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Red Blaster
Really hate this game
Enough said.

I'm tired of always asking other players for help only to get the oh so typical responses like "Oh yeah, you remind me of myself like ___ years ago.." when I've been playing longer than that person. Nobody in this community has ever given me one shred of helpful advice at all.

I'm tired of playing over 100 games a day and not accomplishing anything. Fucking up in the same sections over and over and over and over and never being able to figure out why.

I think I'm pretty much the worst player on FFR, legitimate beginners aside. I can't FC anything, even if I dedicate 100+ runs to one file, and AAA's are basically out of the question.
An Actual, Legitimate, Random Thought by Lux.
Have some time to kill before school starts so I figured I'd write something.
Fucking school finally ends on Friday, can't wait for that shit to be out of the way. Then I'll finally have some time to watch anime AND get enough sleep for work.

Speaking of anime, I'm now watching Bakemongatari, as per the request of my otaku friend. He actually told me to watch it like two years ago, and I watched the first episode and thought it was alright, but for whatever reason I just never watched another. I kept putting it off in the few times that I actually thought about it.
But anyway, now that I actually have time for this shit, I'm watching it. Yay.

At work, there was another night stocker that got hired, though he started a little later because me and another guy joined in sooner, so we were needed much more but didn't need a third. Anyway, after a single night of work, he disappeared. Complete no-show, which is funny because he had to go through the 8-hour orientation a couple weekends ago. (CHRIST THAT WAS FUCKING HELLISH. I'D HONESTLY RATHER TAKE A FULL DAY OF FUCKING SCHOOL.) Apparently he hated facing isles that much. (Facing = moving shit up to the edge of the shelves, making their labels face you, basically making the shelves look neat and pretty. I'm pretty good at that shit, too.) Which, yeah, it's a boring ass deal, but it was so bad that you could hardly do it for a single day? Well, whatever, not everyone is cut from the same cloth I guess. I'm happy with it because I could still be dishawashing at that pizza place that I worked at for a single day (long story why just a day but it wasn't my fault and didn't get fired) for $8.00 an hour, but instead I do some easy ass shit for $9.50.
The only downside is that it's part-time so I don't get too many hours, and therefore I don't actually get paid that much. I need a second job or something full-time, but at least my mom isn't quick to kick me out of the house, so long as I actually work and help out with 'finances'.

I get paid this week for the first time, did the math and it should be around $500, which is actually lower than I was hoping for, but whatever. I'm already making lists of shit that I'm getting, lol. Though it's not like it's all just going for my leisure; some shit is actually shit I need. Like a giant Fennekin doll. I don't want a Fennekin plush, I fucking NEED IT WITH EVERY FIBER IN MY ENTITY. Or something.

And last but not least... I've always gotten a bunch of comments that I look like Weird Al. Even though I've heard some of his songs I never really got a clear image of him in my head, but now with his new album, I've seen his new videos and DEAR FUCKING CHRIST he has EXACTLY the same hair I had before I cut it. Like, seriously, that long, that curly, and maybe even the same color. Fuckkkkkkkkkkk.
It's also confirmed that he beat Rise Against for #1 on Billboard but fuck Rise Against and The Black Market gj curly weirdo guy you deserve it.
i'd post a picture of me but time's up, i'll be back with one.
Elite Ninja
New best AAA!
So I guess taking a long break from FFR was a good idea after all haha. Got this while streaming for the first time XD
So my grades are as follow:

Computer App: A
Business Math: A

So yay n.n
Taking Orders: Pokemon Coloring Books
Hey guys~

I'm going to be taking orders for coloring books! They will go for $14.50 for a hard copy and $7.25 for the .pdf file (You'd have to do the rest yourself though). This book is going to contain 50 Kanto/Johto Pokemon, as it marks the first of my coloring book series. I do plan on making quite a few, but yea…I'm gearing them towards a general audience (any age basically), so I hope to get a few people that would want it :)

If you are interested in buying a copy, please reply below and I'll personally PM you when I am finished. DO NOT PAY until I am ready to ship (or email) it to you!! Reason being is that if it is halted and you have paid me already, then that'd be unfair to you. What I will need is your name regardless of how you want to receive it, as well as your email (for a .pdf copy) and your address (for a hard copy of the book [Comb-binded with a cover]).

Thanks for reading, and I hope to get some requests soon!
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To my friends
I'd be shocked if any of you remember me.

The last thing I remember is pushing every single one of you out of my life. If you want to know why, feel free to ask.

Despite that, I would love to catch up with things.
Pseudo Skill Tokens
Gonna compile these here to make room in my signature, haha.

Pseudo Skill Tokens
Gonna compile these here to make room in my signature, haha.

Unlocked: 1, 2, 5, 8, 10, 12
Random FFR Thoughts - 26
Hellooooo fellow FFR-aholics! :)

How are you all? How am I? I've been well. I've been playing more FFR and uploading to my YouTube page more. I'm thinking about streaming FFR in the near future?

I do have a Twitch page, but I mostly lurk in streams...mainly Crypt of the NecroDancer and The Binding of Isaac. :)

Oh yea, the main reason for this random thought is that I've updated my channel theme!! Wooo! It's Sailor Moon Crystal!!! :D :D :D

When the original Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon premiered in America, I was 11 years old and in 6th grade. It came on at 7:30, which sucked for me cause I had to be at school at 8. My mom would record it for me on VCR, and when I got home, I would watch it!

So many good memories! :)

I'm enjoying the series so far, even though there have only been 2 episodes, and there will be only 2 episodes per month. That part makes me sad. I think Crystal is following more along with the manga than the original anime because... *spoilerspoilerspoilerspoiler*

Yea, did you think I was going to say something there? Haha ;)

My picture is of Sailor Jupiter/Makoto Kino from the opening. She is my favorite Inner Senshi. Sailor Pluto is my overall favorite senshi. I really hope the Outers will be in Crystal as well. *fingers crossed*

As far as random FFR news, I'm trying to AAA easier songs to at least get them out of the way and attempt to FC my 1-miss songs. Other than that...just the same as usual. :)

I'm done for now, so until next time...

Have a Happy FFR Day!

for some reason this reminds me of the dothack games. Sooo excited for a full album release :).
In life I'm pretty much a quitter (socially)
No matter how hard I try I can't get what I want socially. I try to talk to people, but I get too shy/nervous, and when people are in a conversation, I feel I won't ever have any input in what they're talking about. Also, I'm still forever alone, my shyness has made that impossible for me to overcome.

You may be asking why I'm posting this. That's because I need somewhere to vent this that isn't skype or facebook and maybe get some insight (?) on this I guess.
Profile Stopped Looping!
That's random thought worthy right?

{Rose} used to be the bane of my existence. This is the song everyone was AAA'ing when I competed in my only FFR tournament, and here I am years later AAA'ing it. Finally.
rip ffr
u will be sadly missed
Psychoangel691 Hosts a Tourney Tournament (D5B)
[b]Round 1: (64) Parousia - [color=yellow]AAA[/color][/b]
Tried to snag this live at the vancouvFFR meetup 6, but the streaming lag was too stronk. AAA'd first try as soon as I got home.

[b]Round 2: (67) Papyrus's Adventure - [color=white]4-0-0-0[/color][/b]
Cute Stuff
Best FC: WHO GIVES A F*** (57)

Best SDG: Courage (37)

Best BF: Dr. Mario Pt. 1 (27)

Best AAA: Axel Man (14)


Seattle's Finest (2)
Falling Into you (3)
Kirlian Isles I (5)
The Degradation Of The Soul (6)
Louder Than Thunder (8)
Riddle Me A Rat's Nest (8)
Same Dream (9)
Footsteps (14)
Pink Fluffy Unicorns Dancing On Rainbows (15)
Dr. Mario Pt. 1 (27)
has it seriously been 8 days since my last thought
oh god that's terrible.

i keep wanting to write one and then getting sidetracked for like 4 hours.

anyway i finished kill la kill.
and that's all.

EDIT: wait a minute i deleted that thought of me yelling about album streams a few days ago, that's fucking why
Tournament Progress
Here I will post about Psychoangel691's Tournament :)
Back again? Maybe?
With my life being a train wreck everyday I am trying to decide if I want to be a part of a community anymore. Does anyone even remember me and want to chat once in a while?
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