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Division 2
Division 3
Division 4
Division 5
Division 6
Division 7
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Division 1: Tetris Remix, Guitar Vs Piano, bbblow, Harry Potter Techno Remix, Youkoso! Himitsu no Janbaraya!, Laser Shooter

Division 2: Wish (Reprise), Amefuri Koneko, Play It Loud, Haruka Kanata, Bits and Bytes (Original Mix), Starlight [Macgravel]

Division 3: Extreme Dishwasher Race, LUV CAN SAVE U, Travel Demon, Finder Keepers, Lorem Ipsum, Cloud Nine

Division 4: Danse de Romani, Faint Breath, Een Lijden, Guitars Suck, 0x69, A White Cat Sings Lovely Jazz Waltz

Division 5: Diamante Spectrasplosion, Halcyon [xi], Across Rooftops, Amber Shores, Etude for the Sinners, MANIERA

Division 6: Eclipse (Solar), All your base are belong to ME, La Campanella, J'ai Envie de Plaisir X2, Epileptic Crisis, A Dichroic Glass Snafu

Division 7: Make the Fire Burn, Odd-22, You Universe, Dreamin' attraction!! (Extended), Death Piano, Undici

User Eliminations
No User Elimination Tournament.

Color Legend
Green = AAA

White = Score Submitted

Pale Yellow = No Score Submitted

Tournament in Blitz Mode

Round Starts at: January 20th 2019, 7:00am Server Time.
Round Ends at: February 3rd 2019, 7:00am Server Time.