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What would you do?
Never thought it would happen

I caressed your hips with my lips
In our tipsy state of being
We reinvented the meaning of "lewd"
Stripped us nude
Made new delightful moments
Too risqué for romance

We feel it trembling in our bones
Please hush your harshest tones
For the fading look in our eyes
Preludes the time where you and I
Simultaneously fade to black

It catches up with us two
Turning you and me
As dust rushed through
Into history

These final seconds we reckoned
We went back and to the same
From which we came

All evidence erased of when
All women and men
bye i havent ;ogged in for almost a yr.. ive been working for almost 2 yrs full time as a licensed vet tech, im moved out into my own apt and i just bought another metal ddr [pad lmao im almost 22 y./o GOD time passes fast anyways i run a blog. @ bethnya.tumblr.com also follow me on my instagram @fybethnya goodbye
Level 69 apparently
FFR Veteran
Ayyyyyyyyyy I finally got that status wooo
Learning to play solo AKA 6key!
My setup is Q W D J I O.
Total shit tier right now
edit: but I'm having fun Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ
FFR Events
A quick note about token distribution
As of late, it has been more and more difficult for us to be in one place all at once, causing delays with things like sending out tokens. In an effort to help ensure people get their things unlocked as soon as possible, [b]three[/b] additional members of event staff (Foxfire667, Rushyrulz, and YoshL) have been granted access to get this done.

Been awhile since I've been on here ;U
currently missing 2008 right now.
Take me back?
my heart
[7:25 PM] CDCan has buzzed you!
[7:25 PM] CDCan: buzz
[7:26 PM] CDCan: there is my sunshine
[7:26 PM] CDCan: =P
Hey guysss
Hey guysss, I've been getting a lot of PMs recently of guys asking me on dates. I don't mind, but I just want to let you know that FFR is not the right place if you're looking for a date, that's all I am saying. xox

See you later boys!
Life Update #SeriousShit
Ok so. This past week can be written in an entire thought, so it shall be done.

For those who didn't know, my mom had passed away a week ago as I'm writing this thought. All I've been doing is packing my bags and moving into my friend's family's house. The transition is almost 100% done, only missing a table in this room so that I can play FFR again. I mean I can play on my bed, but that's just not optimal enough.

Speaking of...My "." key has died on my keyboard. The key had become more uncomfortable to press as of literally today, and it just stopped working. I guess I can try another setup, but it won't be the same. Once I get an established table in this room, expect me to start streaming again when I get some free time.

Last but not least, the job search is a struggle. I'm actually on a rush to find work now since things will not get any better anytime soon. Hmm. Let's see what happens. At this rate, I just don't want to work fast food. It's just not for me at all. Something like stocking or cashier will do at this rate.

But yeah. Lots of stuff going on, and I've lived here for an entire week now. I wish to settle into this place soon and be able to feel like I'm at home.

2/3 EDIT: I managed to take apart my keyboard and fixed the problem. I can smash arrows again! Also I got a table in my room too. Not big, but just big enough for wrist room to play (my laptop is literally against the wall.)
Focusing on taiko
Because it's fun and I would like to see myself improve
Remaining tokens
I have a fair few tokens left, both normal tokens and skill tokens, so I'm going to put them into a random thought and cross them off as I complete them.

(As of 2/1/16 9:53 AM Server Time)

#18. Vertex Beta vROFL [Tournament status: N/A]
#32. Quickdraw [% of FCs: 48.16%]
#33. Slow Motion (Wipeout Pure Xtra) [MP Level: 3]
#34. Here We Go [% of FCs: 48.16%]
#35. PianoCore [more than half of all songs on Level Ranks have been played]
#42. The Wises Were Wrong [locked]
#46. Fractured Sunshine [Tournament status: N/A]
#47. Unconnected. [probably not getting this one any time soon]
#48. Touhou Judgement in the Sixtieth Year [locked]
#49. The Bridgeport Run [locked]
#50. Bedtime Story [locked]
#51. Game Genie [% of AAAs: 12.83%]

#106. St. Scarhand [Heavy] [Highest AAA: 69]
#108. Metro [Best 3020 score: 4-0-0-0]
#135. Epidermis v2 [Best Epidermis score: 4-0-0-0]
#136. Extratone in a Perfect World [I have not played Extratone Pirates in a long time]
#137. grind2 v2 [Best grind2 score: 17-2-2-6]
#139. CirnoRHTL [Best fanteucpx[zv score: 107-12-17-17]
#140. OWA Raged at Home Run Derby [not getting this one either]
#141. /a/ [Best All your base are belong to ME score: N/A]
666 Kill Chop Deluxe
300 AAAs
Thought I was awesome with 300 and appearing in recent achievements, but some other dick on the list got 1100! Bah.
Phallic scores
How do your scores compare? ;)
AAA'ed every 60 and below
neat :D
Arrowsmash Goals
As of 1/24/16...

REGIMEN: Skill refining. Not enuf AAA.
REWARD: Shiny new d20 avi upon reaching skill level 60.
I know this regimen alone won't effect a skill level of 60, but my excursions outside this will.

[x] D3
[] D4
[] D5

[] 50 AAAs
[] 100 AAAs
[] 250 AAAs
[] 500 AAAS
[] SDG 10 x lvl 60+
[] FC 1 x lvl 73+

-[] all lvl 50
-[] all lvl 51
-[] all lvl 52
-[] all lvl 53
-[] all lvl 54
-[] all lvl 55
-[] all lvl 56
-[] all lvl 57
-[] all lvl 58
-[] all lvl 59
-[] 1 lvl 60

[Dance2 exclusive to keep a manageable focus; will move to other categories when I desire.]


[] 5B GT
[] 10B GT
[] 25B GT
[] 1T GT

[1.24.16] 5000 games played

[] 7500 games played
[] 10000 games played
[] 15000 games played
[] 20000 games played
They say you should play for fun
That's what I've always heard. But I've been stuck at level 54 for so many months now.
And I have been playing for fun--in fact, I've done that so much that now I can read most VC files, and even some FMO files. My PA is improving considerably, especially since switching to WDJI spread.
But I'm still not moving past 54, so all that playing for fun isn't doing -enough- to bring me up in skill level, despite how much better as this game I feel that I am now.
So I think I'm going to spend less time on MP now, and just start whoring songs. Turning autofail to only let me gain AAA PA on any song. It might be less fun, and it might convince me to spend less time per day playing, but gradually, I'll move up the scale with the AAAs.

I'm starting with level 50 songs because I don't even want to think about the first Dance category. I get seriously mindblocked when I do autofail but if I keep practicing I know that will pass.

Wish me luck! Check out my goals post to see where I'm getting at.
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