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akcesoria do biżuterii Unlike Discovery L
akcesoria do biżuterii Unlike Discovery Learning, which might be simply too unstructured for a lot of teachers to contemplate adopting, and contains been criticized (a 2004 study by R. , SAP, or Oracle, or even a new manufacturing system, a brand new contact center response system, or even a new performance management system. Don't do not understand, you can find plenty more companies which can be inside the magazines, though the scale and quality these companies is without a doubt not small. It contains the job done however the issues are whenever a time or event gets changed then the group leader has to permit everyone know individually or by submitting a mass notification email.
Starting to play more DDR I guess
Been getting into DDR a lot recently, managed to get my first 3 AAA's over the last two weeks and all I want to do is get more....

So I guess ill set myself some goals for the summer because why the hell not, odds are i'm gonna be playing it a good amount over the next couples of months

with that in mind....

1: Get a total of 10 AAA's by the beginning of september (Current: 3)
I have about 30 files SDG'd, maybe could clean a few of them up?

2: AA Max 300 on euromix 2 again

I've only done it once and while this sounds like a good goal, Euromix 2 has the lowest AA% of any mix in DDR, I believe it's something like 88%. regardless, it still would be nice to get again (I managed to do it once on a fluke run)

3: Consistently Pass a new 10

I can only consistently most of the easy 10's on my local Supernova machine (Bag, Xepher Oni, Sakura Paranoia Survivor and Max 300) and it would be nice to try and get another one down. It will probably be Maxx unlimited as i've passed it twice and failed it twice on the last note (yup, TWICE ON THE LAST NOTE WTF) I may be able to do legend of max as well once I can do the jumps properly

4: Clear any extra stage on SN

This is probably the easiest of my goals, as i'm really close to passing Healing D Vision right now. I can't do FAXX at all and FELM seems to always get me at the gallops. It doesn't help that I can't read 400bpm at 1.5x and reverse. At least HDV is 360 and I can some what read it.

5. Convince my arcade to fix their crappy pads
lol not happening

first tourny won
Squid and Puppy's Summer Vanilla Tourney in D2

SDGs all day ayyy lmao
Dipsticks play RE4 (Episode 7)
The real fun starts at 4:20

FMO means difficulty 66-78, or songs that would unlock Otaku Speedvibe [Oni] if you AAA'd it.

Yes, I only have one FMO AAA, but who knows, maybe I'll get some more.

1. Boot (66) {6-29-2015}
Have you ever been left at a cliff hanger in a story?
It drives you crazy and want to know what happens next.
Imagine if the story just stopped there and never continued.
It's like you're reading a book and the page that contains the climax is torn out.
It's incomplete...and this book is the only copy left.
And when it's incomplete, you begin to imagine the what if's...
Wonder about the ending; soon making up your own.
Think of an ending that you want, but you'll never know the true ending.
It's like being born blind, you cannot see and will never be able to ...
It's like being unable to walk, hear, touch, speak.
You don't know how your baby sounds when he or she cries.
You don't know what it's like to feel someone kiss your lips, or hold their hand.
You will never know the sound of your own voice.
But you adjust to how it is, yet you still wonder...
Who knows, maybe one day you will find that missing page.
That page that completes the story.
Know whether your ending is a fantasy or correct.
Until then you will never know the end.
But remember...just because you don't know the ending, doesn't mean you should give up.
Maybe it's not time for you to reach that ending...
Or maybe you're supposed to write the ending and take charge.
But you won't know until you get to that part in the story.
Until then...just go with the flow...
You'll feel when its the right time because you will feel that something is missing...
And when you feel that missing piece, you won't know where to go.
But here's one a hint:
Go the very beginning....
And your answers may lie there.
And that missing page will be
But for now it's just what if's and if only's....
What if's and if only....

Oni Unlocked.
Why I don't play 9 AM FFR...
I have the sun blinding directly at my screen. gg.
Never thought I'd get this far
Front page of Avg ranks.
This is to see how I'm progressing.

300 AAA's []
400 AAA's []
500 AAA's []
600 AAA's []
700 AAA's []

400 FC's []
500 FC's []
600 FC's []
700 FC's []
800 FC's []
Quickdraw []

8,000 Av. Rank []
7,000 Av. Rank []
6,000 Av. Rank []
5,000 Av. Rank []
4,000 Av. Rank []
3,000 Av. Rank []
2,000 Av. Rank []
Happy Rainbow []

Otaku Speedvibe [Oni] []
AAA a difficulty 0 []
FC a difficulty 0 []

Skill Rating 7,000 []
Skill Rating 7,250 []
Skill Rating 7,500 []
Skill Rating 7,750 []
Skill Rating 8,000 []

Highest AAA: Boot {66}

Highest BF: TGWP, part 3 {60}

Highest SDG: Runny Mornings (SGX Mix) [4-1-0-9] {73}

Highest FC: Lexus Cyanixs [40-5-0-15] {74}
You can catch me active again. I've returned after a long hiatus.
4,000 CREDITS?!?!?
Just today I saw: 4,000 credits!
FOUR THOUSAND!!!!!one!!!eleven!!!11!!!!111!!!
Otaku Speedvibe [Oni] Unlocked!!!
Yes!!! Finally got Otaku Speedvibe [Oni]! :D



New highest AAA is Flight of the Bumblebee! :D

I really don't feel that I am D5 ready yet.
Two months and I already have 200 million grandtotal! I played THIS often!
yeah but...
If a thought comes to you randomly does that make it random?
Two friends on a hike
One day, Calvin and Jerry were on there way to a camping trip to go hiking and all of a sudden they ran into their two friends Big Bob and African Black in the middle of nowhere. They had a whole lot of catching up to do because they haven't seen each other in ages. After they were done talking about how their lives were, they all agreed to go their separate ways and go back to whatever they were doing. When Calvin was about to start his car, the car tires were popped and they had nowhere to go. The same thing happened to Big Bob and African Black. They were all stuck in the middle of nowhere. "Damn! What are we going to do?" said Calvin. Big Bob, African Black, Calvin and Jerry all agreed to stick together and go look for help. Just before they took off, Big Bob grabbed his bong and weed out of the trunk of his car and took a huge bong rip. Calvin didn't know if he wanted to take a hit or not so he flipped a coin. Heads, he will smoke, if tails, he won't smoke. Calvin got heads and then asked Big Bob for a hit. "No" Big Bob said to Calvin. "Oh, that's unfortunate then", "I guess it is" came from Big Bob. Calvin went back to his car and opened up the trunk and grabbed a base ball bat. He then walked up to Big Bob and hit him across the head with it. After Calvin killed Big Bob, he took out an M16 from the back seat of his car and killed all of his friends. Then came along Shrek flying out of nowhere, kidnapped Calvin and killed him. All that Shrek said to Calvin before he died was "It's all ogre now"
I made something, I forgot where the original was uploaded at, oh well.

Stuff to keep trying to fix
Palace of Destruction
Queen of Bootlegs
Calamity Fortune
Rave 1
Final Fantasy Last Battle Festival
World Tour 2004
Child Protective Services Theme Song [Oni]
Lawn Wake IX
Lightning Strikes Again - Metal Squad
Distortion Power
Mario Minor
Rarity Attempts 400 Dresses (LOOMING MIX)
o'er the flood
Crash Up Against The Inevitable
Wood Man (Megaman 2)
13th, Friday
To Make the End of Battle
The Bird's Poisoned Bathwater
All i wanna do is touch your powerpoints
Magical Higan Tour 2009
Ascension to Heaven
Gunkienen Tarusuigin
Resistance 4
T&J "complete ver."
44 Edit
Casino fire Kotomi-chan
Poison of the Earth
Lawn Wake II

All your base are belong to ME
thinking of you
Thank you for visiting my page!
That's about it, I'll post more soon I guess...
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