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Member for 8 years. o:
Yeah, that happened, looks like. Oh how I've changed over those eight years. What little I knew, how badly I played. (And how terribly I still play today, and it doesn't help that I haven't played in like two months. ....Except today.)

Yeah I actually played today, so I wouldn't feel like such a piece of shit for ignoring the game and instead using this place as a posting-grounds for some sort of journal. That definitely wasn't my intention when I came back... lel. (In fact, I didn't really intend to stay "back" but after a couple weeks I figured what the hell.)

I don't know what else to post here. HI! HAVE A GREAT DAY!
Goal RT (Updated)
Because it was falling down too far because of other RTs
Deleted earlier goals because I'm trying to make my profile less loopy.

[b]AAAs (level)[/b]
(06/19/2014) 78 (AKA incentive to actually fix my flag on Level Skip) [Level Skip]
(08/09/2014) 79+(FGO/Scarhand/Best night of my life) [Reality]
(08/20/2014) 80+ [Shitsubou Choco]

[b]AAAs (#)[/b]
(06/26/2014) 1000
(07/05/2014) 1100
( ) 1200 [goal]

[b]Average Rank[/b]
(06/22/2014) 250
(08/16/2014) 100
( ) 50

[b]Tier Points[/b]
(04/05/2014) 250
(07/02/2014) 350
(08/14/2014) 400
( ) 450

this rt is pointless right now
Was the best day ever.
Red Blaster
Since I have the SA player now, I guess I can get serious.

I'll attempt to AAA every 1-10 file
Also still on the Arcade FC grind as well.
Highest Records (v1)
Highest Score on a single song:
1. 3,036,070 (Max Forever)
2. 2,238,650 (Rondo Alla Turca)
3. 2,203,985 (Bicycle Break)

Highest difficulty FC's:
1. 60 (The Games We Played, Part 1)
2. 60 (The Games We Played, Part 3)
3. 56 (Wish (For FFR))

Highest Difficulty AAA's:
1. 50 ({Blaze})
2. 29 (Wonder World!)
3. 24 (Rill Rill (Dr. Ozi Remix)

Highest Amount of Boos in a Single Song:
1. 1332 (Silence)
2. 515 (Piano Etude (Demon Fire) [Heavy])
3. 451 (Music (For Kirby)

Highest Difficulty Skill Tokens Unlocked:
1. 94 (Crowdpleaser)
2. 74 (BB Revenge)
3. 68 (Minute Waltz v2)

Highest Difficulty Tokens Unlocked:
1. 82 (World's End Yama Xanadu)
2. 76 (The Games We Played, Full Edition)
3. 72 (Gaussian Blur)

Current Total Score:
>100,000,000: [x]
>250,000,000: [x]
>500,000,000: [x]
>750,000,000: [x]
>1,000,000,000 (Orchestral Angels Unlock): [ ]
>2,000,000,000: [ ]
>3,000,000,000 (Minimum for Veteran): [ ]
>4,000,000,000: [ ]
>5,000,000,000: [ ]

HYPE TRAIN (Comment here)
Comment walls are overrated anyway.
I delete these and renew them every 100 comments.
Suddenly, osu!
FFR has officially got me into rhythm games, and I thought I'd give osu! a try. Luckily I have my handy dandy Wacom Bamboo tablet. On another hand, pretty literally, I'm tempted to start live streaming.
Samurai Road Omniflag + Judgement Days Unlock
This was a fairly easy token for me. I was only nervous about holding the omniflag to the end of the song.
{Blaze} AAA + Otaku Speedvibe [Heavy] unlock
I finally got the AAA and the token I was going after.
Sgt. Traveler
i can't ffr
Skill tokens
What are the rarest ones you have? Here are my top 5
Comment :D

1: Kirlian shores (1 of 155 who have it)
2: Incident Zero (1 of 214 who have it)
3: Wonder World v2 (1 of 241 who have it)
4: Rudi the Techno Pioneer (1 of 482 who have it)
5: My little Pony Medley [Heavy] (1 out of 500 who have it)

Honestly I don't see how I have a token rarer than token whore LOL it wasn't even that hard to get. None of these were XD The hard ones are like super easy for other people it seems.
So like..
If you havn't noticed by now, i'm retired. I had lots of fun during my 8 years of playing. Reached my goal at hitting D7, although i was on the lower end. To the people that would still like to contact me, i have a new skype. g00ns4lyfe. Hit me with an add if ya wanna talk aiite. Peace and love. I'll check this from time to time.
This is pretty epic
A good read:

From 8/25 to 12/9, I'm most likely only able to legitimately get on about twice a week. It'll vary.
200 AAAs
Good news: 200 AAAs
Bad news: #200 was Pink fluffy unicorns
Wowie, been awhile.
Everything is all different...but I still find myself here late at night. With no reason. Should be in bed. I have a job and shit. I'm like an adult and stuff. I started on here way before that. Feels so surreal. My skills with this game are declining. It's kind of sad, but I must get better. Always gotta get good.

Forever getting good.

Out for now!
Original Progressive House Track
Scores that I think are pretty good.
Highest AAA: The Strategy of Emperor (64)
Highest Blackflag: Gynanromorph (66)
Best SDG: SHI*O*KA*RA* [2-0-0-1] (70)
Best Teens: Valhalla [16-1-0-3] (73)
Best 15g/Highest FC: Skeletor [15-0-0-1] (77)

Other scores I think are good:
Een Lijden [4-0-0-1] (72)
Perfect Cherry Storm [14-0-0-1] (71)
Mozart on Crack [AAA] (61)
Sonic the Hedgehog (Dubstep) [3-1-0-3] (68)
Hajnal [4g] (69)
Hero's Theme (w.i.p) [AAA] (62)

Gonna add more as I get more good scores.
400 AAA's
Got it with "Sunshine Stone". Ever since I've started playing again, AAA's or even FC's haven't been my focus by any means. I play to get better and to have fun.

That being said, it is pretty rewarding when the AAA's or FC's happen :)
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