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Nega Master
My new avatar
I picked this one because even though mlp is cool to me, I just have a thing for trixie lulamoon from the series. SHE'S AMAZING! DO NOT JUDGE ME!!!!

I wasn't even trying that hard but still those are all knockout punches lol
Its time...
To try to come back...
Damn I suck now atm :D
I am not Fiction
I am a real person
Such speed
From now on whenever I play solo I will play everything on rate 1.2.

I will set a speed goal. Zombie Sunset 1.3 FC: Not Completed
that last video got copyrighted


lemme know if this piss yellow is too hard on the eyes.
121 tier points
been gone for a while, and now I come back and I've earned 100+ tier points by doing nothing.

I guess the practice on Stepmania has paid off.
GO [b]Team [color=purple]Replicant-FFR-Ignition[/color]!![/b]
Marisa stole the precious thing UNLOCK!
I'm fucking pathetic but I got that piece of shit after much frustration


Break time.
Can't finish any songs 60 on up now without draining so much stamina. Not sure if it's my keyboard or that my right wrist can pop whenever it wants to. Rest assured my wrist doesn't hurt, but I feel fatigue like halfway through a song and I wanna stop.

So yeah. So much for trying to get better. I'll just play TCG challenges and half-ass finish Trumpet's tournament for a pack. That's basically it.
How the...
How the hell did I really screw up the ending on "For FFR." Just how...

Life is a Roller Coaster...
And throughout my life I've learned a lot.
Especially these last couple years.
I learned that just because you are successful doesn't mean you should be ashamed about where you came from or forgotten it.
Just because you feel worthless doesn't mean you are.
Just because you failed doesn't mean you can't succeed.
Just because you are seeing a therapist doesn't mean you're crazy.
Just because your life was messed up growing up doesn't mean you should continue doing it to your own kids.
Just because people didn't understand you doesn't mean you won't meet someone who does.
Just because you dream of being famous doesn't mean you can't do it.
Just because you aren't with God doesn't mean you won't find Him.
Just because you are lesbian or gay doesn't mean you are going to hell.
Just because you feel like the world is better off without you doesn't mean someone won't miss you.
Just because you're strict doesn't mean you're a bitch.
Just because you are quiet doesn't mean you are stuck up.
Just because you look emo doesn't mean you praise the devil.
Just because you cry doesn't mean you're weak.
Just because you take care of yourself doesn't make you selfish.
Just because you're in a long distant relationship doesn't mean it's impossible.
Just because you're heart broken doesn't mean you can't move on.
Just because you live in housing doesn't mean you're a low life
Just because you feel like a hopeless case doesn't mean you can't succeed.
Just because you're older doesn't mean it's too late to do something more with your life.
Just because you're little doesn't mean you don't understand.
Just because you get along with everyone doesn't mean you tell people's secrets.
Just because you're an adult doesn't mean you can't be a child at heart.
Just because you keep to yourself doesn't mean you're strange.
Just because you lost someone you love doesn't mean you should give up on life.
Just because you're a woman doesn't mean you're not capable of being independent.
Just because you're a girl who plays video games doesn't mean you can't be girly.
Just because he's your first love doesn't mean he's the one.
Just because you look different doesn't mean you don't have a great personality.
Just because you're hurt doesn't mean it's the end of the world.
Just because you feel alone in the world doesn't mean you are alone.
We live in a judgemental world and it's sad how ignorant we can be.
We are all human and have our own bumps along the road.
I have learned a lot but there's a lot more to learn.
12 Month/Holiday Profile Project
okays...since i have been off gonna [try waaaay harder] come back and play from time to time and each month that has the best celebrated holiday will be arranged with a profile that shall be made for that month...i am kinda taking ideas in for months...i was suppose to start this thing new years day [happy new year btw...=w=] so this "Valentines Day profile - Glaceon" shall start the first month [for me...] and so on and so veeeeery open to any ideas and assisting to help me with this project...[you will receive full credit for your help and a free hug...maybe cookies too~!!] so lets commence the show~!!! >w<

from this weird "it",
~Hikami/"K" /人◕ ‿‿ ◕人\
Rip new keyboard it lasted 3 hours before it began giving me random boos.

Edit: My old keyboard would give me a few boos almost every song

My new keyboard gives about 20 boos every song. It has GOT TO FUCKING GO.
Book of Memories
Each person has multiple books of memories.
And each book represents new memories for each person they meet.
It can be someone you've known you're whole life,
Someone you just met,
Or even someone you don't talk to at all.
It's a book that is written by life.
There are books that are so old that the pages even turned yellow.
Some have torn pages because those memories want to be forgotten.
That's how it feels with this one book I have.
It was the book that I carried with me and took care of the most.
Tried not to open it too much because I didn't want the pages turning yellow as fast.
But as things got worse, the less I looked at the book.
Time went by and I never bothered to open the book,
I didn't want to have it anymore.
Then one day I opened it, read our first memory.
I cried and cried, hating that these memories hurt.
I did not regret having the book because I met amazing people along the way.
But it hurt a lot.
In anger, I ripped the first page and closed it.
This cycle became more and more.
I kept ripping the pages as I read more memories.
It was almost as if I hated you, but I didn't.
I just felt the pain and anger.
Finally I got to the point where there were no more memories.
Just one page with so little memories.
Just the last few we had together and the great people I met.
At this point, I closed the book and decided to never open it again.
Because there is no reason to open it.
When the book has reached the end of its story...
So now is the time to find a new book with new memories.
A tool is something you take out of the tool box when you NEED it.
When you need to fix something or take something apart .
And once you are finished, you put it away.
And wait until the next time you need it.
It's not something you want....just what you need.
That's how she used to see herself when someone needed her.
She gave that person the attention when they needed it
she listened, cared, comforted, and lifted that person out of the hole they were in.
But once they felt better, they forgot about her.
Put her away like she's some tool and took out her when she was needed.
She didn't care, because she just wanted to make people happy.
She kept on smiling when the just walked away.
The sad part is nobody was there when she needed someone.
And sadly nobody cared either.
She never liked to tell people how she felt or what she thought because she was afraid she would burden them.
She kept giving up her happiness for other people
That's what kept her going.
And when she failed someone she would be disappointed in herself
Knowing she failed someone and would keep trying again.
Eventually she grew tired of being just someone who kept getting put away.
She got tired of the lies.
She wanted to find something real that wouldn't use her.
But this world is so corrupted.
If she was a little selfish, people would get upset at her.
Shut her out and soon she began to realize who her friends were.
But she still cared too much and kept giving chances to people who didn't deserve it.
Still tired of being used,
But she kept going forward, trying to take care of herself rather than others.
Because she wants to be wanted not needed.
She is not at tool anymore,
She is not someone's temporary fix.
And refuses to be one again.

-Sika 1/18/15

Based off: "I see myself like a tool, I'm there for someone when they need me but once they are better they put me away. I show I care and try to make then happy because they smile I smile...that's what keeps me daily goal is to make someone smile...."
MCZ vs KISS - Yumeno Ukiyoni Saiteminna

The Well
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