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Diana is my queen <3
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My name is Wilson. Birthday: May 26 1991. Religion: Agnostic. I am an Asian American and I'm currently in college studying mathematics. Feel free to leave me a message! (:
Favorite Sport: Tennis; Favorite Instrument: Voice; Favorite Puzzle: Sudoku; Other interests: Track, Frisbee, Piano, Violin, Rubiks Cubes, Kakuro, Math, FFR, Drawing, Poetry, Hanging out with Friends, having a good time and more.
Fav Music:
Piano, especially Helen Jane Long. Classical music and piano contemporaries.
Fav Movies:
Mainly romantic comedies, but I like anything minus horror or thrillers.
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Passage D [Heavy]Melodic Breakbeats15-07-11
Leaves In The WindPiano Solo18-08-11
No Purpose FlourDrum'n Bass03-11-11
Amen IraqEthno Breakcore29-11-11
Where Are You ChristmasPiano Ensemble24-12-11
SOLROSBalkan Beats03-01-12
Obscene Amount of SteamDrum'n IDM02-02-12
Electric Daisy ViolinFolk Dance Pop16-03-12
All Of MePiano Contemporary13-10-12
ShadowsFolk Dance Pop21-10-12
Colors of the WindPiano Solo17-01-13
Beautiful ArrhythmiaIDM Breaks29-01-13
BeatriceSmooth Jazz19-02-13
ValhallaProgressive Jazz28-11-13
Grad ErlijaBalkan Dance12-12-13
Happy MealGlitchcore18-12-14
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Success isn't my biggest goal in life. Being a better person is.
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Hey Wilson. It's Nelson. It's also been about 7 years haha idk if you remember me, but I wanted to say hi and see how everything is going. It's been a long time man
Herogashix writes at 2:57:56pm on 7/15/15
You play a lot. :o
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thats a lot of games
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i'm doing alright. passing college lol
kmay writes at 7:03:38am on 11/12/14
well look who is back and didn't bother responding to my last comment. mmmmmhm.
kmay writes at 12:14:49pm on 10/25/14
where have you beeeeeeeeeen?!?!
Sorie writes at 11:27:29am on 8/12/14
You got Lindsey Stirling in the game?! I wish I could give you two up votes for this!