Division 1
Division 2
Division 3
Division 4
Division 5
Division 6
Division 7
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Division 1: Improvisation et Chien, Rainbow Road [Zorsy], July, Brightone, Jurs OP, Synchronized Hearts

Division 2: Video Out A, Infernoplex, Legendary Etude, {Rose}, GIN TONIC FLAVOR, Fei Longer

Division 3: Reminders, DARK KNIGHT, Negions Fail, Quad Queens, rough, Clockwork [MSI]

Division 4: DRAGONLADY, Bloody Tears, Ereshkigal, Piano Etude (Demon Fire) [Heavy], HAELEQUIN, Lexus Cyanixs

Division 5: Diamante Spectrasplosion, Head Banger, Title (Double Dragon), Etude for the Sinners, Super Mario Main Theme, Fanteucpx[zv

Division 6: Phi-dentity Crisis, Japan Style Breakcore!!!, You Time, All your base are belong to ME, Call me it. (500 Tortures), Rave 7

Division 7: OWA Raged at Kurorak for Making OWA Raged at Skeletor, OWA Raged In Vegas (Fuck Bees), Heterochromia Iridis, cold (Kurorak's Bootleg), Staple on Smile, You Universe

User Eliminations
No User Elimination Tournament.

Color Legend
Green = AAA

White = Score Submitted

Pale Yellow = No Score Submitted

Tournament in Blitz Mode

Round Starts at: May 19th 2019, 7:00am Server Time.
Round Ends at: June 2nd 2019, 7:00am Server Time.