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toy story 4 was a good movie
srsly i think it was better than the first 3, I dont remember the other ones making me feel things like this one did :v
Chocolate Rain
this place still exists?
Life Update
Ultimega finally has a job! I'm pretty stoked about this. Been working with a master electrician for about a month now, and so far the job is going pretty good.

I also wanted to share a couple things. About a month and a half ago, I got in a wreck that gave me a minor case of whiplash. I'm okay though. Doing some therapy to help readjust my back and neck and, as it turns out, reset my nervous system, I didn't know was a thing.

Unrelated: Slowly working to improve some old scores that have been collection cyber dust the last couple years. Slowly bringing that average rank back up.
500 FC and Lvl 34
Few mins ago, again slowly but surely lol ^^;
Back in FFR casually
Started playing again for fun. Catching up from where i left. Still trying to aaa master to get oni. I think, i will never get there
Where to begin?

We started a business and figured out, that we don't really want to do business, not in the way that we first intended, anyways. We're thankful for these lessons, early on, so we can take the steps back to be able to build the right way and prepare ourselves for when our foundations are balanced.

Learning to grab our dark side's hand and reteach them how to breathe, be, stretch, move, cry, dance, run, jump, sleep, smile, and all of those things to really live and let go of stuff. Talk about generational healing and overcoming traumatic experiences, and being able to recognize anxiety and depression, and then not having the feeling of death follow you around everywhere you go, and actually experience peace.

We have found out that we just want to be artists that express ourselves, learn skills, and help others do the same. I'm so excited to dive into design, talk with fellow artisans, and truly enjoy life again.

Learning and actively speaking up, slowly. (:

We are still healing and this too, is beautiful.
Playing Every FFR Song From Least to Most Notes
aka my love letter to ffr for all my time spent on it over the years. i made this account when i was 15. this is a nostalgia blast for me

streaming entire thing here: https://www.twitch.tv/aweinstock

session 1:
started: 'Excite Bike' [32 notes]
ended: 'In The Clouds' [209 notes]

session 2:
started: 'Temple [Karco]' [211 notes]
ended: 'No Money Down, Low Monthly Payments' [345 notes]

session 3:
started: 'Canon In WHEE' [346 notes]
ended: 'ReRicked' [400 notes]

session 4:
started: 'Distorted reality' [401 notes]
ended: 'Curtain' [448 notes]

session 5:
started: 'Burnout' [450 notes]
ended: 'Slow Motion (Wipeout Pure Xtra)' [486 notes]

session 6:
started: 'Sound of my Dream RMX' [487 notes]
ended: 'Prism' [562 notes]

session 7:
started: 'Crow Song' [563 notes]
ended: 'Sakura Blue Sky' [601 notes]

session 8:
started: 'Desperation ~Pandemic Day Mix~' [601 notes]
ended: 'Infinite Blue' [631 notes]

session 9:
started: 'January's Song' [631 notes]
ended: 'Chinaman' [698 notes]

session 10:
started: 'Samurai Road' [700 notes]
ended: 'C7 Funk' [749 notes]

session 11:
started: 'Toph's OP' [750 notes]
ended: 'Buzzards' [785 notes]

session 12:
started: 'Electro Rush x8' [787 notes]
ended: 'Follow You (feat. Danyka Nadeau) (Rhythmics Remix)' [849 notes]

session 13:
started: 'Tough Guy (Tim Ismag Remix)' [850 notes]
ended: 'Kyrie' [899 notes]

session 14:
started: 'Sail AwaY' [900 notes]
ended: 'Endless Tewi-ma Park' [966 notes]

session 15:
started: 'dot death (Stealth Remix)' [966 notes]
ended: '{Firestorm}' [1010 notes]

session 16:
started: 'Bohemian Chic'[1011 notes]
ended: 'Camel' [1070 notes]

session 17:
started: 'K8107' [1071 notes]
ended: 'Concussive' [1099 notes]

session 18:
started: 'LUV CAN SAVE U' [1100 notes]
ended: 'Posers Listen to Fakebit Music' [1168 notes]

session 19:
started: 'Garyuutensei' [1168 notes]
ended: 'Disconnected Hardkore' [1198 notes]

session 20:
started: 'comfort betrays' [1200 notes]
ended: 'Pure Ruby' [1220 notes]

session 21:
started: 'Starry Sky (TANUKI BOOTLEG)' [1222 notes]
ended: 'Velaciela' [1250 notes]

session 22:
started: 'Piano Etude (Gymnastics)' [1253 notes]
ended: 'Dendrite v2' [1299 notes]

session 23:
started: 'Caprice' [1300 notes]
ended: 'Hello (Luke Da Duke Remix)' [1340 notes]

session 24:
started: 'The Formula' [1340 notes]
ended: 'Beautiful Arrhythmia' [1415 notes]
i have a confession to make
i am shadowdueler97

p.s. I miss mrpreggers
Whoops, turned 16!
Yep, it happened. I'm now officially 16 years old!
So, I guess, happy birthday to me...!

And since school ended, I now have more time for FFR and other cool things :) So, yeah! Happy summer to everyone!
My brain half the time
Dolphins are the worlds best creature.
Oh, wow.
I forgot this place existed for ages...Well, no, that's not *exactly* true. I didn't forget, but I just haven't gotten on in a while, being busy with things like Phantasy Star Online 2, Destiny 2, Monster Hunter World, Azur Lane, and Granblue Fantasy. I also got into Phantasy Star Universe Clementine the other day, and I'm downloading Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst Ephinea too. Looking back on how I was eleven years ago, though...Boy, was I a shitty person. I'm not even afraid to admit that. Anyway, I'm just writing this because I can, ahaha. (And I should probably stop writing before I turn this into some kind of rant. I doubt anyone reads these things, so I really don't think they wanna see that.)
Riot Actions in Indonesia. May 22th, 2019.
Well.. unfortunately. There was a riot in my country. It's happened because election results. Some of president's supports candidate disagree about election results. There are many people died for this riot. Social media like Instagram and Whatsapp was stopped to stop hoax news distribution. Pray for Indonesia. I hope the citizens who didn't follow the demonstration still safe.

If you want to know about riot action in Indonesia at May 22th, 2019. You can read this news here:


Pray for Indonesia
10 Years in Flash Flash Revolution
Hello guys, I'm back. It's long time not seeing my profile in FFR. Suddenly, I miss this site. I hope you all still here for playing this game. I'm sorry for not here for a long time because my new life in my college and my jobs as lecturer. This site has a lot of memories in my life. So I'm back for play this game again.

I hope I can communicate with you guys. Love you! :)
Mr Pops Alot
Have Books Become a Niche?
Probably. I rather go do something more interesting like smash keys to the beat than read a novel.

I just see it as a niche people are forced into
i had no idea this was a feature that existed
dude this is cool
online journal
'cause im not updating my cry for help thread anymore, but i do want a place where i can post about my problems. it'll be updated when things happen i guess


Profile Makeover
Mainly because I was tired of the old design of my profile was boring and too generic, now it looks cool :D

FEEL free to comment
I think today was the greatest day that I have had on FFR so far. I got 25 FC's and 36 improved/new scores. I also added 48 million to my grandtotal after taking a break (about 3 weeks to a month), and I increased by 3 levels to get to level 53. Guess the break was worth it.
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