Touhou Judgement in the Sixtieth Year
- The Bridgeport Run
- Bedtime Story
- Gerudo Valley
- Reckless, but Spotless
- Mario Trap
- Loot Burn Repeat
Posted on: July 30, 2020, at 09:53:20am   [2 comments]
Official Tournament 13: