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The Final HourTrance08-06-11
Sunless Daybreak [Standard]Techno06-10-11
Sunless Daybreak [Heavy]Techno06-12-11
I See You StaringRnB10-01-13
Move It Groove It [Standard]Hip Hop19-02-13
Overdrive [aaronmusslewhite]Dubstep03-03-13
Alive (Pegboard Nerds Remix) [Standard]Dubstep29-10-14
Alive (Pegboard Nerds Remix) [Heavy]Dubstep22-09-15
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freakeyes-NTG writes at 3:03:55pm on 10/9/19
aah dang it, i will discuss designs with him then maybe i might pay him for it :) thx for the add !
freakeyes-NTG writes at 5:59:30am on 10/9/19
question did you craft that design on your background?
Stepmaniaplayer100 writes at 11:40:32am on 10/4/19
Ninja Sex Party - Danny Don't you Know. would be a great song to have in game. i don't know how to step. so its up to other people to make songs
Stepmaniaplayer100 writes at 4:11:01pm on 10/2/19
your alive chart was really good. and the song choice was awesome. I wish there was more songs like that in the game around the same skill level
Stepmaniaplayer100 writes at 2:24:06pm on 10/2/19
girl your songs are so fun to play!
llagreatone writes at 1:36:00am on 9/24/19
Hey Looooooooooooooooooooooooooong time!!!!!
Gravity Kitten writes at 8:23:39pm on 6/15/19
CDCan writes at 3:00:33pm on 4/22/18
Thank you for everything you guys do for the tourney.
kid_merkury writes at 2:17:41am on 12/7/16
lol I hope good things! I do miss those good days and the movie nights!
TC_Pr0 writes at 3:38:29pm on 12/6/16
I'm doing pretty good. I moved to Colorado like a year ago. I was dealing with a lot of drama in Iowa so I decided I needed a new start. How have you been?