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AAA'ed on First Play
OK, it was only a difficulty 18 song (Eight), but still. I haven't played much FFR for a long time, so the fact that I was able to AAA a song on the very first play, having never heard the music or seen the arrow stream before, was a real surprise. A pleasant one, naturally, but one I don't expect to happen much. It's too easy to make mistakes when you're as out of practice as I am.
This website has been causing me too much stress lately, so I'm stepping away from here for a long while.

I mean good god, I already sucked it up in the official tournament so if I can't even do well enough in a contest that involves Graphic Design, which is my god damn college major, then I give up.
How am i supposed to improve my highest triple a by 13 levels I just cannot PA
FFR Events
A week of Trick or Treat!
There are a lot's of prizes up for grabs, if you can decode our vague hints, or just happen to stumble upon something eerie on your own. If you want to take part in this year's week long scavenger hunt, take a look at all the info [url=][color=royalblue]in this thread[/color][/url].

If you are a good enough site sleuth, you can win some tokens, [b]including the three new newest ones. Touhou Judgment in the Sixtieth Year, Bedtime Story, and The Bridgeport Run![/b] So if you missed out or just didn't donate for the 10th official prize pool, now's your first chance to get a hold on them!
600 AAAs (Again.)
Getting back up there :/
all 1-80's aaa'd
It's been a while, and i can't believe this has finally happened! finally aaa'd honki sentai and magical higan tour 2009 to get this
hard for me.
A Little Help From Speed Mods
I was playing a few songs today and having a little trouble. While that's to be expected since I'm out of practice, I remembered that using a speed mod helped in the past. I checked this setting and it was at 1.5x, as I remembered it should be, so I bumped it up to 2x. That seemed to help a bit -- I was able to improve a few scores on lower difficulty songs. It certainly can't make up for all the skill I've lost over the years, but it seems like it can help at least a little bit with reading the arrows, which provides some small compensation.

Now if I can just eliminate the lag I seem to get sometimes. I'm surprised I still seem to have lag at all because I have a pretty good gaming laptop now. If it's real, I suspect it's due to things running on my machine, maybe taking up some memory or processing power. I'll have to try stopping some of them, or maybe seeing if running FFR stand-alone will help.
R.I.P Captain Jack <3
Forward march!

Hey yo Captain Jack
(Hey yo Captain Jack)
Bring me back to the railroad track
(Bring me back to the railroad track)
Gimme a gun in my hand
(Gimme a gun in my hand)
I want be a shootin man
(I want be a shooting man)
Left, right, left
(Left, right, left)
The military step
(The military step)
The air force rap
(The air force rap)
The seventeenth's the best
(The seventeenth's the best)
Go... left, go right, go pick up the step, go left, go right, go left
(Go... left, go right, go pick up the step, go left, go right, go left)
Hay I updated my profile
just changed some things, like the color, and thats really it...
My current status...
I hate the round 4 song... 3 away from AAA.

25th AAA: FF7 - Theme of Aeris (3)
3000th game: Everfree (25)
Blazing Phoenix
FC List
[X] 3- Cascata
[X] 11- See You Dance
[X] 13- Clouds from the East
[X] 22- Hoot [AREIA Remix]
[X] 23- W
[X] 24- Rill Rill (Dr. Ozi Remix)
[X] 28- Desperation ~Pandemic Day Mix~
[] 28-
[X] 15- Little Star
[X] 16- Theme of the Dragoon Knights
D3 Round 4
I already have no hope for this round, so imagine my reaction when I find out a third of arrows aren't even on sync. I want to get eliminated because I wasn't skilled enough, not because the simfile is poorly synced and warranted a ton of bullcrap goods and averages. And if it wasn't bad enough, one of my best runs got canned because my browser crashed.

I'm gonna go to bed, and when I wake up I'm already gonna be below the elimination line. Calling it now.
Elite Ninja
10th Official Tournament Round 4 Blog~
[b]Round 4 - Poison of the Earth[/b]

[b][u]Day 1[/b][/u]: Sightread 11-0-0-1 because I wasn't warmed up and absolutely can't stand the song. I can't understand how people enjoy this kind of music... (the singing part of it that is). Can definetly improve. I jumped from that 11-0-0-1 to a 2-0-0-0 after like 4 more tries lol. I got the 2 goods on video. Then I BFed the song a few more tries later and got the good on the stupid left arrow slow part near the end asdlkfjaosidfuaosd. Didn't get that on vid because didn't want to record anymore and didn't expect to improve. I whored the song a bunch more and kept getting 1 good somewhere so decided to take a break and play the D7 song. Then came back to try Poison of the Earth again because I knew if I were to AAA it ever it would have to be today... First try coming back to it and BAM I NAILED IT WOOOOOOOOOOO FIRST 82 AAA!!!! Unfortunately I didn't get it on vid because making a video makes me even more nervous and harder to AAA DX

[color=green]Current Score - AAA!!!!! (20+ restarts)[/color]
[color=red]Score Needed - TBD[/color]

Only got a vid of the 2 goods run because recording was making me too nervous to improve my score.
dick pills
quick rant
im so sick of not being able to post in the forums. i have posted approximately 20 different posts, and everytime i press the "post" button, i am greeted by a screen telling me that my post must be approved by a moderator before it will be publicly visible..... not one of my posts has been approved and i suspect that they never will be approved.. i am sick of this and just want access to TGB. the staff has implemented so many rules,,, now everything i used to do has some type of restriction.. I CANT EVEN GIVE DOWNVOTES ANYMORE!!! what is the world coming to???
I Don't Know Anymore
I'm just gonna keep my mouth shut for a while. If I can't get the right offset sync from the game, then I have to manipulate my computer into giving me something better. Try running a heavier application while playing FFR, see how it affects the sync.
What I suddenly realized about me and tournaments
So. After several hours of tangling with mindblocks and growing so frustrated I am finding it difficult to resist the urge to throw my laptop out of my tenth story window, I have come across the reason why my tournament performance is so much worse than my actual performance.

On the FFR tournament threads, I commonly see people getting new best AAA's during tournaments, shattering their own records during tournaments, and basically performing insanely well during a tournament.

For me, it's just the opposite. I do not only worse, but tremendously worse during a tournament. Songs with patterns that I am absolutely certain I could AAA otherwise (Rat Twist) or SDG (Be-Music Polyphony) I suddenly can barely FC (or, in the case of Be-Music, barely even single-digit miss).

Why? Tournaments, it turns out, cater specifically to my weaknesses as a FFR player.

I'm at my best when I'm jumping from song to song, playing every song as though it is a sightread, and never lingering on one song for too long. If I play a song more than about 10-20 tries, I start to develop really fierce mindblocks. Songs like Be-Music make this even worse, because it has the SAME PATTERN repeated eight times in a row at the beginning. This basically means every play counts as eight in mindblock terms. Not only that, but FFR's quick restarts (compared to SM) only exacerbate the mindblock problem. Maybe that's why I don't seem to get blocked in SM.

I got mindblocked after three plays of Be-Music. Not even kidding here. It's no coincidence that my best play (the 14-1-1-3) was my third play of the song.

Not only that, but what I've noticed is that others' mindblocks fade away fairly quickly, over hours or days (or on the rare occasion, weeks.) Not me. My mindblocks last FOREVER. Don't believe me? I'm still mindblocked on Ochi [Standard]. The tournament song from the SEVENTH OFFICIAL. THREE FREAKING YEARS AGO. And all the mindblocks are still there if I try to play it now. It really sucks knowing that even if I had the skill to quad The Others, I still couldn't AAA Ochi.

So the format of tournaments are exactly the opposite of my optimal method of playing FFR/SM. Maybe I should just stop entering them...they're more frustrating than they're worth.

With that, I bid farewell to the 10th Official. Going back to jumping from song to song...where I can actually play with something resembling skill, rather than having to watch my fingers stumble over the same six notes again and again and again.
Top 16?
Ok. I'm only gonna allow ONE person to take up my entire top 16. Tell me why you should be that one person, and if you win, you're in there!

Deadline is at the end of this week. GO!
A Few Thoughts
I try to stop in at FFR once in a while and play a few games now and then, more so for old time's sake than for any real attempt at getting good scores or anything. I'm way out of practice at the game now since I rarely play anymore, and I'm pretty sure I've lost most of whatever skill I used to have back in the day. Even the really low difficulty songs don't seem as easy I think they should be. I was playing some songs tonight and actually starting to wonder if some of the arrows are slightly off from the music -- while music's not my profession, I do have a good background in it and was surprised at times to see taps I thought were on beat with the music register with lower accuracy than I expected. I'm sure the step files are synced far better now than they were originally though (e.g., look at the Legacy songs), so I guess that just goes to show how much skill I've lost. :P Much of my notes from the last post regarding my playing and loss of ability still hold true, though that's probably obvious. To avoid losing touch completely, it would be nice to squeeze in a little more play time here, but I'm not sure that will happen. Oh well. Oh, it was nice to see that my FFR Rank, although dropping as expected, hasn't completely taken a nose dive. I know it isn't a great metric for anything, but it's still nice to have a reasonable ranking for it. Anyway, I'm around (kind of) should anyone want to get in touch with me.
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