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Road to top 10 GT Rank
Just recently got top 100 so gonna track my GT progress each month and try to get top 10 since it's a goal I'm sure I can reach. After coming back and playing after like 7 months I started to enjoy playing this game again since I stopped slaving over improving which just ended up making me frustrated and wanting to quit. After finally obtaining Speedvibe Oni and making it to D5 I felt like I reached my goals skillwise. I've pretty much hit a wall ever since. Now I'm playing more for fun and I'm really enjoying playing the game again and setting a goal like this seems good for me at this point. Wish me luck! :D

July 2015 - [?]
Milestone Checker
AAAs 200: July 28th, 2015
FCs 500: ???
Tier Points 200: July 28th, 2015

FFR Rank 550: ???
FFR Average Rank 2500: ???
FFR Grandtotal Rank 4000: ???
FFR Grandtotal 2,000,000,000: ???

Reluctantly Accepting Temporary Overexhaustion 4pt: July 28th, 2015
Tell v3: July 28th, 2015
Samus Aran
Frictional Nevada AAA
Add me via Steam!
As of late if I am not on FFR then I am 99% of the time on Steam so feel free to add me or give me a shout!

Currently have ~142 games to play on so hit me up!

Username: The Zenithian
Norfolk Gal
To do list
Alright, here I'll post a little list of short term goals:

- Beautify my profile
- Play all unplayed songs
- Learn to jack (never gonna happen <_<)

- 404th of July
- Kirlian Shores
- Wonder World! v2

- FC every song of difficulty 50 or lower (40 and down DONE)

Well that happened
GG well played.
Nega Master
DDRNGGIN and I are now a permanent couple. Nothing can tear us apart. He actually knows how to treat me right. I feel like the luckiest girl ever. Oh and Jordan, if your reading this? I love you hun!!!!
1000 FCs / 7 billion Total Score
Two milestones today! Hooray :)
I'm Back
After long time busy with activities on my campus, I got long holiday right now until September. Include Ramadhan holiday. Now I'm back to play this game again.

And right now, I got 499 FCs. Need 1 FC again to get 500 FCs.
Lost Potential
"You should leave with dignity"
"To hell with dignity; I'll leave when the job is done." -M

what's with american sm players and having deep voices? proof of steroid use? idk.
Currently Charting
FFR (All on hold till the batch is caught up)

Funkyard / Arrowhead and Zentura
Hero Of The Grey Area / SGX
Our Final Mourning / The Flashbulb
Pon / Goreshit
Sis Puella Magica / Uzzbuzz
Viridian / Between The Buried and Me


Erza No Theme / Later
This Game / Later
Venari Strigas Kajiura Yuki
Zone Of Luna / Scylaxx (Spelling?)
The Fountain Of Dreams / Later (Smash 4 remaster)
The Horizon-Devouring Serpent / Revo
Plus Boy / Reol
Catastrophe / Later
Final Boss (Phase 2) / Later (From Splatoon)

Deemo / Cytus Mini Pack?

Been charting a lot of the music from these games and it has been fun.

It's A Wonderful World / Hamo Ft. Hatsune Miku
Les Parfums de L'Amour / Later
Entrance / ICE (All 4 cuts.)
Myosotis / M2U & Nicode Ft. Guriri & Lucy
Where You Are Not / Nicode
L: Liberation / ICE
Nine Point Eight / Mili

Damn I have a lot of files to finish. x.x'
_DJ Vinyl_
leaving to camp for a week
I will be BAK
Resident Evil 4 (Episode 11) - Top Notch Baby Porn
My favorite episode so far, but we're still literally retarded, so feel free to disregard my opinion <3

Poem book --- Half way picked the collection of poems for my book, still more to go, then to narrow things down. Researching all I can on self publishing. (E-books, and prints) smile emoticon

Rap/ Hip-Hop/ Punk/ Alternative Rock album --- For the double album, I believe I'm done with the selection of songs. On to editing the lyrics, making final cuts, and add ons. Researching all I can on self releasing. grin emoticon

Instrumental album --- Computer needs a total upgrade with better hardware. unsure emoticon

Artist name --- I really am looking to go by a new name... been researching things, and trying to feel for a few names, but I don't know. It needs to be more original, and still be me... :|

If anyone has any advice, comments, questions, or anything please let me know. Thanks!
-Nick Chaos
1 billion GT...
It took me 1/4 of a year to achieve what someone could do in less than 24 hours. Yay me...
I make youtube videos
Go sub to me:
300M Grandtotal-6,000 Crediʦ-1,750 Plays
300,000,000 grandtotal?! I'm 1/10 of the way to being an FFR veteran: Meaning... within 20 months I will be a veteran!

2 months now. Reached a lot of milestones!
6,000 credits? Awesome!
1,750 plays? Siiiiiiiick!

My average FFR rank is lower than 20,000?! Awesome!


FFR Milestone Dude
3 Years of FFR!
I can't believe it's already been 3 years since I first became a member here. I've always loved rhythm games, and when I found FFR, I was instantly hooked. I remember when I first started playing and I could barely FC the easiest songs in the game. After playing the game on and off during my free time, I got better and better. I would often play during study hall at school and everyone around me would be completely amazed since they've never seen anyone play that before. After a while I took a break from FFR since I was busy with school and work, and started playing Stepmania instead. I love how Stepmania has a seemingly infinite amount of songs to download, but I started to miss the FRR community. This spring, I made my official comeback and decided to take the game more seriously and improve my skills. I've already improved a lot since then, and now if I try hard enough, I can AAA songs that are in the 30's and 40's. One time, I got lucky and FC'd a song that was 70 :P. Anyway, I'm glad to be apart of an awesome community and I look forward to playing for years to come.
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