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A challenger has appeared on the horizon!
Reopening profile
So when I closed my profile 5 months or so ago I deleted all my friends, pictures, random thoughts, etc. I'm not sure how long I'm keeping my profile open (might be for a month, a year, I don't know really), but I'm accepting friend invites again. Thanks to everyone that has added/readded me. =))))
I went THROUGH the bridge? 0_0

See this craziness here.
This place has felt nearly silent for a while. Somebody say something!
Retirement?? (Carrying On From The Last Thought)
Hey! This is kind of a retirement post ... I don't really know anymore. Everytime I go on Flash Flash Revolution, I feel upset and annoyed by various things. This place has an air of negativity surrounding it and I'm not blaming anyone on this site exactly. I'm blaming myself for allowing this site to turn into this. It's getting to a point where everytime I enter the URL or go on the site, I get haunted by things from the past and it hurts me so much that I feel that way. I'm gonna be open and honest here, the reason this site is dead to me is because of 2 relationships I have had on here. I'm not gonna give out their names and if they're reading this then that's cool. If anyone that's reading this knows about the people I'm talking about then please keep their identity undisclosed just because I don't want this to seem too personal. But all I'm saying is, as a consequence of those two relationships, this site just seems like a giant toxic environment to me now. Also, with some of my good friends on this site retiring effectively and being pretty inactive, I just don't seem to have the motivation or desire to go on this site anymore. I'm considering retiring after Kayla's tournament finishes. I mean, the game itself is and has always remained annoyingly addictive to me but the site itself just hurts me too much and perhaps, just leaving it will be for the greater good ... :'(
Happy 1.04 years. :DD <3
I think I know which song I'll be getting Scarhand from... it'll feel totally cheap though.
Top 10 in Australia!
I finally made it! Feelsgoodman.
Getting back into FFR
Haven't played for a long long stretch of time

Really rusty but trying to get back into form and improve!

Man I just played Crow's Newspaper, how in the world did I FC with only 28 goods
Just played and got 134 Good, 7 Average, 17 Miss, and 14 Boos ;_;
My fingers feel so sluggish

Anyways so many changes to the site, two new engines, difficulty changes from 1-100, and other things that I probably missed

I submitted a chart I stepped, and hopefully the reviews will be positive.

Also I probably will be streaming occasionally so:

I might be streaming Pokemon speedruns as well

Also <3 Kotone
Comic Sans?
No. This profile is named "Trevor."
Well, for starters, I just now almost broke my fucking computer because on my other forum, someone posted a topic asking to list your 3 favorite anime characters, and some fucking moron listed Sora and Roxas.
How are you that fucking stupid.
(Then again, it's a Naruto forum, so you can sum up the average intelligence there. And of course, there are a bunch of other idiots listing trash characters from Naruto, like Obito. Man, who the fuck likes Obito? He started a fucking war because the chick who friendzoned him died. Wow, what a fucking guy.)

Got my $500 today, feeling like a rich man. 300 of it is for whatever I want, I gave 100 to my family friend who's been paying for my phone, and another 100 is put aside to buy groceries for my mom and sister for the next two weeks, and yeah. That's pretty much it. So today I started "uselessly" spending my 300, getting 5 albums that I'm way late on buying: Ultraviolence, Lazaretto, The Hunting Party, AM, and The Black Market. (First thing I said when I got home was "fuck, I forgot Mandatory Fun.") I also got a DELPHOX BOX!!! ...Sorry for my enthusiasm, I am having way too much fun repeating the name "Delphox Box". But, uh, yeah, I got a TCG box of Delphox, because it's Delphox. I used to collect the cards, too, still have like 1,000 from when I was 10-13, though I picked up a Reshiram box a couple years back. And I got a deck box with Fennekin on it. Because it's a deck box with Fennekin on it. Just Fennekin in general.

An hour later, I continued writing this. Now I'm listening to Lazaretto; I sorta picked it up on a whim. I knew it got a pretty good amount of praise/hype and I of course know who Jack White is, but I've never really tapped into his solo work and never really heard the song Lazaretto. But I'm only like 4 songs into this album, and I'm hella glad I picked it up, because it's already my favorite album this year. Shit.

Oh yeah, totally a high school graduate now. This morning, I had to show up for my final. I was extremely tired so I just wanted it done so I could sleep the rest of the hour. Any problems that required more than 10 seconds of work I just circled an answer on. And somehow, I scored a 75, letting me stay at a B. Not that it mattered, starting the final with a B meant that even getting a 0% would let me pass the class. It's honestly easy than regular school (comparing just the class) and I actually kinda prefer it. But I don't have time to ponder on that. I'm kinda bored of writing so I'm just gonna stop there.
2,000 Plays?!?!
I recently hit 2,000 plays in FFR. I'm starting to realize how much of a life I don't have... I love FFR <3
Total (6)

Melonman's OP - 66
Timepiece phase II (High-transparency Mix) - 67
Papyrus's Adventure - 67
You Goddamn Fish - 69
Future Destination - 71
dr1 - 73

My keyboard
_DJ Vinyl_
Going to camp for a week to see my Girlfriend
Sorry I will be gone but I will see if I get my headphones tomorrow so I can livestream
Notable Scores List
Will keep this updated.

Best AAA:
Largiloquent Dithyramb [66] AAA

Best Blackflags:
Pure Ruby [68]
The Divine Suicide of K [68]
Grad Erlija [70]

Best SDGs:
Final Fantasy Last Battle Festival [73] 7-0-0-0
Shatterscape [73] 6-0-0-0
Beware the Purple Water [74] 6-1-0-0
Paraclete [74] 6-0-0-3
Skeletor [77] 6-0-0-0

Best 10-14g:
Guile of the Rime King [74] 12-0-0-4
Mirage Garden [75] 12-0-0-4
Frictional Nevada [78] 10-1-0-5

Other Scores:
Planet Karma [84] 29-3-8-4
Mathsma Attack [85] 23-0-6-3
Kirlian Shores [87] 21-7-13-11
Xanthystrauma [89] 53-9-4-21
Spontaneous Contest 2014 wtf
First 5 people to post here I'll give 10,000 credits to cuz idgaf.


EDIT: Five people have already posted. However...I will give a consolation prize to the 6th poster: 5000 credits. It's not 10,000, but hey, it's still something. =)))

EDIT 2: Closed. Congrats, everybody =)))
Back for a bit
Hai! Back for a little bit. Not sure how long atm. I guess I'll see how it goes.
1000th FC!
Working my way up! This was bad, but I did it. :D
Your own damn echo!!!!
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