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G.S.M's Gameplay Stats Today
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About me:
I play spread in FFR. I play for fun... yup. was a one-handed player
Fav Music:
Anything that sounds good to my ears.
Fav Movies:
Any good movie.
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Random Thoughts
13 years wow
Posted on: March 23, 2019, at 04:59:56am   [0 comments]

12 years baby
Posted on: March 25, 2018, at 03:57:32am   [0 comments]

11.25 years and climbing
Posted on: June 23, 2017, at 06:14:48pm   [0 comments]

10 years
Posted on: March 23, 2016, at 10:47:23pm   [1 comment]
hell yeah!

Posted on: May 9, 2015, at 02:28:03pm   [0 comments]
i hate skill tokens sometimes

raaaaaaaaaaaage RAHHHHHHHHHH

Comment wall
Rapta writes...
at 12:04:32pm on 4/12/19
Your account is old enough to make its own account on FFR!
Rapta writes...
at 11:10:44pm on 9/12/18
I see you are a man of culture, Captain Picard.
bob322 writes...
at 1:02:02pm on 4/19/16
hey gsm long time no chat! if you get this and im on we should play a couple rounds! (i know ill lose but its still fun)
Raziel167 writes...
at 2:32:27am on 5/22/15
lmao that gif
Raziel167 writes...
at 10:13:36am on 5/11/15
gimme ur skillz
Raziel167 writes...
at 5:57:24pm on 5/8/15
AARRRGGHHH... I can't FC anything anymore
Raziel167 writes...
at 12:49:41am on 5/2/15
almost 9 years of this shit and I still can't FC some easy ass songs
bob322 writes...
at 8:14:25pm on 3/26/15
hey gsm.
gold stinger writes...
at 3:16:50pm on 5/28/14
gr8 avatare
emulord writes...
at 11:58:24pm on 11/7/12
Whats your avatar from? Its driving me nuts!
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