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People born on the cusp of Virgo & Libra are associated with balance, equilibrium, the state of bliss and an artistic equivalence that brings fulfillment. Communication, diplomacy, an inner sense of beauty and charm, these are the traits of these natives. It’s not just physical beauty, but rather moral perfection, intellectual attractiveness, elegance and a code of conduct. They can be pragmatic, ambitious and willful, having the intuition and imagination to express their emotions and thoughts skillfully. Their expectations of others put them in a lot of difficult situations when with other people but these people are extremely likely to achieve their goals and reach success thanks to a solid dose of determination, ambition and analytic skills, but these people are prone to be manipulated and deceived by those who want to use them, to get something from them or otherwise enlist their aid.(@thehoroscope.co)
FFR, The Legend of Zelda, Hello Kitty, Anime,and Manga, Reading, Graphic Design, Pokemon, Funko Pops, Fairy Gardens, Cosplay, Pole Dance/Aerial, Hand-held console gaming, PC gaming too, Animal Crossing... :D My Pets: Caramel, Princess Zelda, Princess Hilda, Princess Peach, and MiMi -RIP Ceccina, Akimi, Spudz. Animals in general. Veganism and Fitness (home fitness rn) and weeeeeeed.
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Bolth mannn writes...
at 5:54:08am on 6/11/20
hahahahahaha is your guinea pig okay?
Hakulyte writes...
at 3:32:02am on 6/11/20
You rang ?
andy-o24 writes...
at 1:01:59am on 5/20/20
Hi Sarah. How are you?
CammyGoesRawr writes...
at 5:19:01pm on 5/19/20
meww <3 <3 <3
top writes...
at 8:37:05pm on 9/22/16
Ay ffr says it's your bday. Hope you're doing well miss sarah. Don't forget the storm cuz the storm won't forget you. :)
Preg Jr writes...
at 10:13:50pm on 7/10/16
Hey, what's your snapchat?
top writes...
at 10:10:01pm on 6/30/16
Ho its been a while. Stay classy
cedolad writes...
at 11:26:02am on 5/31/16
Too many feels
Shortboyownz writes...
at 8:05:57pm on 5/20/16
Hey i know you lol
Spenner writes...
at 6:23:42pm on 5/16/16
Lies. Going to AN this year? My broke and busy ass can't make it, sosad. I need my people. ~_~
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