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About me:
Yo! So everyone calls me Rahhh now. Despite how sweet, social and adorable I am (yes, I have the credo*bats eyelashes*), I'll pop up every now and never. I'm the kind of girl who likes to kick back and enjoy laughing at basically anything and everything. If you must know any thing about me, firstly, I'm a huge animal lover ~*cough 7.5y Vegan*~ liowkey living alone with my two Gerbils, Zelda and Hilda, and my Guinea Pig, Caramel! secondly, My long-distance boyfriend is XXXsmittyXXX ~*also 7 years*~ ha! thirdly are my hobbies: I thoroughly enjoy Cosplaying, reading Fantasy Novels and Manga collecting, Anime binging and Gaming, as well as collecting awesome Retro consoles. Overall, Zelda is the fav (that’s an understatement). The music I love listening to edm, metal, rap/trap and pop music, especially Jpop and Kpop, And videogame themes and covers. fourth..ly? Tattoos, plugs, and piercings are simply my thing. Dark/Anime fashion, pretty makeup, and cute accessories are sorta my staple. I also enjoy working (*adulting*) so I can fully participatie at anime conventions, usually you’ll find me running the local zelda panel. See you at Anime North!~ Ciao!
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Comment Wall Here pl0x
Posted on: December 1, 2016, at 11:02:02am   [31 comments]
What's up!

My friends commented on this thought
Posted on: January 20, 2012, at 12:48:29pm   [55 comments]
And I love and appreciate every one of you. ♥ Thanks

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top writes...
at 8:37:05pm on 9/22/16
Ay ffr says it's your bday. Hope you're doing well miss sarah. Don't forget the storm cuz the storm won't forget you. :)
Preg Jr writes...
at 10:13:50pm on 7/10/16
Hey, what's your snapchat?
top writes...
at 10:10:01pm on 6/30/16
Ho its been a while. Stay classy
cedolad writes...
at 11:26:02am on 5/31/16
Too many feels
Shortboyownz writes...
at 8:05:57pm on 5/20/16
Hey i know you lol
Spenner writes...
at 6:23:42pm on 5/16/16
Lies. Going to AN this year? My broke and busy ass can't make it, sosad. I need my people. ~_~
Spenner writes...
at 1:38:28pm on 5/12/16
Woahwoah yo, it's been awhillllllllle. Sup.
fearavege writes...
at 12:14:45am on 5/9/16
Thanks for adding me :)
Slushpuppiex33 writes...
at 10:23:11pm on 4/27/16
XXXsmittyXXX writes...
at 6:41:30pm on 4/22/16
the day you made me bring the gun back.
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