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Just an average gamer. I like being online, gaming everyday!
♥DARK MAGICIAN GIRL♥, Arcanists(R.I.P.), Thunder Run: War of Clans, Pokémon GO, Candy Crush Saga, Bejeweled series, friends, texting, hugs, playing video games, StepMania, Facebook, being lazy, TV, cold weather, cuddling, and the list goes on...
Fav Music:
Whatever sounds good. Just none of that reggaetón crap!!
Fav Movies:
Finding Dory
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Been Forever!
Posted on: January 1, 2020, at 03:38:37am   [0 comments]
Wow! Haven't been on in the longest! Can't believe FFR still alive. And so am I. But what about my friends? Do they still play this?

R.I.P. FunOrb 2008-2018 :'(
Posted on: August 7, 2018, at 05:21:46pm   [0 comments]
This is the date that FunOrb died. I can't believe it happened. Jagex finally made the decision to shut down FunOrb. A whole decade of amazing fun, multiplayer games. I will miss Arcanists so much - best game in the site. I will miss all the friends I met there. So what now? I can't stop thinking about this site and all the memories I had there. There's nothing we can do about it, FunOrb has reached its end. Forever RIP...

Death of my pet dog :'(
Posted on: November 2, 2015, at 07:20:40pm   [0 comments]
Terrible news: Today marks the day the death of our beloved pet dog. We got him when he was 2, was already well-trained and have had him for over 10 years. Even when we moved, we still brought him along with us. We always wanted to have him with us. It's so sad to see him go. Over 10 years of taking care of him, loving, and being very friendly to everyone. He will be missed. R.I.P. Salomon.

Met an FFR friend irl for the 1st time! :D
Posted on: July 2, 2014, at 12:46:21am   [2 comments]
OMG yes! Met my bestie mellybear01! We had a blast hanging out that day! I love you Melodie! ♥♥♥

100 AAAs!
Posted on: January 12, 2012, at 08:31:27pm   [4 comments]
Finally! Managed to AAA all lvl 3 songs and some annoying lvl 4 Synth songs. 100th AAA gotten on Secret Zombie Room.

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ronny segalowitch writes...
at 7:53:57am on 2/1/19
mellybear! writes...
at 10:58:18pm on 9/23/16
hey cx
TheThong writes...
at 11:49:32pm on 7/21/16
Haha. Fun! I've been good. I've just been really busy working - currently an emergency nurse. Not sure how long I'll be there, it's a pretty stressful job. I love it, but it's more stressful than fun at times. Plus the usual seeing friends and family. Not much else haha. Have you been up to anything else?
TheThong writes...
at 8:24:03pm on 7/21/16
Where have you been?!?!!
TheThong writes...
at 1:41:56pm on 6/25/16
Miss you
sonicdeadpool23 writes...
at 8:27:09am on 1/27/16
Are you a yugioh fan?
mellybear! writes...
at 2:22:28am on 4/18/15
oh maii i havent been here since jan? what? ahah school and work MAYNEE but other than that all is good ! :D hope things are well with you! (=
mellybear! writes...
at 12:13:17pm on 1/24/15
halooo luis ! -hugs- miss you too! how have you been? ^^
mellybear! writes...
at 4:31:09pm on 1/14/15
best frannn! =]
mellybear! writes...
at 6:01:11pm on 7/6/14
fixed the friends list (=
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