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It took me 6.37 years...
...But I finally earned veteran status. High fives all around.
10th tourney admission.. Sent!
9/19: Okay, there's no going back now. The tourney starts in 11 days and I'm just praying to sweet baby Jesus of Nazareth that FFR stops being choppy enough to where I can compete. The excitement, I'm just near about to explode. DDR X will have to hold its horses because I'm gonna barrel through practice files like I just discovered the Internet.
(deep thinking)
I haven't done a journal thing in like a month or something, so yeah. Idk. I'm bored and in the mood to do one.

Mostly, I've been really busy working. I've basically been given full-time hours over the last month because night stock is under-staffed. To further harm us, September is the last chance for anyone with vacation days to use them, so for the last three or four weeks, someone was out. Plus, business seems to be pretty good, so we're getting a lot of shit to stock. More work for us.
Not that I'm totally complaining, though. Hey, the extra hours add like $100 to my paycheck, so wynaut. What have I been doing with that extra money?
[url=]Nothing. Nothing at all. (this is a link btw)[/url]

I seriously just adore the fuck out of that Fennekin plush. (I named it Yunokin II 'cuz I didn't wanna rename my other plush, appropriately named Yunokin.) It's just... AHHH! So perfect! I'm planning on getting a third--a lifesized Fennekin plush. Problem is, they're like 80 dollars, and while I can certainly pay the bill, I don't like spending that much money on one single thing. So it'll have to be a bit of an investment. Plus, Yunokin II is amazing on her own, so it's not something I desperately need.

The other awesome thing (if you're me) that I have, is a fucking ticket to RISE AGAINST. The concert is on fucking Monday and I'm so goddamn stoked for it. I've seen them live before, but only when they opened for the Foo Fighters in '11. (Interestingly enough, that show is famous because I live in Kansas City, and the Westboro Baptist Church was there, and basically shit happened. Good shit, though.) But this will be my first time actually seeing their own show and shit, and.... FUCK YEAH. I wonder if they'll do another signing, like last time. I went to the last one... oh god the memories. I was so awkward, but IT HAPPENED. And I have a very awkward picture to show it. And four autographed albums. BTW did you know I like Rise Against?

And in more recent news, I'm just rolling right now, because I "returned" to a game with a basically non-existent. Like, this place is lucky to have 30 people online at once. But anyway, on a forum topic, an admin (aka the only admin who actually has some sort of connection with the community) posted a release date for some sort of update. I posted that I was excited for the announcement. And a moderator deleted the post and warned me for "spamming".
I literally got an infraction for being excited on a dead forum.
Then me and him had a "friendly" exchange in PM's about it, where his biggest argument can be dumbed down to "I'm right because I'm a mod, and you're wrong because you're not a mod like me, who is a mod. Follow the rules or I'll have to warn you because I'm a mod and that's what mods like me do when we're mods that moderate. "He also called me "immature" like 12 times. Probably 'cuz my words weren't so formal.
Reminder that only like 10 people actually play that game.

Also, I hear that Tokyo Ghoul is getting a second season. I thought everyone hated the anime.
Red Blaster
100 FC's [x]
150 FC's [ ]
25 AAA's [ ]
1 Billion GT [x]
2 Billion GT [ ]
3 Billion GT [ ]
1-10 AAA [ ]

Arcade FC's: 15/A lot
its on~!
im making the new profile for the tournament and in gonna start practice for ffr again im getting closer to my top 8 in D1...wish me luck this time~!! >w<
Guys. Guys, this is important.
I forgot that I made a Momo Kitten account years ago. I re-opened it, and yay signs!~

I need more, <3
Noir (Contradictory)
There is no way I can get 20 more averages than goods here.

---> Proceeds to get 30+ more averages than goods.

First Tournament in years
For the first time since the 5th Official FFR Tournament, I am participating in the 10th annual official tournament. It is a huge honor for me, I went away for the longest time, I recently came back to with a new account. I was formerly known as chaingaing13. I was an FFR Veteran. Top 1000 Grand totals. Now on this account, I have done quite a bit in just 4 months. Reached the top 10K overall. I still got it and kill shit on here. This tournament, I will place in the top 8 in my division!
Yay New Profile!
Finally got around to updating this guy. I think it turned out ok, considering I pretty much have no idea what I'm doing and I don't use Photoshop. Kinda sad to see the old avi go, but change is good, right? :)
Tournapocalypse Tracker
This tracker is mostly for me, but you all can use it too, especially if you're in D2. I may add scores or accuracy counts if I have the time. It is arranged in the following way:

Tournament Title
Date for end of next round (at 11:59pm)
All songs for the round


Psychoangel's One Division Higher
Wonder World! (D2)
Enchanting Venus (D3)

Red and Zenith's Timebomb
Speed Limit 38

Kanzas and Zenith: Fall
From Mount Chorus
Swaying Sunflowers

FFR Tenth Official

Champions #1

Operation Skillboost Like Heck Before The Official

[b]It's time to get swole.[/b] Over the next two weeks, I will be documenting my progress in this random thought. Every day, I will try to get a score I am proud of. Let the gains begin.

Sept 17: 3 FMO SDGs
Sept 18: [color=yellow]68 AAA[/color], [color=black]69 BF[/color]
[u]Sept 19:[/u]
Sept 20:
Sept 21:
Sept 22:
Sept 23:
Sept 24:
Sept 25:
Sept 26:
Sept 29:
Sept 30:
[b][color=red]Oct 1: [i]"Doomsday"[/i][/color][/b]
7 years
Yeah! Mandom!
My returning to FFR blog
Figured this might be fun. My goal is to be able to AAA Gacha Gacha Cute again before the tournament, guess we'll see if that happens.

Right now my first day back in eight months or so I'm warming up with some easy stuff. Started at 25 then went to 30 and 35. I played Coactive and beat my old 11g, moving it all the way up to 2-0-0-1 (and that was because I couldn't trill the weird-rhythm stuff fast enough). Time heals all mindblocks, I suppose.

Not doing so well on higher difficulties, I've lost a lot of speed. I'm pleasantly surprised I retain a lot of ability to read the arrows though. After some warmup I got 32-13-0-22 (some mashing ech) on Gacha Gacha Cute, so that'll be the benchmark.

Day 2: sightread AAA on Sleep, Part 2. That was fun, really like that song. Surprised I didn't get any boos in there.

Day 3: playing some of the songs I've missed to get my levelranks neat again, got a bunch of new blackflags :P. I was pleasantly surprised that I've played The Brain of the Moon enough times to recognize the tune from Eirin's Clinic, despite not knowing much about Touhou.

I'll keep editing this as notable things happen.
Elite Ninja
This is a fun song
Always Returning
I am back to my beloved FFR!

Geez, life has definitely changed. My interests for the most part are still the same. Well, I still have the same interests- and then I have more! lol.

Abira is 7 now and I'll be 28 in October. Gadzooks, where has the time gone!?

I also realized I've had this profile for 9 years. ATTN ANY XANGA USERS: Were you upset when they said they were making xanga a premium blogging site? Sucks butt. Ugh.
Random FFR Thoughts - 27
Hello FFR-aholics! :D

Today's random thought is to celebrate my 600th FC - Hatten Carnival!! WOOOO. I should keep up with my 00th fc/pfc...Better late than never to start?

I'll frequently update this random thought as I progress along...or maybe I'll just create more random thoughts. Who knows.

Been playing mostly on stand alone and I'm having some occasion problems with my scores recording as I'm going back and playing songs I haven't played in forever...or playing some of my lower ranked songs to get a better rank.

I wonder if I should invest in wrist protectors? Sometimes, my wrists just freeze and I can't move my fingers which causes my PA to be awful on some songs...and I have Boo's that shouldn't even be Boo's. It's like one arrow on the dang screen and I miss that. Never mind the crazy run I managed to get through. Grrr....

I can tell I'm getting much better at this game as I'm relatively comfortable with reading songs that are in the mid-upper 60s. Now if I can only get my fingers to coordinate with that, then I'll be golden.

I am still uploading my gameplay to YouTube! My username there is the same as here: Kawaii025. :) Or you can just copy/paste this linkey-link:

If you also upload your FFR gameplay to YouTube, let me know! I'll always support a fellow FFR player! :D

The turtles will someday fall.

That is all.

So until next time...

Have a Happy FFR Day!
Token Fails
Epic Fails I get when trying to unlock tokens, only the best (or I guess worst Fails I get)

#1 - Judgement Days
News from 2014
Now a married man since 13th of september!
my ffr rank increased by 1 without me even playing. ok :p
tokyo skytree

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