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What FFR means to Awein
I've been a member on FFR for 7 years now. It is a place where my goal is simplified to the maximum--hit notes on the screen. I don't have to worry about installing anything or downloading song packs. I just turn the game on and hit notes. It's a way to meditate and de-stress when life is feeling complicated and out of control. I've used FFR to cope with times of chaos and panic in my life since I was 15 and I still use it today. I'm grateful for the people that maintain this site and have kept it in existence.

Shoot me a message if you wanna catch up or maybe even talk to me for the first time!
Yay improve my score on this.
so that tournament thou
yea im shit now idk why i tried
"Have you ever had so much to say that your mouth closed up tight struggling to harness the nuclear force coalescing within your words? Have you ever had so many thoughts churning inside you that you didn’t dare let them escape in case they blew you wide open? Have you ever been so angry that you couldn’t look in the mirror for fear of finding the face of evil glaring back at you?"
I'm done with SM. It's not fun to me anymore, and I think it's about time I focus on my other hobbies. I will keep in touch with the ones who have had a significant impact on my duration of time with the game; in addition to that, I will also still lurk and post on the website. Happy arrow smashing peeps.
1st AAA
I have these on my other account, i'm gonna try to get these:

[x]Dazzling Destiny
[x]Spinning With You
[x]R3 (Omega Mix)
[x]Party 4u -holy nite mix- v3
[x]Frozen Bond
[x]Heavy Danger
[x]{Satori} v2
[x]~Absolute Zero~
[x]SSSG v2
[x]Love Cheat!
[x]Abyss (Downbeat Mix)
[x]Incognito v2
[x]Sail AwaY
[x]Stunt Flying (Sanxion7 Mix)
[x]Prelude to Rites
[]Disconnected -mobius-
[x]Hatten Carnival! v2
[]RainDrops v2
[x]Tell v2
[x]Minute Waltz v2
[x]Big Blue v2
[x]Ding Dong Song [Standard]
[x]Elektrik Shiivers
[x]A Correspondances Illumitees
[x]Revolutionary Etude
[x]Video Out B
[x]Ball of Malt
[x]Nothing's Gonna Stop Me v2

Now for the tokens:

[]Orchestral Angels
[]Slow Motion (Wipeout Pure Xtra)

Well, Shit.
Random music when bored
If Stepmania is my FirstStyle...

and FlashFlashRevolution is my SecondStyle (because it has a second Flash in its name)...

What would be my ThirdStyle?

Here's a hint...I just gave you the answer...ThirdStyle!

ThirdStyle is almost like FFR, and I'm loving it very much! I ran across it Tuesday, and registered for a profile account Thursday! It's a lot of fun, and if you want another account prior to FFR, i DEFINITELY recommend it!

Just go to, click on Resister, enter your email adress with a couple other stuff, and you're good to go! It's that easy! Once you get the account, I can bet you'll agree with me, that it's a lot of fun and you'll love it!
That's all I have to say, until next time!
Stepmania Speed Goals 2014/2015
May as well. If anyone has any more to suggest to me, let me know!

Bearforce1 AA ( )
300 1.4 AA ( )
MIHC streams AA ( ) 91.9
Let's Fighting Love AA ( )
The Others A ( )
Eiyuu no Shi AA ( ) 92.7
This is not a song it's a sandwich AA ( )
OML Lovely Hours Gamma AA ( )
Reflec Streamz AA ( ) 91.4
Electric Butterfly AA ( )
Identity Part 2 AA ( ) 91.5
Powershifter 1.5 AA ( ) 91.3
Body Breakdown 1.4 AA ( )
Thru Our Scars 1.2 AA ( ) 90.6
Disregard 1.2 AA ( )
Kanikuly 1.4 AA ( )
Jason's OP 1.2 AA ( )
Rave7 Edit AA ( )
Peace Breaker SDCB ( )
Blue Planet SDCB ( ) 22 CB's
Air Raid 90% ( )
Pine Nut Pass ( )
Quadrasphinx 1.4 AA ( )
Tiptoe Through the Tulips AA ( )
The Powerpuff Girls AA ( )

Wow, I have no life. XD
I'm only adding people who have karaoke, otaku or anime in their name or interests.
10th Official Tournament Log
Better late then never but whatever.

(Round 1 Lexus Cyanixs) (1-0-0-0)

Chart wasn't too hard more than it was the fact I had just picked up rhythm gaming again a week prior to the official started.

Kept mindblocking the very end so I just stuck out with my blackflag which of course got me to round 2.

No complaints so far.
(Round 2 - Capoeira Sundance) (AAA)

Oh boy, only 2 rounds in and already boiling with frustration, I thought for sure I might get knocked out this round but I managed to overcome mindblocks and overcome one of my weaker skill sets.
Chart overall was actually pretty fun but the trills were annoying as fuck and I'm glad I got the AAA.
(Round 3 - FUSE!!) - (AAA)

Was very excited with another chart from SKG_Scintill, guy always makes amazing charts that are fun to play, had some issues with the grace note solo but got over the blocks after 2 days.
Skyrim xD
Who needs credits?
Sweet Angel
In Utah Now :)
Just got here a couple weeks ago, everything's been really awesome compared to Detroit. People are super nice and the area is really pretty and bright. The new Home Depot that I work at is huge compared to my old one but I don't like it as much, it's really dirty >.> However I applied for a fulltime housekeeping position at a hotel and had an interview today. And I got the job! New computer runs much faster than my old one but I'll have to get a new keyboard if I ever plan on playing this again.
Where can I find you?
If I'm not online here, here's where you'll find me!


osu! (most likely here):

Skype (I rarely use): PM for skype please

If I'm not online on Steam or osu, I'm out adventuring


I find it difficult to muster this pack out, but to be honest there's more content on this engine than I'd ever dreamed of. If you want to play simfiles made by me (Which I'll admit I have too many of) or some other people, go to the R^3 engine, and in the options, other options, engine, add engine, then paste this url:

The Difficult Pack Engine:

I add songs to this engine quite often, but I never posted about it until now (10/15/2014).

If you'd like to be able to see your song on the engine, PM me with the ZIP file containing your file and I'll add your song to a separate category on the engine, that is if you prefer mine over some other author I'm unaware of. I can also structure a list how you'd like it to be structured, but that's about all I can do.

I've been thinking...
There's a virus or parasite or something that infects ants, kills them, and controls their brain (Yes, like The Walking Dead) and what if that mutates with the Ebola Virus O.o CARL, RICKY, GLEN let's go *does a super hero pose*.
Now that I'm out...
Everyone should clearly see I am not worth being D7.
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