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FFR Rank:14,702
FFR Average Rank:2,881
FFR Grandtotal Rank:4,989
FFR Grandtotal:1,829,545,815
FFR Games Played:6,389
FFR Player
9 / 2262
265 / 2262
Tier Points
9 / 1500
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Posted on: January 20, 2012, at 12:48:29pm   [56 comments]
&& I love and appreciate every one of you! ♥
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Godnick writes at 12:02:32am on 8/7/20
Hi thanks for finally giving a thumbs up! That avatar with the girl is fire. Hope you keep up hitting the notes so nicely in the tournament!
CammyGoesRawr writes at 9:12:56pm on 8/6/20
ahhhh~ :D <3
OcarinaBoi writes at 11:34:24am on 8/6/20
woa thats p rad /O//O/
Sprite- writes at 1:25:12am on 8/6/20
Omgggg a wild Sarah appears. I gotta catch it ^.^
How've you been???
Cryolien writes at 12:20:23am on 8/6/20
thanks, you too :3
Rapta writes at 5:26:50pm on 8/5/20
Why thank you!
j-rodd123 writes at 3:01:23pm on 8/5/20
zelda. glgl in the tourney
Bolth mannn writes at 5:54:08am on 6/11/20
hahahahahaha is your guinea pig okay?
Hakulyte writes at 3:32:02am on 6/11/20
You rang ?
andy-o24 writes at 1:01:59am on 5/20/20
Hi Sarah. How are you?