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11th Official Tournament
Division 3 (Again?!) :P
Round 1: Follow You (feat. Danyka Nadeau) (Rhythmics Remix)
41,105 or 804-39-3-3-11
why i can't be d6
because there's not a single 78+ song i can improve let alone be good at.
11th Official Tournament!
This is my first official tournament and I am competing in Division 4. My goal is to reach Top 8

Round 1 - Red Sphere, Blue Sphere
Not bad, and the trills in the end give me major mindblocks. This score should let me move on to Round 2

Round 2 -

Round 3 -

Round 4 -

Round 5 -

Round 6 -

Round 7 -

Round 8 -
FFR 11th Official Tournament (D6)
[color=green]Green[/color] is AAA
[color=yellow]Yellow[/color] is Safe
[color=red]Red[/color] is Eliminated

Round 1

D1: Pink Cloud (feat. Max Collins) ([color=green]AAA[/color])
D2: Insignia ([color=green]AAA[/color])
D3: Follow You (feat. Danyka Nadeau) (Rhythmics Remix) ([color=green]AAA[/color])
D4: Red Sphere, Blue Sphere ([color=green]AAA[/color])
D5: Funny Function ([color=yellow]1-0-0-0[/color])
D6: Le carnaval des animaux, Movement no. 14 ”Finale” ([color=green]AAA[/color])
D7: oppIrish (GYPSYCOREremix) ([color=red]74-1-9-9[/color])
11th Official Tournament
Going SS5 for this tournament and also since I'm almost D7. I'm not going to make a log or anything, that was all I wanted to say. Good luck beating super saiyan 5 Goku, bitches.
St. Scarhand Unlocked!!!!
I guess it just took some good Drumstep to finally unlock St. Scarhand lol. Now if I can just AAA Follow You for the Official Tournament :P.

Violet Perfume Pump it up s14 S GET

I get so sweaty playing this game...
11th Official FFR Tournament!
yoyoyo, this is the one that matters. Pretty happy with my performance last year so I'm definitely looking forward to this one as well. Competition's probably going to be rougher than last year so I'll be on the lookout for that, haha.

Round 1: oppIrish (GYPSYCOREremix) - Took two tries. One on stream, and then when I stopped streaming, I got it lol.

11th Official Tournament
Round 1: Insignia .... 15-2-2-23

Super pumped for this first round as the file is so much fun to play but also to listen to

edit: I keep improving by like 20 points -_-

Round 2:

Round 3:

Round 4:

Round 5:

Round 6:

Round 7:

Round 8:
11th Unofficial FFR Tournament Log - IFSLO Edition
Might as well set one of these up anyways.

Since I've already been in [b]D6[/b] but haven't improved much, I'll just ghost it.

[b]ROUND 1[/b] [b][color=gold]|D1||D2||D3||D4|[/color][color=greenyellow]|D5|[/color][color=yellowgreen]|D6|[/color][color=darkred]|D7|[/color][/b]
[color=darkgrey][b]ROUND 2[/b] |D1||D2||D3||D4||D5||D6||D7|[/color]
[color=darkgrey][b]ROUND 3[/b] |D1||D2||D3||D4||D5||D6||D7|[/color]
[color=darkgrey][b]ROUND 4[/b] |D1||D2||D3||D4||D5||D6||D7|[/color]
[color=darkgrey][b]ROUND 5[/b] |D1||D2||D3||D4||D5||D6||D7|[/color]
[color=darkgrey][b]ROUND 6[/b] |D1||D2||D3||D4||D5||D6||D7|[/color]
[color=darkgrey][b]ROUND 7[/b] |D1||D2||D3||D4||D5||D6||D7|[/color]
[color=darkgrey][b]ROUND 8[/b] |D1||D2||D3||D4||D5||D6||D7|[/color]

[b]ROUND 1[/b]
6/26/16; [b]D1-D4[/b] was pretty much sightread, but [b]D5's Funny Function[/b] is giving me unnecessary trouble with the jumpstream bits in the first half somehow. [b]D6's Le carnaval des animaux, Movement no. 14 ”Finale”[/b] is already intimidating. I can't seem to consistently land the monster trill in the beginning along with those bursts as of yet. [b]D7's oppIrish (GYPSYCOREremix)[/b] is just ridiculous. I can't believe it's the first song! Fitting for the Legendary title.

6/27/16; I'm considering giving up on AAA'ing [b]D5's[/b] song. No matter what I do, the good(s) just migrate to another part of the chart. I don't want that dumb [color=greenyellow]blackflag[/color] to keep haunting me, though. (Seriously, each of those runs had a blunder that shouldn't have been made.) Eh... Onto working with [b]D6.[/b]
Did not expect to get a [color=yellowgreen]3 good[/color] run. Two of them were from the beginning trill, and one unforced good near the end. This is completely doable.

[b][color=green]↑[/color][/b] Bursts (most of the time).
[b][color=green]↑[/color][/b] Jacks.
[b][color=green]↑[/color][/b] Trills are becoming less of a problem.

[b][color=red]↓[/color][/b] Excessively faststreams.
[b][color=red]↓[/color][/b] [1][2][3][4][1][3][2][4][1][2][3][4][1][3][2][4]...
[b][color=red]↓[/color][/b] Jumpstreams.
[b][color=red]↓[/color][/b] Jumptrills.
[b][color=red]↓[/color][/b] Inconsistency.

[b](([color=gold]SIGHTREAD[/color]) [color=yellow]AAA[/color], [color=greenyellow]FLAG[/color], [color=yellowgreen]SDG[/color], [color=green]FC[/color], [color=red]BAD[/color], [color=darkred]WHY EVEN BOTHER[/color])[/b]
11th Official Tournament log
D3/round 1: Follow You

started in D2 but got moved up. my verdict on Insignia was i liked the chart and it felt great to hit things but i was glad to be done having to listen to the song after the AAA.

(9-2-0-1) - up until now i was giving the D2 song my focus, so i haven't done too many focused attempts on this file yet. for now i have an FC after 7 plays that feels messy. i really like the song though, and probably will give this some more attempts in the leftover days to come.

2016-06-27@14:39 (5-0-1-0) - got rid of the averages and a boo, but now i have a miss...that's embarrassing. it needs more cleanup. watching the replay like actually pains me. i nailed the ~syncopation~ but the lyrics with the trip-a-lets were too much for me.
who'd be down for
watching me and friends playing mario party via stream?
11th OT Log
Round 1: Funny Function (BF)
Current Position: 3rd (3-way tie)

This song really was a lot less tough than when I first saw it in the preview. Only thing challenging me is the roll in the middle, the minijacks are a cakewalk. The file provided a fun challenge too, and it's well designed overall.
My estimated difficulty: 74
By no means my best FC... but thank god
11th OT round 1
red sphere, blue sphere
lmao best is currently 2-0-0-0, aiming for aaa/bf but considering i already have 100+ plays on this file i don't know whether i want to play it anymore. hopefully i can stay in with 2g lmfao
11th Official Tournament (D5)
Not really pre-OT but anyway, D5 this time around, was considered for D6 but not enough consistent scores. Personally think I have a good shot at top 16 and maybe top 8 but we'll see what gets placed on the table. Goal is top 16, ultimate goal is top 5.

[b]Round 1 - Funny Function (Around 71 - TBD)[/b]
Saw the preview and thought 'yay for jacks' but wasn't the type of jacks I was expecting. Not a huge fan of the overall file or song but SR was 30g or something. Have narrowed it down 6g atm so we'll see if I need to improve this in the coming days.
After a month of thought...
My thoughts have changed from "framerz are super duper important and we must switch to 60FPS NOW" ---> "I don't care what they say about us, these files are too good"
11th Official Tournament
I don't think I've really played since the previous tournament which is why there's no surprise I'm in D3 again. I see a few familiar names in D3 as well, but I also see a few familiar names in higher divisions which reminds me of how much I've been inactive and slacking in FFR. Good luck to everyone!

Convinced my dear Waiwaifu to join, she'll be in D1 hehe.

Round 1: Follow You (feat. Danyka Nadeau) (Rhythmics Remix)

The difficulty boost is nice, I wasn't a fan of the AAA or die but I am seriously struggling haha.
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